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Fishing Benguerra

Fishing Benguerra: 2 Black marlin, one brown – on same live bait in same minute!

Fishing Benguerra where anything can happen. Three fish on one live bait! Two black marlin and a brown marlin subdued and released by Dr. Mario Leb.rato

Shad bait up by Craig Sinclair

Shad bait up by Craig Sinclair Craig Sinclair aka Baconovich, takes us through a simple yet effective shad bait on a single hook trace. A double hook trace also features in this instructional fishing video. Shad, or elf, or taylor, or bluefish – come thick and fast this time of the year – just before […]

Cape Verde Blue Marlin bite continues…

Cape Verde Blue Marlin bite continues… And another knee-weakening set of photographs professionally shot by Captain Duarte Rato as he sits out his spell being tortured by Blue Marlin day after day…taking guests marlin fishing off Cape Verde… “Hi Sean, Bru, fishing everyday just got to me and was absolutely too exhausted every night to send you […]

Kingfish for Marc

Yep it’s him again. Swopping his speargun for a spinning stick, Marc shows us a nice yellowfin kingfish…Caranx Herberi. They get quite big, about 12kg’s the biggest seen around here, great fighters and quite eager to attack lures and baits. Port Shepstone sits quietly in the background. The water looks like it has cleared up […]