Wild Coast Cottages


Wild Coast Cottages

The Wild Coast Cottages dotted up and down the Transkei coastline are time capsules containing more history and legacy than you could imagine. This is your chance to find yourself in one of these cute and quaint adobes.

Kevin in Qora is standing by to arrange your dream Transkei Wild Coast experience. Options are from honeymoon outfits to family/groups, and all in between. Some of the cottages are real close to each other making for super fun times.

Contact Kevin directly on +27 63 419 9786.

The Transkei Wild Coast

Qora Estuary
Qora Estuary

For those who are not familiar with this rugged but captivating coastline, the Transkei Wild Coast in the Eastern Cape, South Africa – features incredible geographical and ecological attractions. It’s a nature lovers paradise. The sounds of the surf. The endless beaches. The indigenous and endemic plant life. There is even wildlife in some places.

The area is steeped in history as a perilous frontier for adventurers and shipwreck victims alike. It’s called the Wild Coast for solid reasons. There is an endless supply of legend and yarn available for you to absorb and digest. Most of the stories are actually barely believable.

But this is the allure of this place. And once you have been here once, you will never let go of the yearning to return. Time and time again.


Yes, the fishing is still good out here on the very edge of civilisation. You can catch all kinds of fish. Big and small. Edible and non-edible. It is mainly all about catch and release these days. But a fish for the pan or braai is always accepted and within reach.

Aside from the sometimes contentious surf zone, there are pristine estuaries to retreat to. Where estuarine gamefish thrive in this benthic zone along with the prawns, crabs and baitfish that they are inside here for. This is also catch and release fishing with the odd grunter or other panfish sometimes succumbing to being dinner. Or even breakfast! Nothing like a fresh shad for breakfast. And you can definitely keep your quota of these delicious fish.

The real trophies are out there. Bring your A-game.


In protected bays and pools, you can venture into the underwater world and meet some of the real locals. Colourful corals. Teeming with fish. Beautiful seaweed forests. Right in the shallows, you do not have to venture out into the deep.

And you might even come home with a crayfish!


Many people who visit here couldn’t give a hoot for fishing. They are here for the hoots of owls. The shrieks of eagles. The chatter of weavers. It is endless. The interactions are like a wildlife tv show that never stops. The fish eagles don’t like the ospreys. Or the herons. The yellowbill kites gang up on anyone they feel they can intimidate.

The kingfishers gorge themselves all day long. All types and sizes.

You can also contact us using the big olf green WhatsApp button floating about on this page somewhere. It’s a direct connection to Head Office in Port Shepstone and we can also assist you from there. You can also email umzimkulu@gmail.com.


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