Sean Calitz 25kg Kob at Port St. Johns with MYDO and BruBaits

Tackle Shop

Tackle Shop

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An international brand with anglers all over the globe using the patented baitswimmer heads. To catch them all from bonito to marlin and everything in between.

Hand-made to order, the heads can also be rigged by us. We can rig specially for the waters you are going to be hunting in. And the species that you are after.

BruBaits and Gummy

Soft baits, jig heads and daisy chains.

The store is online right now and ready to handle your request or order. Once your order is received, we will assemble your goods.

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If you are averse to using your credit card, you can do an EFT. There is that option at checkout. You can also always just use the big green WhatsApp button floating about on this page somewhere. This gives you a hotline right into the factory.

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