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Video: Evan Phillips baby GT and Chelsea Dog Attack Behaviour

Evan Phillips with his Umzimkulu Estuary baby Geet about to be released

Video: Evan Phillips baby GT and Chelsea Dog Attack Behaviour

In this video shot on a morning fishing trip on the Umzimkulu River – young Evan Phillips gets his baby GT. And we catch Chelsea Dog Attack Behaviour red-handed on camera.


A few pics of the Umzimkulu Marina, in Port Shepstone, where we are based at the moment.

The river valley woke up freezing this very wintery but beautiful morning. The offshore was coming straight off the mountains and it sure felt like single figures. So when the sun showed itself, departure came about. A nice full boat of fisherfolk. David Phillips and his wife Robin. Evan. And little lady Jordan who took on camera duty all dressed in pink! We also had Arno from Fishin’s Cool Fishing School.

So with three guns firing off the bow, and three in ambush positions out the back, we followed the far channel to the top, and right over the big hole area.

This has been a great place to fish over these past few months. Rock salmon, kob, perch and kingfish of all species have been patrolling here.

Soon Evan was bending on his beautiful little baby GT. Who put up quite an argument or was just acting real good for the camera.

When the fish finally came to the boat, Chelsea Dog leapt out of her own ambush position! But Dave was too quick and she retreated in disgust. Dave got the hook out easily enough and Evan was soon posing. And then justly released the absolutely dashing young GT back into the wild. After a quick lecture about that Halco Sorcerer in Jelly Prawn outfit.

Enjoy the action…

You can buy that guy right here. Both Dave and Johan Wessels independently vouch for this particular model and colour. And I can attest to its effectiveness – we have lost all the ones Johan left for us on his last trip! Actually it was my Dad! He has been tangling with rock salmon and all sorts of bad mannered lure thieves that been lurking around here lately.

A very toothy barracuda eyes my dredge teaser in the Umzimkulu recently. This footage is shot with our new GoFish cameras. Get your own using the link at the top or bottom of this page.

The Umzimkulu Marina has a few open slots still. Weeks and weekends coming up. Please get in touch to arrange your dream estuary fishing experience. For you, your friends or you and your family – this place is great fun – safe – and there really are some good fish be caught. And released. We practice tag and release wherever possible and only take a fish for the pan, in extreme circumstances.

You can get me Sean on +27793269671 or on to get the ball rolling. We have boats for charter or for hire. Self-catering chalets right on the river.

And plenty fish to catch.

And release!

We are Facebook here and we run a kicker YouTube channel right here.

GoFish underwater fishing cameras available now!
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Captain Matt Wainwright on the Umzimkulu

Fishing the brown water in KZN: Matt Wainwright down on the water at the Umzimkulu Marina with a fresh kob

Captain Matt Wainwright on the Umzimkulu – “It’s my favourite place to fish away from home!”

Matt Wainwright down on the water at the Umzimkulu Marina with a fresh kob
Matt Wainwright down on the water at the Umzimkulu Marina with a fresh kob

Matt Wainwright has been coming down the south coast to Port Shepstone from his home waters off Durban, for quite some time now. He used to just fish with us on the Niteshift, but soon he was towing his own little super fun and totally cool duck around with him. All over the place and to the Umzimkulu Marina in particular.
We had some amazingly fun launches on that ultralight boat with a powerful 40hp behind it. Full speed boogie band through the waves and back again. And we caught some lovely fish together.
But now Matt has upgraded and sports a real well-built and thought out cat. It’s in the 16ft class boat size and once again, is super well powered. Acceleration out of the hole is what is needed the most in surf launching, and that is exactly what Matt has got plenty of.
This last weekend Matt brought his guests back down to the Umzimkulu, where they were lucky enough to get right in on some long-awaited bottom fishing action. Just before the sardines make their appearance, all sorts of fish start to gather along the KZN coastline in ambush formations.
It is kob (daga salmon), that are making the news right now. Very susceptible to over-fishing, we need to protect these fish. By sticking to our bag limits. And kind of keeping the mission a secret – just don’t tell the other boats, let them work it out for themselves. If you help other people onto these vulnerable fish, the damage is done and cannot be undone.
Other fish that get extra active in this exciting time of the year, down deep, are black musselcracker.

A real honour to get a fantastic fish like this black musselcracker.
A real honour to get a fantastic fish like this black musselcracker.

As you can see, Matt’s guest Ziets got himself one over the weekend down at the Umzimkulu Marina.. A cracker of about 20kgs. Delectable. And endemic. Slow growing. Luckily they can really fight back and many get away. Once again, really vulnerable.
The Geelbek have been slow for many years now. They used to come in huge numbers, but fleets of ski-boats would descend on them, in their spawning mode. Huge catches were made. All of us did it. But the damage is done, that’s for sure. Even to catch just two of these delicious fighters these days would be a luck!

Dejan has also joined the Niteshift as crew and is loving it
Dejan has also joined the Niteshift as crew and is loving it. Here he is super stoked with his two geelbek salmon a few weekends back.

But it is the dusky kob that is hurting the most. These guys look just like daga salmon, but are smaller and very slow growing. Hardly any of these fish get over 1000mm, which is almost their sexual maturation size, before being caught. Very rare now, it is thought that if fishing for dusky kob was banned, it would take 40 years to restore the population.
But ok, enjoy the sardine season and let’s hope for a good showing. The red hot pokers have started to fire up with that gorgeous red colour and the waves are starting too, with the desirously warm offshore winds.

Roosta with his catch of the day! Hope he ain’t paddling around with lot in tow?!?

In the meantime, if you would like to join us, and Captain Matt Wainwright at the Umzimkulu Marina, drop us a line on or WhatsApp +27 79 326 9671. We can fish for kob outside, we can load surfboards on board and catch the low tide somewhere with nobody anywhere, we can fish the estuary at night for rock salmon, and we have the world famous Sandspit Beach for night time and lure fishing.

The very same weekend, Matt’s other guest was more into catching kob on lures, and being right at the Sandspit he rigged up took the delightful walk along that amazing beach. And look what he got!

And then another one!

Dallas with a groovy little kob at the SandSpit in Port Shepstone
Dallas with a groovy little kob at the SandSpit in Port Shepstone

More about the Umzimkulu Marina right here.

Catch winter kob or dagas on Mydo Luck Shots, available here.

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Tofo Oceanfest 2018 at Fatima’s Nest!

Tofo Oceanfest 2018 at Fatima’s Nest!

Tofo Oceanfest 2018: It’s ON again at Fatima’s Nest in Tofo, Inhambane, Southern Mozambique this 2018!

Tofo Oceanfest 2018
Tofo Oceanfest 2018

Tofo is most definitely the most happening New Year’s celebration!

Right on the beach, with years and years of celebrations behind this Tofo Oceanfest 2018, once again – Fatima’s is going to absolutely rock you into the New Year.

Daily activities and a music programme will keep you entertained all day long.

Volleyball, surf lessons, yoga and beach football will make sure!

With the beach right out front, Fatima’s hosts the Tofo Oceanfest 2018 each year, which culminates in the biggest New Year’s event. That goes to the sunrise every time! Guest DJs and local outfits blend together to create the right mood for the right time, every time!

See you there!

About Tofo…

Tofo is the nicest little surf/fishing/diving village, right on the beach at Praia do Tofo.

The surfing in the bay is ideal for beginners. The point around the corner for when you’ve learned a bit!

Fishing is fantastic, this time of the year. Get in touch on for more information.

And the diving…well it’s acclaimed to be amongst the best spots worldwide. For Manta Rays, Whale Sharks and Turtles.

The Inhambane Bay is huge and waiting for you to explore it’s magical and calm waters. You can hook up a dhow cruise right from the bar at Fatima’s. Seahorses and the rare dugong are first prizes on these trips. Backed up by Flamingoes, dolphins and all sorts, in and around the islands and channels. Fantastic snorkeling, beach combing (for the famous Panzy Shell/Sand Dollar) and visiting the remote but cool restaurants and resorts over at Linga Linga make up a really full day trip.

All these activities can be arranged right at the reception at Fatimas.

Or contact Sean on…or WhatsApp +27 79 326 9671 anytime!

You can also browse through the menu item Trips and Travel above or follow this link:

And easily keep up with the news and our seasonal offerings by staying on top of The Sardine News’ various channels…YouTubeInstagramFacebookTwitter.

Tofo Oceanfest 2018 at Fatima's Nest in Tofo, Inhambane
Tofo Oceanfest 2018 at Fatima’s Nest in Tofo, Inhambane

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All NEW Pelagic Gear available now!

Pelagic Gear

All NEW Pelagic Gear Available Now!

Fishing’s Finest in Pretoria bring you the latest in Pelagic Gear.
Pelagic Aquapak Duffle Bag – R2,295
Pelagic The Mai Tai Sanda – R895
Pelagic Cyclone Hoody ll – R1,095
Pelagic Offshore Sandal – R995

Pelagic Eclipse Guide Shirt – Pro Light Blue – R1,195

Pelagic Eclipse Guide Shirt – Pro White R1,195


Pelagic Performance Visor – R375

Pelagic Aquapak Backpack – R2,295


Pelagic Gear by FIshing's Finest
Pelagic Gear by FIshing’s Finest

Fishings Finest can be found at

More available here

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Fatimas for breakfast in Tofo

Fatimas for breakfast in Tofo starts at 7am

Fatimas for breakfast in Tofo

“Matabichu”, as breakfast in Tofo is called (in local Inhambane language Bithonga) – starts at a spritely 7am as Fatimas Nest’s kitchen staff stand ready to serve scrumptious breakfast and meals daily. And in the fast pace of Tofo life – diving, surfing, kayaks, fishing, partying – this meal is ever important.

Sitting out on the deck to welcome the day with a coffee and a chow. Breakfast in Tofo.

News from Tofo

Tofo has become business as usual since the Cyclone Dineo swept through earlier this year. Most damage has been repaired, but there are still scars about showing the devastation. Local business and community banded together to take care of the most vulnerable – the aged and the very young. The rest of the community were able to adapt and survive just fine, but the extreme age groups needed special attention. Fatimas, as usual, was very involved in these community rebuilding projects.

The tourists have been ever supportive and understanding. And basically, all the places that were damaged have received complete facelifts, and all look great.

The whale sharks and manta rays, co-hosts to divers and snorkelers, along with the dolphins and whales and all sorts of marine life have been very obliging as of late. Many encounters with these beautiful marine animals are being experienced daily. It is a great time of the year right now. Not too hot yet. And the sealife is abuzz. Bait balls can be seen all day. The market is full of fresh fish. Smiles on everyones faces!

To learn more about Fatimas in Tofo and in Maputo (conveniently connected by daily bus), click on over to their comprehensive and informative website…


Posted on 1 Comment is taking Bazaruto 2018 bookings now!

Chaaaaaarge! (c) Duarte Rato is taking Bazaruto 2018 bookings now! is taking Bazaruto 2018 bookings now! After another incredible year fishing the waters around the Bazaruto Archipilego, Captain Duarte Rato has opened his booking calendar up for 2018.

Bazaruto 2018 bookings are now open at FishBazaruto. Click to go to the PDF download
Bazaruto 2018 bookings are now open at FishBazaruto. Click to go to the PDF download

Duarte has also opened up the spread with many more options for you to choose from. From the really big and comfort laden Supercat 38’s, to this year Duarte has worked hard on getting smaller boat packages together, that are real affordable. He has broadened his accommodation offerings too.

Vilankulos, where FishBazaruto operates from, is really quite a drive for anybody convinced on taking their own boat all that way up north. And fishing with Duarte and his decades of experience really puts you in right on the action.

Sunrise overlooking the Bazaruto Archipelego
Sunrise overlooking the Bazaruto Archipelego

You get to enjoy the Archipilego thoroughly, with Duarte and crew relating historical, geographical and all things fishing regards this most interesting area, and country. All of Duarte’s team really know the place super well, and are first class pros, in big game fishing – and making sure you have a great day out.


Now here’s the thing. 1000 Pounds. The grander. The big momma. She is there. And up for a fight. Black and blue marlin. You can actually choose which to hunt. The bad tempered stripeys also make their rodeo appearances, as do shoals and shoals of willing sailfish. Some big ones, even going over 50!

A few pics from the old days…where release wasn’t as compulsory, as it is nowadays…

The increasing mean size of yellowfin tuna being encountered inshore has rapidly increased lately in KZN waters. They even got a 48 off Durban?! But last season, Duarte shocked everyone with a 72 off the island! Luckily it grabbed ahold of a kona rigged on an 80, and it came home before those dumb sharks got it!

The 72kg yellowfin tuna that has gotten everyone very excited. There were a whole shoal of these things when luckily they hooked up on just this one, and got it out!
The 72kg yellowfin tuna that has gotten everyone very excited. There were a whole shoal of these things when luckily they hooked up on just this one, and got it out!

And that’s another thing about fishing Baz. It’s wild. Really wild. You might even encounter a dugong. Or a whale shark. A friendly school of dolphins. All sorts of whales. Even orcas.

Fishing out the back of Bazaruto Island gets you in the hot seat for a marlin on plastic, or a 10kg yellowfin to rig and try keep out of trouble until a marley comes along. Wahoo are real mean as they knock the sense out of any live bait rigged that weighs less than 10. The wahoo are huge. And if it ain’t the wahoo, you also have to watch for goliath GT’s that also love to swallow a bonito whole. And then there are the sharks. Nuff said. So back to plastics and hope for that huge big and loud strike.

Seeing these huge fish come charging into the wake at blurry speeds, smashing into a kona, pulling line and then leaping and greyhounding away is what every angler should experience. It’s diabolical. It’s insane. It’s something you need to see and absorb. The power. The grace. The magnificense of it all.

In bad weather, Bazaruto waters hold another ace. The channels between the islands are clear and deep, and in the completely flat water. Wave action out to sea, and island either side of you, and you can catch king mackerel, sailfish, Natal Snoek – until you are blue. On spinning tackle! Too much fun. And we do end up fishing in these highly technical fishing areas quite a lot. Knowing where and when to find the hot spots and times, is all the fun! There are very many places where, if you pay your 500 Met park fees, you can walk and spin fish for all sorts from kingfish to rock salmon.

Right, there you have it. I could add the islands themselves, the unreal snorkeling in the lukewarm crystal palace water, the palm trees and coconuts, the delightful and unspoilt wetlands and river, the quaint little party town of Vilankulos that recently welcomed Sylvester Stallone, Jeremy Clarkson and his little mate…and back in the days…The Kennedys, Bob Dylan, Mick Jagger and host of other stars. The Donna Anna, the hotel in which they partied, which has been restored to a level of glory, and yes you’ll go there too!

You can get the ball rolling and get in touch with the team at FishBazaruto at his website link below:

You can go directly to the Rate Card PDF download page here:

Rates & Contact Fishbazaruto

Bazaruto 2018 Rates and Contact


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Handy Hardware Hibberdene for fishing tackle

Handy Hardware Hibberdene for fishing tackle

Handy Hardware in Hibberdene have long been supplying locals and visiting anglers with the right fishing tackle for the KZN South Coast.

Their deep sea wares are top notch, they even stock The Mydo range.

Rock and surf in the Hibberdene area is legendary with some massive fish landed from the point over the years. Read about the most amazing catch of all right here.

The Hibberdene estuary has made a remarkable comeback since the highway development that convinced us all the petite estuary was a goner. But no, the rehabilitation of the river system worked a treat and fishing with artificial lures therein might yield surprising results.

You won’t know if you don’t go!

Handy Hardware in Hibberdene
Handy Hardware in Hibberdene

Since most of the big deals in the country have not supported locally hand-made MYDOs, we sell them online mainly. And in a few shops that still have their souls.

So if you are after a Mydo or two, try out Handy Hardware in Hibberdene. Or check out the Tackle menu on The Sardine News above.

Check out the Mydo YouTube Channel right here.

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Chandling services in Mozambique

Captain Sean A. Lange at the helm in Maputo to Pomene mission

Chandling services in Mozambique

The Sardine Charters and Chandling offering chandling services in Mozambique and South Africa, take on all sorts of marine challenges for the film industry, survey industry and tourism sector.

Recently we were consigned to conduct sea and surf trials with a custom designed and produced displacement hull cat of 15.5m, and powered by inboards. The task was to set out at Inhaca Island, near Maputo, and head north 370 nautical miles, to Pomene, in Inhambane province. And back.

Here is the video…of that trip…

Before that we were surveying in Mozambique and Uganda – it’s been a busy time. In some crazy places and serious waters.

Our next job is in Vilankulos, where we are supplying services to a big game fishing outfit. We also rig boats for targeting whichever particular fish is on the list. Rods and reels. Tackle. Fish fighting systems and rigs. Safety. Night fishing. First aid and medical equipment.

Click here if you have a real challenge!

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The Kruger Park with Krugerview Backpackers in Komatipoort

The Kruger Park with Krugerview Backpackers in Komatipoort

Staying at the Krugerview Backpackers in Komatipoort means a lot of things to us today…

Firstly, it’s forecast for today, at Skukuza Camp in the Kruger Park, to be an easy 45 degrees. Which means that in all likelihood, and according to the locals, Komatipoort might hit over a queasy 50 degrees!?

Secondly however, you can escape to the more moderate climes of Skukuza and other Kruger camp pools, with a quick drive. Being a mere 12 km from Crocodile Gate, Komatipoort is the ideal fun border town to break your journey between the Kruger Park, and Mozambique. Ressano Garcia is about the same distance in the other direction.

If you stay at Krugerview Backpackers, just behind the town in the pretty residential suburb, you literally look out from the huge open plan lounge and viewing deck, and into the Kruger Park. The park extends eastwards and south from Crocodile Gate, to Ressano Garcia.

You also get to wallow in the cool pool, chill in the heavenly breeze, and refresh yourself with an ice cold something.

Rates are great, it’s clean and homely, with all kinds of backpacker type accommodation options.

Secure parking and coded gate with restaurants in walking distance. Delicious Portuguese African fusion in house food available on request.

Free Wi-fi and a great kitchen and dining area round off a really classy backpackers in a fantastico location.

Contact the Krugerview Backpackers team here.

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Real cool beach fishing trolley rolling in

Heavy duty beach fishing equipment

Real cool beach fishing trolley rolling in

Check this real cool beach fishing trolley about to hit the market in South Africa.

Made strong and sensible, these items really put you in the game on those long sessions beach fishing. Load your cooler. Your tackle box. You can put a beach umbrella in one of the four rod holders for protection. And you can haul your trophy catch back all the way in style.

Manufacturing will start 3rd week of Jan 2017 and product will be ready for delivery in  2nd or 3rd week of Feb 2017


The product name is SANDPIPER Beach Trolleys.

Price is projected to be around R3500 or, the exact details will be confirmed in 2017.

Product details as follows:

  • 25mm Aluminium frame
  • Aluminium wheel shaft
  • Size 1350mm X 500mm X 650mm
  • Inner Frame size 900mm X 400mm X 250mm
  • 13′ inch Pneumatic Wheels

The beach fishing trolley can handle a load of up to 85kg. And that can solve a lot of problems!

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Most fun accommodation in Tofo

The most fun accommodation in Tofo

Most fun accommodation in Tofo

Most fun accommodation in Tofo award goes to Lalaland, right on the beach, just up the beach, from Praia do Tofo. The beach.

It’s fun for many reasons, but it has to be the quaint, elegantically rustic designed spaces all over Lalaland, where the feeling finds tenure. As you drive in, you can see how Lalaland came to be – yes, that’s the land rover Chad and Heidi arrived in. Parked right in the boma! The boma leads to the beach on one side, and the main building and kitchen on the other. It’s a great place – the many years of toil have paid off  – with absolute attention to detail and a good dose of pure style woven together. Other ingredients include friendly and helpful staffers, coconuts and things growing everywhere, hammocks and conversation areas, cool doggies (security)…

The gardens are filled with features and right in the middle, is the fire pit and boma. Where you can lose yourself completely on a starry night. The accommodations are a cool blend of bricks and mortar, and local materials, like reeds and chappas (corrugated roof sheets). The en suite bathrooms are roofed only by the stars and palm trees.

The beach out front goes for miles each way. A quick walk south puts you right in the mix – the Tofo Mercado. Colourful and vibrant, the beat carries through to midnight and beyond on most nights. There are many places to go, and many things to do, in Tofo town.

And during the day, putting to sea on one of many craft available puts you in the running for swim with a whale shark, or a dolphin, manta ray…or a cruise to the islands and back, under sail on a trendy and photogenic dhow.

Lalaland have a few of their own watercraft – great for catching the waves out front – Praia do Tofo has become a highly acclaimed beginner’s surfers beach. And another headland south is Tofinho (baby Tofo?!), which produces some class waves when it feels like it. A huge plastic paddle ski that can carry one to three people is also available, and can be launched and retrieved just in front of the lodge’s beach gate.

For more information and to see more of why we call it the most fun accommodation in Tofo, click on over to and look around!

The Sardine team can assist you with your dream holiday to Tofo. Drop us a line on and let us know your plan.

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Accommodation Inhambane options

Inhambane Accommodation options...

Accommodation Inhambane Options

A description of some of the types of accommodation Inhambane.

A few years back, the local government were keen on developing 5000 beds for tourism accommodation, in the province of Inhambane. A spate of lodges opened up. Some 4 Star, some self catering 2 Star stuff, and some backpacker spots.

At the top of the range, there are many options. Beautiful beach casas, or spotless city hotel living. There are also really remote spots, some are much quicker accessed by boat even. These grandiose and luxurious places charge top dollar, but to some, it’s worth every penny.

Then we have the string of beach lodges, some perched precariously close to the ocean or lagoons. Self catering with hot water and generator power, some are really well done and nicely run. Some aren’t. You can expect a well equipped kitchen, a swimming pool (another crazy requirement by the governo) and a nice all round, albeit very relaxed atmopshere. Very relaxed.

Backpackers are spoilt for choice and looking around can save you a pretty penny, or get you well upgraded. The backpackers were kind of the pioneers of the rejuvenated tourism vibe going on in Inhambane, and are still the lifeblood here. Great locations. Fantastic parties. Clean blue ocean with a myriad of things to do…ocean safaris, diving, fishing, touring, shopping, island hopping, overnight cruises.

Camping used to be a winner here in Tofo and in Barra. But the governo put halters on campers and only a few backpackers offer the cool facility now. And the odd lodge, but usually the further flung ones.

Private houses for rent have taken off as people are hooked up with holiday home owners, keen to rent their places out to tourists. This is a winner situation for travelers on a longer stay. Most of these type houses are jam packed in season, so the houses cannot be let out long term. Some great deals available.

All in all, Inhambane is still one of the coolest holidays available, in the world. The constant flow of travelers, the great weather, crystal clear warm water…and the many things to do and places to visit, bu land or sea, in Inhambane province, make it so attractive.

With the exchange rate so favourable, prices are like half they were a year ago, and things are hotting up tourist wise in Inhambane province. The government are trying to put in place measures to hench their fiscal disaster, but as of today, a Euro gets you 84 Mets. Two beers in the right bar. A Rand gets you over 5 Mets?! Party! For now anyway.

The gun toting crazies up north seem to like it there and whatever is going on, has absolutely no bearing on life in Inhambane at all. Except for the constant stream or incident reports from the independant news sources rattled about here, we hear nothing. Yet.

Contact us on if you need any advice or assistance with your Inhambane holiday plans.

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Exploring the Bazaruto Archipelago 

Exploring the Bazaruto Archipelago

There is just so, so much to do and see, in the Bazaruto Archipelago.

But you need a boat.

And this is when you log on to and get in touch with the team who are right there in Vilankulos. With boats aplenty.

Fish Bazaruto is captained by local guide and skipper, Duarte Rato. Who has amassed more hours out and around the Bazaruto Archipelago islands than even most of the fish out there. His main job is taming huge marlin and teaching them some manners before releasing them. His stern talking to’s have gained Duarte much respect in the world of marlin fishing.

Fish Bazaruto have recently expanded their fleet and have begun focusing on family and fun activities, to complement their sport fishing packages.

So now, whilst the manne are out fishing, the ladies and kids can cruise the villages and explore  the markets, ride a fat bike, cruise in a canoe…

Or take a boat!

Out to the deserted sandy islands and beaches, winding through crystal clear channels, sea life all around. Flamingoes. Rays. Maybe even a pod of dolphins will come say hi. The boat cruises are customizable and can include an island barbeque. Or snorkelling the sea grass for seahorses. Or catch and release fishing. Or just soaking up some well deserved vitamin D.

For an even more adventurous day, go on an ocean safari or whale watching trip (in season) and put yourself right in the thick of things. Marine wild life in these waters is world renowned. They even got dugongs!

So get in touch with Captain Duarte Rato via his content rich and feature-filled website on

Enjoy the gallery!

The excellent photography by Captain Duarte Rato.

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Trout estate investment opportunities at Highland Run

Trout estate investment opportunities at Highland Run

There are not too many trout estate investment opportunities like Highland Run, right now.
There are not too many trout estate investment opportunities like Highland Run, right now.

If you are looking for trout estate investment opportunities, Highland Run might just be the place for you.

Hidden away up in the Mpumalanga Drakensberg, modern luxury is combined with natural elements, to produce a beautiful getaway experience. And to top it all off, there are trout to be caught. The Spekboom River winds it’s way through the valley carrying with it – the highly sought after freshwater game fish. And table fish. Although catch and release is practiced diligently, a trout or two for the pan is permitted.

Wildlife abounds in the land around the houses. Which were redesigned to blend into their surroundings. Two have been completed and can be viewed, the third is on the go.

Shared ownership means that when you purchase at Highland Run, you are also purchasing part of the land around the houses. This means the land will be conserved in it’s pristine state, for future generations to enjoy. And in times where powers that are meant to be, aren’t quite coping, it’s great to be able to do something towards conservation, under our own steam. Investing in a development like Highland Run, adds to the many other successfully conserved areas of land, under private ownership, in the area.

From the Highland Run website…

“Forming part of the Mount Anderson Water Catchment Reserve, Highland Run is home to a wide variety of flora and fauna, including many species of antelope and the elusive leopard.  Those able to tear themselves away from the five kilometres of rapids, riffles, runs, glides and pools, can hike and bike in the Reserve, in the company of over a hundred species of Highveld avifauna. The magic Spekboom Valley, accessed via a 17km dirt road near Lydenburg, still bears relics of its romantic gold-rush days”


Click here for more information.

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New owner at Tackle Box in Shelley Beach

New owner at Tackle Box in Shelley Beach

Craig, the New owner at Tackle Box in Shelley Beach, is stoked at acquiring the shop in it’s ideal location. Just up behind the Shelley Beach Ski-Boat Club, the shop is smack bang in the middle of the action.

Catering for deep-sea anglers chiefly, the shop has now expanded to include all the favourite forms of fishing on the lower south coast of KZN. With a wide variety of fresh bait to choose from.

The rock and surf fishing all around Shelley Beach is world renowned, with some spots you can cast right into the deep blue. The shad season has started up nicely and Craig is stocking a nice selection of shad and spinning type gear.

Fishing off the beach for shad - The Tackle Box in Shelley Beach has all the kit you need.
Fishing off the beach for shad – The Tackle Box in Shelley Beach has all the kit you need.

Pop in and check it out…right at the turnoff into the ski-boat base – you can’t miss it.

Or Call Craig on 078 713 6681 with any tackle related queries you may have.

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Casa na Duna in Praia do Tofinho accommodation

Casa na Duna in Praia do Tofinho accommodation

Casa na Duna in Praia do Tofinho has been open for accommodation since last year, and has been hosting travellers in style.

The view is straight up the barrel of the famed Tofinho Point – surf accommodation at it’s very best. Ranking right up there with J-Bay Surf View!

The warm water, great fishing, surfing and diving is what Mozambican holidays to Inhambane area are all about. Days go on forever and a siesta on the hammock overlooking The Dragon (the other really good but temperamental surf spot that breaks over shallow reef – high tide only), is part of the plan.

Evenings in and around Tofo mean sidewalk restaurants and bars, music kaleidoscopes, beach parties and howling at the full moon parties.

More about Casa na Duna can be found right here.

Praia do Tofinho
Praia do Tofinho

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Andante Lodge’s new Web 3.0 website is launched and working great

Andante Lodge’s new Web 3.0 website is launched and working great

The Sardine News and Online Marketing Team are super stoked to announce that Andante Lodge’s new Web 3.0 website is launched and working just great.

Guests were using the site to research and book in this very first week of operation. Each guest was interviewed as to where they heard about the all new and glamorous Andante Lodge in Waterkloof Holdings area, Pretoria East – and they had all found the newly opened lodge on the web.

Lodge owner Elmo Botha, under the strict direction of his lovely wife and co-host, Ingrid, got off some high quality photographs, which really, make the site what it is. The right lens, the right light, composition, post-processing…and all the efforts paid off with a very handsome website.

Andante Lodge in Pretoria featuring some very effective photography by Elmo Botha.
Andante Lodge in Pretoria featuring some very effective photography by Elmo Botha.

The website has all the bells and whistles, and has been deployed with full SEO and Content Marketing, by team. You can check the weather, check for availability, join the news channel, research Pretoria and surrounds…basically get a feel for Pretoria and familiarize yourself with the attractive and peaceful area. And the website assists interact directly with Elmo and Ingrid, as you make your arrangements.

The lodge itself is set as a 4 star establishment and features the best of the best as far as appointments and luxury are concerned. Off street secure parking and security give you a perfectly relaxed nights sleep. And you can have your room serviced, or not.

As you wish!

Pop on over to Andante Lodge’s new website… – leave a comment if you like it!


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Instant Share Branded e-Postcards

Instant Share Branded e-Postcards

Instant Share e-Postcards have been developed for marketers to be able to take full advantage of the immense exposure opportunities exploding within the social networks marketing sphere right now.

Instant Share Branded e-Postcards
Instant Share Branded e-Postcards for is offering a comprehensive social networking campaign built utilising this radical new technology. Known as the Instant Share e-Postcard Campaign, the product can be adapted to many social marketing requirements.

Totally unlike spam, e-postcards are created and shared by punters voluntarily, and then again voluntarily distributed through social to specifically defined and therefore targeted social groups. This means a surfing photograph is extremely likely going to end up on a surfers phone…targeting made possible through the relevance of the content distributed.

Shares are easy as clicking share, and the image is downloadable to a punters device for further distribution by wifi, bluetooth or any other PAN (personal area network). Thereby perpetuating the reach of every photo, which is branded, and leads back to the marketers website(s).

The Sardine can hook you up with a FREE one week trial (includes 50 e-Postcards)…just email some cool artwork to and we will set you a-sailing…

More details are available right here

Other marketing products and services by can be checked out right here

Instant Share Branded e-Postcards
Instant Share Branded e-Postcards for Jungle Monkey on the Wild Coast, KZN

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Catching kob in Port St. Johns with #1 Mydo Luck Shot

Typical South Africa style spinning equipment

Catching kob in Port St. Johns with #1 Mydo Luck Shot

Catching kob in Port St. Johns with the MYDO baitswimmer head used as a powerful dropshot rig. These two are rigged the two different ways (see below), and with paddletails.
Catching kob in Port St. Johns with the MYDO baitswimmer head # 1 used as a powerful dropshot rig. These two are rigged the two different ways (see below), and with paddletails. Note the outsized hook on the orange plastic, for big fish and heavy tackle. The Orca plastic is rigged with the knot buried deep and a short shank hook further back in the lure. Choose your favourite hook!

The original #1 Mydo is turning out to be the choice lure in Port St. Johns as it’s perfect weight – 1.7Oz, and swimming action, works the waters at the mouth and in the surf zone, just right. Read on to find out more about catching kob in Port St. Johns.

The rig is adjustable and allows you to engineer the ideal swimming pattern for you, in the given conditions. The line is tied right through the middle of the baitswimmer head and through the eye of the hook. Using a uni-knot allows for the tiny adjustment needed, to play with the action. There is also a through the bait option – great for sticking a hook far back in the bait. Some plastic baits, like the ones with paddletails, need no adjustment really, they swim just so nice, straight and reliable.

But if you loosen the connection between hook and baitswimmer, and stick a split tail plastic on, you can get that thing to swim like a snake! It really is amazing to see you plastic dead bait darting through the water just like a wounded and fleeing fish would be.

The # 1’s are the budget line of the Mydo, and you get to buy them unrigged so you can choose and rig the ideal hook and leader combination for you. The #1’s come with a pin or without, the following are the adaptations of the MYDO baitswimming technologies, to various fishing applications.

baitswimmer dropshot head with pin: rig your nice soft strong leader through either of the available holes and right through the baitswimmer. Tie on your absolutely favourite hook, even a short shank will work great. Grab ahold of your plastic (anything from 3 inch to 8 inch – the hook just needs to be right for the plastic and prey), and get that hook in there. Bury the hook so far in that the eye of the hook goes right inside of the plastic. Now stick the plastic onto the pin, upright. With longer hooks, get the pin right through the eye of the hook, bend the pin over, trim it off with heavy duty pliers and off you go to the nearest river mouth. Now! The pin keeps the plastic in the right place – on the hook!

For short shank hooks, or when you want to rig a hook right in tail, keep burying the hook to where you want it. Put the nose of the plastic onto the pin, and stick a toothpick through the plastic through the eye of the hook, break off protruding ends. Now you have two anchors for the plastic, a completely flexible bait with the leader running right inside it, and a hook right back in the bite zone – far more hookups, no more tail-bite-offs.


baitswimmer dropshot head without pin: This is the other options (some shops sell #1’s without pins especially for this rig). Leader through bottom hole, up through eye of hook, back through top hole, and tie a uni-knot. Everyone should know this knot by now. Quick and painless, and very reliable. Use you own initiative for keeping the plastic on, when it eventually starts to fall off. I use cable ties. Toothpicks. Superglue. A slow bouncy retrieval for the kob, gives a totally different swimming pattern than a faster surface crank for the garrick. The Port St. Johns crew get their fish at a more medium pace, and when they change pace and bounce completely – that’s when they get the bang most times.



baitswimmer: the #1 was one of Brian Davey’s first patents, and all the other baitswimmers were based on this lure. Even at it’s size, it can give swimming lessons to the biggest shad, and even tames a bonito of a kilo or so. Amazing, considering how hard it was to swim those baits ,before Brian came along with his invention and rocked the fishing world. Walla walla, half beak and jap mack all started swimming upright and true – no more spinning baits. The Vaalies finally started winning some comps!

live baitswimmer: #1 baitswimmers are ideal for putting som order into your spread when dragging a bunch of errant little live baits behind you. The bit of weight just puts them away from the surface guys, and you can then play deeper with the #4 and #4 Mydo Baitswimmers safely under them. Running 6 or 8 livies takes some serious planning and execution, and the baitswimmers help you do just that

But here in Port St. Johns, shoulder to shoulder with the pro’s, I am stoked to report that everyone here is using #1’s with great results. Many kob so far, and many garrick. Getting photos out of the team is nigh impossible – they don’t want anyone to know where and what they are catching!

Click here for more about the MYDO Luck Shot #1’s and here to take advantage of our price promotion on MYDO Baitswimmer # 1’s.

Dealer enquiries to, there is a reward of a huge MYDO hamper offered out to for people who can hook us up with dealers, in their areas.

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Shipspotting with AIS

Shipspotting with AIS

If you are smart enough to run a smart phone, then you just can’t be dumb enough to get bored…ever again.

Take this ship for example…

Just buzz on over to, zone in on your carpark, and see the names and even missions, of all those hunks of metal cruising the horizons. Even yachts!

You may get bored after a while and have to switch on over to some other entertainment stream, but you will definitely find your self loading up all this cool ship data again and again – especially in that carpark with an afternoon onshore and a quart in your hand.

Even some some ski-boats are equipped with AIS transponders, but for the most part, its mainly large vessels travelling trade routes that use the system to obviously avoid collisions. There is the pirate drawback, but you can turn the transponder off of you like, but for the most part it AIS has become a valuable all-round source of cool data.

Wikipedia is gonna be much better at explaining it than me, this morning…

“The Automatic Identification System (AIS) is an automatic tracking system used on ships and by vessel traffic services (VTS) for identifying and locating vessels by electronically exchanging data with other nearby ships…”

Check out the full story right here…

Marine Traffic ( even have a really cool App that you can get for free from the Play Store or equivalent, on your phone. Or just access through a browser – any browser will do!


Big news today is the launch of Offshore Africa Port St. Johns’ Web 3.0 website. Rob Nettleton and co’s IN YOUR FACE photography will get you checking that your wetsuit is hanging nicely, and ready for next year.

Click on over to and look around, like and share…