MYDO Estuary Spinning Outfit 30lb



MYDO Estuary Spinning Outfit 30lb

MYDO Estuary Spinning Outfit 30lb: assembled to suit every fishing challenge that the estuaries and harbours of KZN Natal can throw at you. Spinning from the shore, or boat. Live baiting the channels. Casting into the surf for kob, or shad. Targeting a boiling kingfish a hundred metres away. Stopping a Natal Snoek in its tracks.


The rod is based on a proven Sensation blank and is finished beautifully for casting. The ‘coffee grinder’ spinning reel is filled with high-spun casting braid. And features metal gears with enough power for anything inshore, or even offshore. We fish with 30lb specification tackle in the estuaries which gives the extra capacity and drag required for targeting big fish.

We tie up with light leader which means you gonna have to learn one of the many available braid-to-leader knots. We have adapted the old trusty figure-of-eight leader system for you to learn right here. Simple, quick and reliable.

MYDO Port St. Johns Pack

Is included with your new rod and reel.

MYDO Port St Johns Pack
MYDO Port St Johns Pack

This contains all you need to target the gamefish that swim our estuaries. We use convenience clips which enable fast switching of lures. The lures come with hooks and leader.

You can buy the MYDO Port St. Johns Pack on its own right here.


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