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Since the eighties, MYDO Fishing Lures have waged an innovation offensive on the fishing tackle front…

Starting with the revolutionary and award winning MYDO Baitswimmer and Luck Shot series, developed in the eighties by designer Brian Davey, Mydo has continued innovating. The new SS Spoon range, and variations complete the products now available.

Mydo’s are handmade and assembled in Port Shepstone, South Africa. 

To now…

As of today, the 15 April 2021, I have removed the dealer’s list from this page. They take too much cut (40%), and then sell their Chinese products rather anyway. Even copies of Mydos! Not all shops behave like this, but enough do, to deter me from ever driving up to trying to sell to a shop again. Ever!

So now, we are offering FREE delivery, with PostNet, for any orders over R500! South Africa only.

Overseas orders are being re-looked at since our post office has disappeared. Check back soon for international orders.

And I am being extremely generous with each order, as I am saving the 40%!

If anybody else would like to take their business or products online, give me a shout. It is so, so worth it. 

The Movement

MYDO has teamed with Fusion Poppers, and Dirty Prawn Bucktails, so far. This underground movement of artisanal hand-made bespoke lure makers, which were also being ripped by the industry, is growing in strength every day. By skipping the middle man completely. And using the very many delivery options available in this technologically advanced day and age. If you make lures, please get in touch, we would love to work with you.

Browse the catalogue…

Check out our YouTube Channel filled with MYDO content right HERE!

The Sardine News tackle section has been going for a decade or so, but never really took off. Until Batman Flu came fluttering through. Our growth has been wonderful since then, and we are really appreciative of all this new business.

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8 thoughts on “Mydo

  1. Hi! We have almost run out of stock 🙂 would Shaun please bring us some more. have a great day!

    1. Yowser thanks Sharon that’ great! I be in Port St. Johns the weekend…see you then!

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