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The Sardine News has been around since 1987. It was then a tabloid printed newspaper that was so much fun. We worked with Capital Radio back then, until they had their rug shamishly pulled by the very people they went to the frontline for. The ANC. Who have continued their unabated trashing and looting of South Africa since Zuma came into power. It’s been tragic! And so with these roots, and this backdrop, The Sardine News cannot help but drift from fun things to do in the ocean…to conserving the ocean and the things in it…to shamefully admitting that we have to become slightly anti-political sometimes.

The dire situation of rogue government organisations like the Sharks Board and now Ezimvelo, is becoming the norm. Eskom is also a rogue government organisation. So is every municipality run by the ANC, in the entire country. Not that any other political party-led municipality does anything any better. The nature of the political system is simply this…

Ultimate power corrupts ultimately…and once that Purchase Order book is in someone’s hands, they seem to melt into the dark side.

Every time!

As for the councillors…well, what can anyone say, they have all failed us by leaving us at the mercy of the government like this. It was, and still is, our councillors job to represent the people. But if the councillors are all ANC with common corrupt motives, well then what?

Well ok, I have to every now and then write something for the SEO to kick in. So each and every time this happens, I will drop a little note in about the ANC and how they have trashed a once beautiful and functioning country.

With trains that actually used to work!