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Staphylococcus Warning KZN December 2023

Staphylococcus Warning by The Sardine News

Staphylococcus Warning December 2023

Staphylococcus Warning December 2023: it has happened again. A popular and highly experienced Southern KZN angler was recently struck down. At Seapark. He was on the rocks, where he has spent most of his life. Got a tiny cut on his foot. Happened a thousand times before. Except this time, the smell of the ANC was in the air.


The sewage was pouring raw and untreated, into the ocean, just nearby. Our guy smelt the sewage. But he was on a mission trying to catch live bait.

He has now lost his foot.

This happened lightning-fast. Staphylococcus is mean stuff. You need to be vigilant at ALL times. Clean and disinfect any cut or scratch thoroughly. As it happens. Especially now at this time of the year. That the rains have come. And all the sewage in and around dysfunctional Harding is swept right to here. By the Umzimkulwana River.

Load-shedding is manslaughter now. It’s a crime against every single one of us. Who used to use the ocean, rivers and dams, for recreation as kids and even adults. And for supplying us, the population, with clean drinking water.

What load-shedding has done, and therefore directly the ANC, is turned the entire country into an open toilet. With deadly results.

Check this out…


Since everybody’s attention, including the Public Protector and the President, has been brought to the Harding problem, NOTHING has improved. ZERO. Sewage flows in the streets. Into the stormwater drains. And into the Farmers Dam and the Umzimkulwana River, on its merry way, laden thick with eColi and all sorts of pathogens. And bugs that have been festering in the Farmer’s Dam through the dry season. All of that, is on it’s merry way to the beaches of the KZN South Coast. Right now. Just as the hapless ANC victims – the tourists, arrive. To ZERO warnings.

This has been happening for many years now.

Blue Water Only

Do not go in murky water. No matter what beach you go to, if the water is even slightly discoloured, stay out of it. Luckily there are some beaches without pathogen-infested river mouths too close by. Like Umzumbe. And Hibberdene. Those beaches are the ones in the right location in the current and on the coast, to be reliably cleaner than all the others.

Uvongo and Margate, are right in the firing line. The sewage comes out of the rivers, mixes lekker in the waves, and gets taken south by the prevailing Agulhas Current. The onshore blows, and this contaminated water is pushed into the bays and coves (Uvongo in particular, has a very unfortunate geographical structure where this bad water gets trapped in that cove). RIght onto the unsuspecting tourists who receive ZERO warning about the dire state of the ocean right now as the rainy season fires up. Underberg, Hardind, Umzimkulu – ALL discharging straight into the Umzimkulu and Umzimkulwana Rivers. The same rivers our drinking water comes from?!

There are ZERO signs warning anyone anywhere. And then we have organisations and individuals far more engaged in the profit that they can make from the tourists, than caring for the tourist’s well-being and health. Advertising Blue Flag beaches and the like. Yet in the meantime, people are getting sick more and more. From exposure to the ANC government failures. A season or two back, I had 23 of 24 guests in hospital. From swimming in Uvongo Lagoon. Not one warning sign. Not even the lifeguards cared or bothered to warn these victims.

Imagine you go to a lodge someplace. And you head for the pool. But the pool is poisoned…and nobody warns you?!

Fast treatment

Staphylococcus is mean. Sometimes even completely resistant to treatment (MRSA). You need to clean any wounds, no matter how small, properly. Scrub. Disinfect. As and when they happen.

It is so complicated in that we all have Staphylococcus on our skins and in our membranes. All of us. But it’s when too much Staphylococcus gathers together, that it takes over the delicate balance that the body has. In effect, we can actually get sick from our own Staphylococcus. If we don’t wash. Treat wounds properly.

So you get a lesion. Your own Staphylococcus is there already but checked by the immune system. Then you overdose the wound with sewage-born Staphylococcus. And there you have it. You are in big trouble already. This stuff is going to try kill you. Seek treatment fast!

You literally don’t have time to do anything else except care for your wound. Minutes make a difference.

And it’s not limited to here in KZN. It’s wherever there is failed sewage infrastructure or too many animals defecating near or in the rivers. Wherever too much sewage is discharged unchecked into the environment. That’s where Staphylococcus is waiting for you.

Loadshedding does this. Every day. Every town. In the whole country.

Attempted manslaughter at the very least. And grand misconduct considering ZERO consideration for the visiting tourists. The lifeblood of our economy.

And fellow South Africans.

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Make your own MYDO Heavy-duty Gamefish Trace

MYDO HD Telescopic Gamefish Trace w 300lb Nylon Leader

Make your own MYDO Heavy-duty Gamefish Trace

Make your own MYDO Heavy-duty Gamefish Trace: you can buy them online…or you can just build your own. With detailed, illustrated instructions – right here in this video.

Build your own MYDO HD Gamefish Trace

Maybe “There Will Be Blood!” is a better name for the MYDO Tackle Talk show on YouTube. In this video, we finally get a wire wound, live on camera. Very funny even though the blood is mine!

The couta season has started. The spearos have been seeing and shooting them. As per usual, catch the first couta of the season, send pics and story to me, and you will get a R500 voucher to buy MYDOs with. Sean on 0793269671 or

Back to trace making…

Nylon Leader

The video takes you through the assembly process of this heavy duty trace. And the reasons for using the rig in its current iteration. The 2024 model features 300lb as the leader. I produce these traces with about 2m of leader. But you can go right up to 4 or even 6m.

This leader will not kink and break. And only a shark will really get through it. And then only if he somehow gets that leader in its mouth somehow during the argument.

Double-wire Droppers

Putting this trace in the heavy-duty realm are the double number 6 wire droppers. Not so easy to tie. And they use a lot of wire. But the reassurance you get from taking this extreme measure is well worth the blood. When you tie your own, you need to deploy one of the three methods of breaking the wire tags off flush. They need to be flush or the telescopic function will get jammed (as subtly demonstrated in the video above).


Got to get that last treble right in the tail. This is a 3 dropper trace that extends from an ugly but compact 23 cm – all the way out to a delectable-looking 50cm bait. This is walla-walla (cutlassfish) territory. Although An extra dropper or even two might even be needed for those looooong guys. But a big shad or bonito – like 2kgs or more even…this is the trace to deploy.

MYDO Telescopic Dropper Assembly Heavy Duty
MYDO Telescopic Dropper Assembly


Firstly, as you can see in the video, with nylon, we are silent. Whereas wire resonates and makes a horrifying screaming sound under any pressure. Even a 30cm mackerel on wire number 6 leader, makes this stupid noise.

Then, the nylon is vague and blends into the ocean around it. Whereas the heavy wire you would be using in place of the 300lb nylon, would be number 11 or 12. With a big live bonito, this rig sings louder than any whale.

And then since most of the fish we are after, come in hot from the back and below, we need to drape the trace up over the back of the fish. Running past the dorsal. With the last hook exactly in the tail.

It’s that last hook that we are relying on the most. It will lodge right in the scissors at high speed and will hook up every time. Then the rest of the ugly and dangerous rig will find more purchase with the other super-sharp hooks flailing about. Often resulting in having to fight the fish a bit sideways.

Either way, the teeth are gonna be far from the nylon trace.

MYDO HD Telescopic Gamefish Trace Head w 300lb Nylon Leader
MYDO HD Telescopic Gamefish Trace Head w 300lb Nylon Leader

You can check out how to build all the other traces that MYDO produces. Individual heads are available for sure. Take the e-commerce plunge on The Sardine News. Or use the WhatsApp button on this page somewhere, for a direct line to the factory.

Check out the MYDO Tackle Talk YouTube Channel.

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Dorado Strike Analysis – up close and personal

MYDO Dorado Spread Target Acquired

Dorado Strike Analysis – up close and personal

Dorado Strike Analysis – up close and personal : this might be the best experience I’ve gotten from my underwater cameras so far. I’ve got shad chowing like piranhas. Sharks tailing my boat. Couta attacking. So many cool experiences and visuals.

But this…the clean water, the lighting, the big shad live bait…and this shoal of eager Dorado…just takes the cake.

Strike 1

This first Dorado does not hesitate. She comes straight in for the kill. But even with that 8/0 hook in its lip, the shad makes a successful evasive manoeuvre?! Only visible with 60 fps footage to work with.

Dorado Strike Analysis - Strike One - the Dorado comes straight in for the kill - zero hesitation
Dorado Strike Analysis – Strike One – the Dorado comes straight in for the kill – zero hesitation

Strike 2

It takes a few seconds for the others to close in and investigate. These guys never went in blindly and on the charge like the couta aka king mackerel do. Well, the first dorado did just go straight in. But soon enough one of them gets driven beyond temptation and moves in for the kill shot.

The shoal of angry dorado move in and harass the shad flat out
The shoal of angry dorado move in and harass the shad flat out

To the head! Watch the full video analysis at the end of this post. Click the link to watch it on YouTube for the full interactive experience.

Dorado Strike Analysis - Strike Two - the dorado has got the shad by the head and is performing evasive meanuevres
Dorado Strike Analysis – Strike Two – the dorado has got the shad by the head and is performing evasive manoeuvres to leave the pack behind her

Every time, these fish aim for the kop, and immediately they are clear of the pack, start to turn the bait around and swallow it head first. They way they can manipulate and move that bait into swallowing position – head first – even under drag, is way impressive and clearly demonstrated in the video coming up at the end of this post.

Strike 3

The shad was free again. I pulled him right away from striker two. But striker three was right there and in half a second had gotten ahold of the shad.

Exactly the same. A lightning blow to the head. Coupled with an extreme charge to escape the pack, and then down the gullet. Except my 3 kgs of Stella drag once again came into effect and never allowed that to happen.

Dorado Strike Analysis - Strike Three - another headshot and she refuses to let go
Dorado Strike Analysis – Strike Three – another headshot and she refuses to let go

I need my camera back every time! I have lost quite a few over the 5 years or so that I have been using them. Check out the GoFish cameras right HERE.

This is the exact moment that I was able to pull that shad away from striker two dorado - he nearly got it down
This is the exact moment that I was able to pull that shad away from striker Two Dorado – he nearly got it down

Since I have these cameras, there is absolutely no way I want to ever catch a fish again. I want only to film the strike and underwater action!

Holding on tight this dorado refuses to let my bait go even under 3kgs of drag
Holding on tight this dorado refuses to let my bait go even under 3kgs of drag

Watch in it all in super-slo-mo video right here…

Dorado Attack Behaviour Strike Analysis Underwater – YouTube (click to watch on YouTube or enjoy below)

Buy at

Learn at

Come fishing with us at Umzimkulu Adrenalin. Stay at the Umzimkulu Marina. Check out the marlin fishing at FishBazaruto.

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Making a MYDO Telescopic Couta Trace (with downforce)

MYDO Telescopic Couta Trace Number One

Making a MYDO Telescopic Couta Trace (with downforce)

The MYDO Telescopic Couta Trace can take any bait from a sardine to a bonnie. And everything in between! And its new spoiler design copied from the new Porsche GT3 RS adds in buckets of effective downforce.

More depth, and a lot more action!


This will most likely be your biggest bait out the back and therefore, like all other HD traces by MYDO, features double wire droppers. From a super sharp wire single. To the 4 X wire trebles that hold onto anything they touch.

The leader is also #7 wire, although it can (and should) be rigged with 200 to 300lb nylon. The 300 is too strong for a couta too bite through. The 200 id borderline. But your strike rate will increase radically if you string nylon up front.

And you will hold onto a freaking out billfish a great deal better than you would with wire.


You can tie one of these traces on and use it all day long. Brings a dead bait back to life. And handles a live bait with no problem. Front hook through the lip and off you go. If the live bait pegs, rehook through both lips, bend the rigour mortis out, and you have a beautiful swimming bait.

For live or dead bait.


We are still looking for cheerful tackle shop owners to stock our innovations. But in the meantime, contact Sean on +27793269671 or There is also a big old WhatsApp button floating around on this page somewhere. That patches you through on a direct line to the factory. Where we are looking forward to being of assistance.


Check out our other YouTube Channels that might interest you…

And our websites… (neva miss a single sardine) (South Africa sales) (in USD with worldwide delivery) (charters and activities KZN South Coast) (self-catering accomodation on the Umzimkulu Estuary) (extraordinary fishing for marlin)

Couta Gallery

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Making up a MYDO Stripbaitswimmer and other innovative and fun fishing solutions

MYDO StripBaitSwimmer

Making up a MYDO Stripbaitswimmer and other innovative and fun fishing solutions

Making up a MYDO Stripbaitswimmer and a few other innovative and fun fishing solutions: Making this video was heaps of fun. Zero injuries. And a bunch of new innovations that feature at the end of the video. That will definitely contribute to your strike, and hook-up ratios.

We start off showcasing our last videos trace – the MYDO Telescopic Trace specifically tied with big couta aka king mackerel, in mind. And then quickly move on to today’s mission – making up a MYDO StripBaitSwimmer Trace.

Tyning up a MYDO StripBaitSwimmer just in time for the summer gamefish season


This is the most versatile and productive rig in the MYDO Couta Spread. It will catch your live bait. And your trophy fish. Sailfish jump on a well-presented and placed fillet bait. Couta and Natal Snoek love ’em. Jobfish, kingfish, snapper and even reef fish gobble ’em down.

Being a shiny, juicy surface bait – you are in the game with dorado, sailfish and little marlin.

MYDO StripBaitSwimmer rigs quick and easy. A bit of cotton secures the deal for faster trolling.
MYDO StripBaitSwimmer rigs quick and easy…the front hook holds the fillet in place.


Double-wire droppers and 4X back hook. A strong single up front holds the bait in place.


With a thinly sliced fillet cut from a bonito belly shine draped down the length of the droppers, just chuck a couple of these rigs out the back. Staggered. But close. Just inside, and outside the propwash. Where the water is turbulent and foamy. The strike zone.

See the video for 3D depictions of these guys’ positions in the spread.

If you are gonna use a soft bait like sardine, a bit of cotton will be necessary.

New Innovations from MYDO

In development for a number of years, the MYDO BaitFlashers are now available. These flashy stickers go on the outside lower part of the gunwale. There are visuals showing more in the video.

Be the baitball you want to be!

MYDO BaitFlashers
MYDO BaitFlashers are available now.

And a special rig is demonstrated as the MYDO BuckShot which is simply a big old sailfish fly and a nicely weighted MYDO Baitswimmer Silver Bullet leading it out to the backline and beyond.

Thank you for joining us today, this MYDO Tackle Talk channel is becoming a cool place to hang out, even I am enjoying it here!

Check out our Youtube at

If it’s surfing news you are after head on over to Brucifire Surf Reports.

Use the menu above to browse our products. Get in touch to make an order. Retailers are welcome at standard industry discount rate. Sean on or +27793269671.