Ultra-light Spinning Rig



Ultra-light Spinning Rig

Ultra-light Spinning Rig: the craze just keeps getting hotter and hotter as anglers all over the world start realising how much fun is packed into a tiny little ultra-light rig. It’s endless. Tie on some tiny lures and gently coax them through rocky channels, behind the shore break, in the estuary, catch bait off the boat…the list of fun fishing activities to be head on these rigs is infinite.  

And anyone can do this. From grandkids to grandparents and everyone in between. The sheer ease of use and lightweight guise makes it so easy to have with you at all times.

Ultra-light Spinning Rig

Packed with pre-stretched 10-pound casting braid, is a tiny but strong little coffee grinder. Then the two-piece travel-ready rod. Some leader. And you are in the ultra-light fishing game. Even at this size, we fish with convenience clips. For quick lure changes. And leader protection (doesn’t get shorter with each lure change).

All of the above-mentioned kit comes with the purchase.

Aswell as a BruBaits Ultra-light Pack.

BruBaits Ultra-light Lure pack

BruBaits Ultra-light Pack – The Sardine News

Yip, every one of these outfits gets a complete pack of all the exact right things you need to tackle your species list. Plus leader and convenience clips.

There are all sorts of cool little lures and jig heads in the pack. Enough to keep you going for a long time. It all comes in a convenient little tackle box/pouch thingy.

MYDO Figure-of-Eight Leader System

We have a very simple and quick way of tying leaders. It is easily learned and deployed. 

Check it out HERE. You can tie this one in the dark it is so simple once you get it right.

There is a lot more relevant information that you can get at our MYDO Tackle Talk YouTube Channel. Click right HERE.

If you don’t want to use your credit card, just simply drop us a line using the big old WhatsApp Button floating about on this page somewhere. For a direct line to the factory. And we can discuss your custom order.

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