MYDO Bait swimmer # 4.5


MYDO Baitswimmer # 4.5


MYDO Bait swimmer # 4.5:

The MYDO Baitswimmer # 4.5 is versatile and effective. It really takes your bait down deep, and opens up a new way to fish the lower echelons of the water column. On some days this is where the fish are, and you got to get down to them.

It’s made of lead, puter and zinc?!

For big gamefish, use a big bait, rig it strong (#10 wire and big trebles for ‘couta and doggies, or nylon and 10/0 singles for tuna and amberjack), and drop it down deep. The Mydo 4.5 and onwards will make deep-dropping so much easier for you  – no more breakaway sinkers and wierd traces. Just tie it on, and drop it down. In a current, wind drift, being on anchor, slow or medium troll, the bait will come to live with the motion imparted to it, by the Mydo Baitswimmer.

For bottomfishing, use it in place of your sinker, bait it up and off you go.  Far less tangles. Perfect for charters!

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