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Shad attack behaviour in Port Shepstone – the movie

Shad attack behaviour recorded off Port Shepstone

Shad attack behaviour in Port Shepstone – the movie

Shad attack behaviour – the movie was shot on a shallow spot on the backline off Port Shepstone, KZN, South Africa. Near the end of the shad open season this crazy 2020. When they start to congregate to spawn.

The shad, unlike garrick or kob, are given a protected season. This was introduced decades ago when the shad were running out fast. At the end of this month, it is over for shad fishers until 1 December. Somehow this doesn’t make sense since it is the Garrick and kob that the help now. DAFF? Where are you guys on this?

Shad have many names including bluefish and tailor. And its Latin name comes straight out of Asterix and Obelix – Pomatomus Saltatrix!

Anyway, we found a large shoal moving around near the backline at Port Shepstone, and managed to get the GoFish cameras into the water with them. What an amazing amount of fun!

Firstly to have the shad in such a playful mood as they chased our lures from the bottom to the top. We got them on the surface too – like little billfish they mercilessly attacked our lures, often finding themselves cartwheeling through the air and tail-walking. Yes, out here in the blue and flat surface, shad take on a wild new character when cranking a spoon wildly across the top for them to chase.

And secondly, the video material we got out of this session, and some of what features in this video – literally blew our minds!

The GoFish cameras we recently added to our arsenal have completed the mission they were acquired for perfectly…

We can finally see underwater!

The only other people who get this perspective are the spearos and bubble-blowers. But now we can drop a camera down, and observe the goings on on and around the reef, without even getting wet!

Working with the GoFish Cameras

It is not in real-time. Wi-fi don’t work underwater. But we have a cute little computer on the boat that powers off a cell charger and its a quick card switch for us to be seeing what just happened downstairs on the reef below us. There is a wi-fi function on the cameras, however. As long as they are floating in their little life rings, and their bums are sticking up out if the water, you can then live stream in real-time the action going on. This is a very limited function but can be applied to certain limited scenarios.

Now if you buy your GoFish Cams from this here website, you will get unlimited email and telephonic support from me and us here at The Sardine News. We have been using these cameras extensively and have made all the mistakes possible. And we are still making them! Learning every day for sure!

So use the link above or below, depending on your device, to get in on this eye-opening way of working things out on your favourite reef or with your favourite fish!

If you would like to join us down here in Port Shepstone for the season, please get in touch. We are based at the Umzimkulu Marina, right in the banks of the Umzimkulu River – and we are fishing flat out!

We have deep-sea options from backline to billfish on offer. We have the famous Sandspit and The Block to fish from the side from. And then the marvelously fun estuary fishing where we encounter so many different species making every strike that much more interesting.

Please get in touch with Sean on or +27793269671 to work it out. Bookings have come back to normal luckily so think ahead in time.

We are Facebook right HERE and run a full-on YouTube Channel right HERE!

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Bass on fly tackle

Bass on fly tackle! Fly sailing is a great new way of tackling bass and practising for the saltwater! Niki Tilley with a nice South Coast largemouth bass.

Bass on fly tackle

Bass on fly tackle? To the purists and sceptics out there – it’s a great way to practise for the saltwater! – Sean

And as the southerly and northerly winds start their perennial argument, hanging out in the shelter of a tucked-away bass pond – is a great place to be. Especially along the KZN South Coast inland beat, where we are right now. And the wind is scathing our beaches and coastline. Right now as I write this, its literally blowing a gale at 30 knots plus. From the south. And tomorrow it’s gonna be the same but from the south-east. Even worse! Then it turns north. Even worser!

Luckily, many farmers from around here allow bass anglers to hunt fish in their dams. And many dont! But if you are on the KZN South Coast some time, and you want to go bassin’, we can take you for sure. Paddock and Umzumbe hold some secrets and even close around Port Shepstone there are some gems. That do not get fished very often at all.

And who also hold some lunker sized bass. Even just recently, as the bass start to enter spawning mode, some good catches have been made including one of over 4kgs caught and released just south of Port Shepstone.

But ok, a few stories that might get you amped up…the first from Coty in the States who penned up this real cool article on what it takes to bassin’ on the fly.

And this one, also sent in by Coty…

…is well worth a read as it analyses the famed Loskop Reservoir where Wayne Naude caught the current SA Record at 7 something kilos!

But ok thanks Coty for the articles, and you can visit Cotys new website at Your Bass Guy dot Com. Click right HERE to check it out. Looking forward to some more technical stuff from the old USA.

And if you want a bassin trip to remember, get in touch with me Sean on or +27 79 326 9671 anytime and lets chat it out.

Check out our YouTube Channel right here…

Catch us on Facebook HERE!

You can buy all sorts of fly fishing tackle right HERE.

The Sardine News (c) 2020

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Video: Evan Phillips baby GT and Chelsea Dog Attack Behaviour

Evan Phillips with his Umzimkulu Estuary baby Geet about to be released

Video: Evan Phillips baby GT and Chelsea Dog Attack Behaviour

In this video shot on a morning fishing trip on the Umzimkulu River – young Evan Phillips gets his baby GT. And we catch Chelsea Dog Attack Behaviour red-handed on camera.


A few pics of the Umzimkulu Marina, in Port Shepstone, where we are based at the moment.

The river valley woke up freezing this very wintery but beautiful morning. The offshore was coming straight off the mountains and it sure felt like single figures. So when the sun showed itself, departure came about. A nice full boat of fisherfolk. David Phillips and his wife Robin. Evan. And little lady Jordan who took on camera duty all dressed in pink! We also had Arno from Fishin’s Cool Fishing School.

So with three guns firing off the bow, and three in ambush positions out the back, we followed the far channel to the top, and right over the big hole area.

This has been a great place to fish over these past few months. Rock salmon, kob, perch and kingfish of all species have been patrolling here.

Soon Evan was bending on his beautiful little baby GT. Who put up quite an argument or was just acting real good for the camera.

When the fish finally came to the boat, Chelsea Dog leapt out of her own ambush position! But Dave was too quick and she retreated in disgust. Dave got the hook out easily enough and Evan was soon posing. And then justly released the absolutely dashing young GT back into the wild. After a quick lecture about that Halco Sorcerer in Jelly Prawn outfit.

Enjoy the action…

You can buy that guy right here. Both Dave and Johan Wessels independently vouch for this particular model and colour. And I can attest to its effectiveness – we have lost all the ones Johan left for us on his last trip! Actually it was my Dad! He has been tangling with rock salmon and all sorts of bad mannered lure thieves that been lurking around here lately.

A very toothy barracuda eyes my dredge teaser in the Umzimkulu recently. This footage is shot with our new GoFish cameras. Get your own using the link at the top or bottom of this page.

The Umzimkulu Marina has a few open slots still. Weeks and weekends coming up. Please get in touch to arrange your dream estuary fishing experience. For you, your friends or you and your family – this place is great fun – safe – and there really are some good fish be caught. And released. We practice tag and release wherever possible and only take a fish for the pan, in extreme circumstances.

You can get me Sean on +27793269671 or on to get the ball rolling. We have boats for charter or for hire. Self-catering chalets right on the river.

And plenty fish to catch.

And release!

We are Facebook here and we run a kicker YouTube channel right here.

GoFish underwater fishing cameras available now!
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Captain Matt Wainwright on the Umzimkulu

Fishing the brown water in KZN: Matt Wainwright down on the water at the Umzimkulu Marina with a fresh kob

Captain Matt Wainwright on the Umzimkulu – “It’s my favourite place to fish away from home!”

Matt Wainwright down on the water at the Umzimkulu Marina with a fresh kob
Matt Wainwright down on the water at the Umzimkulu Marina with a fresh kob

Matt Wainwright has been coming down the south coast to Port Shepstone from his home waters off Durban, for quite some time now. He used to just fish with us on the Niteshift, but soon he was towing his own little super fun and totally cool duck around with him. All over the place and to the Umzimkulu Marina in particular.
We had some amazingly fun launches on that ultralight boat with a powerful 40hp behind it. Full speed boogie band through the waves and back again. And we caught some lovely fish together.
But now Matt has upgraded and sports a real well-built and thought out cat. It’s in the 16ft class boat size and once again, is super well powered. Acceleration out of the hole is what is needed the most in surf launching, and that is exactly what Matt has got plenty of.
This last weekend Matt brought his guests back down to the Umzimkulu, where they were lucky enough to get right in on some long-awaited bottom fishing action. Just before the sardines make their appearance, all sorts of fish start to gather along the KZN coastline in ambush formations.
It is kob (daga salmon), that are making the news right now. Very susceptible to over-fishing, we need to protect these fish. By sticking to our bag limits. And kind of keeping the mission a secret – just don’t tell the other boats, let them work it out for themselves. If you help other people onto these vulnerable fish, the damage is done and cannot be undone.
Other fish that get extra active in this exciting time of the year, down deep, are black musselcracker.

A real honour to get a fantastic fish like this black musselcracker.
A real honour to get a fantastic fish like this black musselcracker.

As you can see, Matt’s guest Ziets got himself one over the weekend down at the Umzimkulu Marina.. A cracker of about 20kgs. Delectable. And endemic. Slow growing. Luckily they can really fight back and many get away. Once again, really vulnerable.
The Geelbek have been slow for many years now. They used to come in huge numbers, but fleets of ski-boats would descend on them, in their spawning mode. Huge catches were made. All of us did it. But the damage is done, that’s for sure. Even to catch just two of these delicious fighters these days would be a luck!

Dejan has also joined the Niteshift as crew and is loving it
Dejan has also joined the Niteshift as crew and is loving it. Here he is super stoked with his two geelbek salmon a few weekends back.

But it is the dusky kob that is hurting the most. These guys look just like daga salmon, but are smaller and very slow growing. Hardly any of these fish get over 1000mm, which is almost their sexual maturation size, before being caught. Very rare now, it is thought that if fishing for dusky kob was banned, it would take 40 years to restore the population.
But ok, enjoy the sardine season and let’s hope for a good showing. The red hot pokers have started to fire up with that gorgeous red colour and the waves are starting too, with the desirously warm offshore winds.

Roosta with his catch of the day! Hope he ain’t paddling around with lot in tow?!?

In the meantime, if you would like to join us, and Captain Matt Wainwright at the Umzimkulu Marina, drop us a line on or WhatsApp +27 79 326 9671. We can fish for kob outside, we can load surfboards on board and catch the low tide somewhere with nobody anywhere, we can fish the estuary at night for rock salmon, and we have the world famous Sandspit Beach for night time and lure fishing.

The very same weekend, Matt’s other guest was more into catching kob on lures, and being right at the Sandspit he rigged up took the delightful walk along that amazing beach. And look what he got!

And then another one!

Dallas with a groovy little kob at the SandSpit in Port Shepstone
Dallas with a groovy little kob at the SandSpit in Port Shepstone

More about the Umzimkulu Marina right here.

Catch winter kob or dagas on Mydo Luck Shots, available here.

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Fishing Mozambique: Durban to Maputo to Inhaca Island waters in no time flat

Fishing Mozambique: The easiest way to distinguish between the two is that the Blue Marlin can fold it's pectoral fins right up against the marlins body, much like a yellowfin tuna, while the Black's pectorals always stick out...(c) Duarte Rato

Fishing Mozambique: Durban to Maputo to Inhaca Island waters in no time flat

Fishing Mozambique: The new bridge over Maputo Bay is spectacular. And features all sorts of claims like being the biggest suspension bridge in the entire southern hemisphere?! But the biggest thing for us, is that from Durban, you are straight into Mozambique and into Maputo, avoiding the old Swaziland route completely.

The border at Kosi Bay is small and reasonably not busy. The tar road connects from the South African tar to the new Maputo side road now too. 2WD all the way (not to Ponto yet though). It’s another spectacular feat as the road takes you through a game park and animals are all over – just like travelling in Botswana.

The elephant reserve is well stocked with elephant. Some are known to be in a bad mood from wartime still and many encounters have been reported. So, keep your distance if you bump into one or two.

You can either turn right at this point, which will take you meandering through ancient Africa in your strictly 4WD vehicle, to the mythical Santa Maria. Another contender for best of Mozambique, Santa Maria offers it all, even surfing if you have a boat to get to the breaks with.

BUT. It’s the fishing at this time of the year that is most exciting. Blue marlin just love the deep water out behind Inhaca Island. And it’s not far at all, if you launch from Inhaca or Santa Maria. Striped marlin and black marlin also frequent the attractive underwater features out there, sailfish too, but it’s the big Blue’s that we are after in February and March each year.

Captain Duarte Rato is down there right now, preparing for the action.

The following video is kind of what started it all. This one being of a 1000lb Blue, Mozambique’s possible first, and definitely Inhaca’s first grander blue. It was caught by Duarte and crew (angler Carl Jankowitz), way back in 2015, after Duarte insisted they would find a big blue in those waters. Which he certainly did! Unfortunately the fish tail wrapped itself and the crew were unable to revive her enough for a good release.

You can get in touch with Duarte via his highly entertaining and informative website –, where Duarte keeps a log of each and every trip he does.

If Duarte is busy, drop us a line…we have some very nice boats lined up and ready to go. We also can arrange accommodation on Inhaca Island or at Santa Maria.

There is a helluva lot to do between Inhaca Island and Santa Maria. Spinning from the beach is excellent. You can chuck a bait right from the beach bars. Snorkelling is world class. Fun for everyone everyday!

Pop me an email on or WhatsApp +27 79 326 9671, anytime, and we can work something out. With self-drive Durban to Maputo, now being an option, in 2wd, and a few hours lopped off the journey, one of the main barriers to fishing Mozambique has been well and truly conquered, for Durbanites!

You can see more options by The Sardine at out Trips and Travel section.

Catch us on Facebook at

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Tofo Oceanfest 2018 at Fatima’s Nest!

Tofo Oceanfest 2018 at Fatima’s Nest!

Tofo Oceanfest 2018: It’s ON again at Fatima’s Nest in Tofo, Inhambane, Southern Mozambique this 2018!

Tofo Oceanfest 2018
Tofo Oceanfest 2018

Tofo is most definitely the most happening New Year’s celebration!

Right on the beach, with years and years of celebrations behind this Tofo Oceanfest 2018, once again – Fatima’s is going to absolutely rock you into the New Year.

Daily activities and a music programme will keep you entertained all day long.

Volleyball, surf lessons, yoga and beach football will make sure!

With the beach right out front, Fatima’s hosts the Tofo Oceanfest 2018 each year, which culminates in the biggest New Year’s event. That goes to the sunrise every time! Guest DJs and local outfits blend together to create the right mood for the right time, every time!

See you there!

About Tofo…

Tofo is the nicest little surf/fishing/diving village, right on the beach at Praia do Tofo.

The surfing in the bay is ideal for beginners. The point around the corner for when you’ve learned a bit!

Fishing is fantastic, this time of the year. Get in touch on for more information.

And the diving…well it’s acclaimed to be amongst the best spots worldwide. For Manta Rays, Whale Sharks and Turtles.

The Inhambane Bay is huge and waiting for you to explore it’s magical and calm waters. You can hook up a dhow cruise right from the bar at Fatima’s. Seahorses and the rare dugong are first prizes on these trips. Backed up by Flamingoes, dolphins and all sorts, in and around the islands and channels. Fantastic snorkeling, beach combing (for the famous Panzy Shell/Sand Dollar) and visiting the remote but cool restaurants and resorts over at Linga Linga make up a really full day trip.

All these activities can be arranged right at the reception at Fatimas.

Or contact Sean on…or WhatsApp +27 79 326 9671 anytime!

You can also browse through the menu item Trips and Travel above or follow this link:

And easily keep up with the news and our seasonal offerings by staying on top of The Sardine News’ various channels…YouTubeInstagramFacebookTwitter.

Tofo Oceanfest 2018 at Fatima's Nest in Tofo, Inhambane
Tofo Oceanfest 2018 at Fatima’s Nest in Tofo, Inhambane

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Bamboo Beach Backpackers in Xai Xai

Bamboo Beach Backpackers in Xai Xai

Bamboo Beach Backpackers in Xai Xai

If you’re looking for a backpackers in Xai Xai – you’ve found it!

Watch the video…

Bamboo Beach Backpackers is right on the beach at Xai Xai! It features a value restaurant and fun pub. Dorms, singles and doubles at the usual rates. Free tea and coffee.

But the main attraction is certainly the location. Right on Xai Xai Beach itself. The idyllic lagoon style bathing out front is safe and tranquil. The beaches stretch for miles each way and are adorned with features and attractions like rock pools and sandbanks. There is a protective barrier reef which at low tide is completely exposed. This reef runs for miles along the entire stretch.

There is all sorts to do and many activities available at Xai Xai. Deep sea or shore fishing. Scuba diving. Snorkeling. There are many places close by that you can visit by foot.

The infamous Limpopo River joins the Indian Ocean at Zongoene, down the beach to the south. Trips can be arranged. If you’re an avid sport fisherman or fly-fisher, then this is certainly a bucket list type destination. It is wild down there!

Getting to Bamboo Beach Backpackers is as easy as catching a bus. Bus travel in Mozambique has been upgraded phenomenally as of late. Safe and steady, the prices are also completely reasonable. You could get from Maputo to Xai Xai for about R200 or less, on these big new and comfortable busses. Maputo to Inhassoro costs about R300 one way, as a side note.

Getting in touch with Bamboo Beach from the outset of your travels is a good idea. They will arrange your pickup in Xai Xai and transfer to your new beach location.

Catch that sunrise!

“No eternal reward will forgive us now, for wasting the dawn.” – Jim Morrison

Click the following link to visit their website…

Catch up with The Sardine News on Facebook at

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Surfing Mozambique: It’s cyclone time again

Alternative surfing accommodation in Tofo - in da barrel

Surfing Mozambique: It’s cyclone time again

Surfing Mozambique this time of the is always very interesting. Two cyclones so far, have thumped swell at us this past month. The first, AVA, had us surfing places like Tofinho every day. And the huge dollop of sand there has seen surfing right through the tides. This syclone hit the east side of Madagascar where a huge escaroment of mountains sent it packing. It floated off down south and east, just shy of the exact place we need it to be.

The second was a bit more serious but stayed farther off the coast. On Saturday the ten foot sets arrived closing out the entire Tofnho Bay. On Sunday, Barra went off the scale again. There was no footage shot, nbut this clip of it doing it’s thing last year exactly this time, tells the story.

This clip only features the last third of the first superbank. It starts kilometres further up. The second superbank was also absolutely firing this day. A lot easier but still tubular bells. Top to bottom.

At one point, after my umpteenth wave, I was staggering back only to find my two surfing mates, Aladinho and Dave Charley, lying in a puddle of water, completely spent. I kicked them back both up and out there. Only to hear both of them howl their proverbial lament, over and over – “I just had the BEST wave of my LIFE!”. Over and over again.

I wouldn’t hesitate to say that Barra has one over the other superbanks in the area. It’s easy to get to. Has great pubs and restaurants lining the bay. There are many options, through the tides. It’s all very beautiful too. And very uncrowded. Even if it was, the point is so extensive, you would be surfing alone most of the time.


It changes continually. Right now, the second superbank down at the mouth has been replaced by a huge natural swimming pool. As the ocean assaults the bars and establishments along the way.

The first one still exists, but also has a huge swimming pool where the 100metre beach was.

The good news. Is that further up the bay, the original superbank, the one that caused all the fuss way back then, is returning to shape and form. The swell really concentrates on this particular piece of Barra. It breaks real hard and underwater.

And gets 8ft!

And a video playlist of all things surfing Mozambique…

To get on up to Tofo and to enjoy the life here a while…check out our accommodation options at the following link…

And other holiday packaged experiences here…

Fishing Experiences

Diving Experiences

Surfing Experiences

The Sardine crew have been operating in the tourism world in Southern Africa, for decades. We have assembled packages and options based on these years of experience and contact gathering.

We have tried and tested each option, and the facets therein. We are always on call and/or around.

If you need help with other logistics like travel, we can help.

Get in touch on or or WhatsApp +27 79 326 9671.

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Things are swinging again at Jungle Monkey in PSJ!

The enchanted entrance to The Jungle Monkey in Port St. Johns

Things are swinging again at Jungle Monkey in PSJ!

After a devastating fire that literally ate the Monkey whole last year, the new Jungle Monkey is born. Many buckets of effort and lots of thought have produced an airy new vibe with views near to 360. Glass and local material have been blended atrium style. With different levels and chilling zones spread out all over  – it’s also gonna be the ultimate party venue all over again.


Take a hike out the back off Port St. Johns to find a bit of real African magic.
Take a hike out the back off Port St. Johns to find a bit of real African magic.

Port St. Johns (PSJ as it’s affectionately called by locals), is a very interesting place. Steeped in old timer stories, this was and still is, the wild west of Africa. Planted at the base of a magnificent chasm of rock on a huge African river mouth, tales of shipwrecks, tribal factions and war, political unrest and social turmoil are behind every rock. It’s wild! Wild enough to be graced as the epi-centre of the Transkei “Wild Coast”.


And it’s out here on the edge, that real rewards are to be found. Indelible sunrises. Trippy cloud formations. Views that put you in an aeroplane. Hikes that will make you lost in a real good way. Much of the surrounds of PSJ are still completely untouched. Almost impossible to access. This is where Jungle Monkey can hook you up with the very best local tour operators.

Going into the wild accompanied by a local guide – just ask at reception. It’s real affordable and so much fun when you have a connection to the community through the guide. Do not ever go alone! Local knowledge is crucial anywhere in Africa.

Out to sea in the annual sardine run to swim with sharks and all sorts? Click on over to Offshore Port St. Johns ( These guys have been in PSJ for ages, and have a wealth of experience in these waters, and vested in the activities they do. Completely safe, well, errr – “Keep your arms tucked in!” is one of my favourites! But it is the biggest shoal on earth and David Attenborough loved the spectacle. Bryde’s Whale is another favourite sighting – but I’m sure that’s the one got Jonah by mistake! Dolphins are the most plentiful, and all the animals in the water with you, are far too focused on the sardines to be a real threat. The sharks are just gorging themselves and the whole lot of them actually work together. Even the birds! Gannets become underwater fighter planes as they zap down from the sky using all their momentum to get as deep as they can, and then start swimming around between the sharks and dophins nailing plenty sardines in one sortie.


SeaCandyMedia by Anthony Kobrowisky
SeaCandyMedia by Anthony Kobrowisky

Then when that store of adrenalin runs out after the season in August, Offshore can be seen bobbing up and down the wild Umzimvubu on Bobalong – on their huge party boat. It’s so big it even has a bathroom at the back. Music. Chairs and tables?! Ask at Jungle Monkey reception to hook you up with a sunset booze cruise or a champagne breakfast. It’s also the time when some of the Offshore team head out to other waters to swim with sharks. If you are this crazy then Diving with Sharks can get you in with tigers, zambezis, hammers – even a white if you ask nicely! is where you get your toes properly wet.


And now we can finally mention the fishing. Jungle Monkey is 200 metres from the favourite kob and garrick spinning spot – under the cliff as the river pours in from the sea at the incoming high tide, and fills the deep basin a cast away. It would be called catching if we caught every time. And would become down right boring. But if you really want to raise your chances of encountering your trophy fish, come to PSJ. We practise catch and release. But if you get a nice shad on your spoon, bring it home! Licenses and restrictions apply, if you’re new to the game!


You only need to catch one of these magnificent fish - in your whole life!
You only need to catch one of these magnificent fish – in your whole life! This fish caught just out front of Jungle Monkey – the Rasta Priests from Ethiopia staying here at the time, were eveer so slightly impressed!

The most fun is to have a medium spinning stick with casting braid, and a Mydo Luck Shot or SS Spoon. Weighing in from 0.7 Ounces up to 3, choose your weapon that works best with your rod. Then work out your retrieve to mimic whatever baitfish are around (usually mullet or sardine), and cast to the horizon. Nothing will prepare you for when that garrick, or two or three of them charge in at your lure, turning away at the very last moment. Metres from where you are standing. This can go on over and over – you got to change your retrieve, change the tempo – until bang! Eish these garrick are much bigger in this area too. Real dogfighters as they jam you left and right and up and down the rocks.


And that’s just the garrick! Wait til you spot a shoal of huge daga salmon, or kob as they are known further south. Spawning in the estuary. 30kgs plus. So many of them. But they will not bite whilst so preoccupied with the job at hand. In full view they loll and flop around eachother in a cloud of white. A miracle to see. Then straight after, they belt it back out to sea, and this is when they are so vulnerable. To replace spent energy they must feed, and feed fast. Stories of absolute slaughter are recorded each year. You can do your bit by returning your fish. And reporting anyone who takes more than their allowed two. DAFF details can be clicked here.

Unfortunately swimming and surfing is a big no-no anywhere around PSJ. This is where you come to encounter sharks,  prepared for them and under the protection of your team – and on some of your terms at least. Not flailing about or paddling and splashing right where every Zambezi in the local ecology has to swim past to get into the river. They go up far to drop pups. Little zambezis that become huge zambezis. And they all live in the area. The real locals. The great news for swimmers is that there are whispers that the long overdue tidal pool at 2nd beach (between Shark Point and Shark Point), is gonna be built soonish. Africa time. Surfers just go somewhere else rather or come with a Shark Shield at least. Jet ski or boat another requirement. Coffee Bay a little further on has a mild reputation for safe surfing and periodic good waves.

Jungle Monkey puts you right in the middle of all this action. It’s well serviced and has cheerful staff always ready with a huge smile. There are many accommodation options. Singles, doubles, dorms, chalets…the place is actually huge. And a fantastic kitchen producing a delicious menu. African fusion? Veg meals too.

There you have it. Sitting atop a little hill. Overlooking the ocean out front, and up the mountains out back. Enjoying a meal from the excellent new kitchen (fire-proof). A golden coldie. And…

Adrenalin on tap.

You can read a bunch of fishy and other types of tales from the Port St. Johns waters, by clicking here…

And a cool gallery…

And to get to Jungle Monkey…

Or get in touch at their website


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The Cashew Bay video feed

Cashew Bay Lodge Inhassorro

The Cashew Bay video feed

The Cashew Bay video feed tells it all Inhassorro.

These contemporary clips are fun and well put together by the team at Cashew Bay Lodge in Inhassorro. Right on the beach. Right in front of Bazaruto Island.

This central location in the Bazaruto Archipilego put’s Captain Derek Flaxman’s charter boat – “Comforter”- another huge and capable Supercat 38 – right in the middle of all the action. And it’s not only fishing…as you can see when you click on over to their video feed below…

Look out for the Paradise Island trips – fun for the whole family…

Then for more information and contact details, click on over to…

Up-to-date and informative – get in touch with Derek and Wendy, to get out there…


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Spinning for gamefish from the beach in Jeffreys Bay, South Africa

Typical South Africa style spinning equipment

Spinning for gamefish from the beach in Jeffreys Bay, South Africa

On the east coast of South Africa, in the KZN Natal province, that I live in, there are some hardcore fisherfolk. But down in the Cape is where the guys get really, really serious…

Jeffreys Bay, South Africa (c) KC
Keran Coetzer with a Jeffreys Bay sunrise panorama

I was invited to join Jeffreys Bay local, Mikey Meyer. No, not surfing! Fishing. No J-Bay local EVER invites you surfing.

But I was stooooked. Not only was this Mikey Meyer (bespoke surfboard artist and outside charger), but he is also fishing obsessed. Spinning with lures! And I was going fishing with him – at one of his secret spots!

Next morning. Early bells. J-Bay Surf View (where many a world champion has laid his head), and where I am blessed enough to be staying...with a view right out over all the action!

But we weren’t going surfing today.

An Isuzu 4wd with two big dogs riding in the back pulls in. Mikey steps out. Looking serious.

“Morning”…etc…”What you taking?”, Mikey asks.

“Uhhhh…water, two rods, a bag, a dog (Chelsea)…no beer!”, says I.

Mikey goes…matter of factly…”Wetsuit.”

“Uhhhh”, I go…“Ok, booties too, I suppose”

Affirmative headshake action.


Into the warm cab. Yak, yak, yak…



Sharp turn right. Mikey changes from casual conversationalist to US Marine – “Open the gate, let us through, close the gate, get the hell back in!”

I follow orders. Smartly. This oom has kakked me out in the line-up a few times already. Once for having the wrong sized board even!?

Back in the cab. Music is Fleetwood Mac. But no talking as we bounce and weave across this strange but beautiful terrain. Smell of fynbos reminding me where I am in this wilderness.

The Izuzu is fynbos grey specially done for camouflage since we were not on public land anymore. And we soon enough disappear down a track and into a dense thicket. 10 Kms bouncing through the bush!

And then up to some daunting, but striking sand dunes. Huge.

We stop underneath them. Can hear the waves on the other side. Light onshore breeze. Otherwise it’s just birds and nature.

Ok, cool, gather it all up, prepare for a short hike”. Says Mike.

Ready to go.

100 Metres to the dunes. Bush on either side. Marsh. Swamp. Mud.

Chelsea dog in my arms. Carrying all my kit.

Wading through, it’s a metre deep now. Freshwater and muddy, it’s hard going for sure.

But what a place! So amazingly beautiful. Breathtaking.

Finally we trek across the swamp. And now to climb the huge dune. Over the top we go.

The most beautiful and endless seascape of beach and ocean rolls out in front of us.

Letting me take it all in, Mike points north, into the distance, and says, ”Theeeeeere it is…”.

5 Kilometres up the beach!

Mikey’s dogs and Chelsea team up and set forth, Mikey and I bring up the rear.

It’s now like walking on Mars. Weird rock surfaces and dune formations.

Simple desolate beauty. Nobody anywhere. For miles.

Walk, walk, walk.

Finally we stop! Ok, wetsuits. Uh, and booties. Sheeez. Ok, well, stoked. New tackle, new lures, and a all new fishing experience for me! Mikey leads the way and points out the slight variance in the shorebreak contour, a current, a little sand bank point, and some deep water behind. 

Here on this long and distant beach, this is called structure, and we have come miles to fish it.

And so we start up. So many casts. 50 Before a short break. Change lures, chat, swop spots.

2 Hours go by. It is so beautiful. Really amazing. Only like the Southern Cape area can be. Light east is blowing. Things are cool.

Mikey is up to his chest in waves. He casts and casts. My lures, his lures. Fishing HARD! Both of us.

Wading in this deep, in such sharky water. This place is full up. The day before I was winding sharks in the corner at the surf spot Albatross. Some kid was giving his girlfriend surf lessons whilst I was pulling sharks from in amongst them?! Right behind the shorebreak! They never even got out of the water when they both saw me releasing the sharks.

And we were way into the wild. Miles from any form of civilisation. I wouldn’t have been surprised if a dumb White Shark casually strolled past whilst we fishing?!

But then my equipment started to fail. Mainly my fingers though. It had been hours of casting that thin braid eventually cutting in.

I had to get out and warm them often just to keep going.

And then back into the water. Deep into the water.

I was never gonna let Mikey fish harder than me, but I had no chance. He outfished me totally. But Nada. No fish today.

Just frozen fish fingers.

And then. Ha ha ha you would never believe what happened…

I tie on a MYDO SS Spoon but with a treble hook, a bullet-like spoon, in the hope of something buying in on the bottom, the spoon being erratically dragged in from way out the back. Right on the sand.

A few casts in and with Mikey standing right next to me, BANG, I was vas. Whooohooo!

Mikey is stoked, I am over the moon as the fish shows some mettle and has me on my toes and swimming hard backwards for the shore. Barely holding and then these Veedub sized holes that just form are all around and you fall right into them all the time.

But 5 minutes later (my 20lb Braid spinning outfit skrik vir niks) and a stupid sand shark shows itself. A hapless one that I have dragged my spoon over, with ultra-sharp treble hook, and heavy bullet spoon. The spoon is embedded in it’s tail!

What a laugh!

But Hell by now I was too cold at this point and used the whole incident as an excuse to leave Mikey casting his thoughts to the ocean for another full hour, ace out.

I shook my neoprene, donned warmer kit and wondered at the sheer determination.

We get back at lunchtime. Back to work for both of us. Mikey to his surfboard creating factory and me to tying lures.

As he leaves he asks, “In the morning?”

If you would like to try this kind of fishing over here in South Africa – please get in touch with Sean on or WhatsApp +27793269671, anytime! The torture part come free-of-charge!

We are on Facebook at

Try our YouTube Channel at

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Makulu – Roosta on surfing big waves

Surfing big waves: The Roosta being whipped in from the back Dungeons (c) Craig Chapman

Makulu – Roosta on surfing big waves

The Block isn’t only about fishing. It’s also a very good surf spot. That has been ridden since the eighties.

It’s a big wave spot that starts way out back –  it stands up and breaks hard across a patchy section of reef. Shallow sand bars round off every point break down here on the KZN south coast and waves reel across the bay towards The Sandspit.

In winter time, the water clears as the rains literally stop. The river mouths all close, and it all feels a lot safer than in the summer brown water. There are sharks aplenty at this place, so big boards and assisted surfing is the only way to do this. We use whatever we can get our hands on, but a combination of boat and ski works great and we can carry all the equipment we need out to the back.

Stand up paddle surfers would love this place. We had a Wavejet engine powered SUP here for a while, but the waves were so big that entire two weeks, we couldn’t get out, and when we did we were in big trouble, not having ever Supped before. But for the guys who know what they are doing, this place is perfection. At 4 to 6ft, the waves would be dreams come true for SUP surfers.

Enjoy the picture show…

If you are a SUP guy, check out accommodation at The Umzimkulu Marina…you could paddle down the river, out to sea under the bridge for a surf at The Block, and paddle back!

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A long KZN south coast fishing weekend at the Umzimkulu Marina

Spinning sticks at the ready as Gizmo patrols for anything that moves

A long KZN south coast fishing weekend at the Umzimkulu Marina

These long weekends are just great and this one was filled with enthusiastic anglers from all over the globe. It started on Friday early morning with a 5kg kob taken off The Block on a paddletail. This set the tone for the long fishing weekend to come, and soon the Sandspit was lined with anglers. Who stayed all weekend!

Back up the river, at the Umzimkulu Estuary, Steve from England was over the moon with his pair of sharp-toothed catfish and a perch. Mark and crew were stoked with their perch, grunter and a kingfish.

But the bottom fishing team on the Niteshift had most of the fun with a big musselcracker, a bunch of bright orange cardinal snapper, and tales of huge yellowtail busting them up time after time. Took and entire day though, as the mid morning low tide kept them out there.

Matt Wainwright brought his highly maneuvrable little RIB down for the weekend, and in two sessions had to deal with some serious easterly surf, a feisty hammerhead shark and a couple of yellowfin tuna!

Captain Matt Wainwright scanning for tuna off Port Shepstone over the weekend
Captain Matt Wainwright scanning for tuna off Port Shepstone over the weekend

Overall the ocean seems to be coming alive all over the place after all the rain and brown water.

The only thing out of place, was the lack of mackerel in the usual spots, but we did find a few red eye sardines finally.

Check out for some great KZN south coast fishing options.

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The Umzimkulu River is cleaning up!

Sharene Berry kob killer on the Umzimkulu River

The Umzimkulu River is cleaning up!

After a great time catching eel and barbel in the flood waters recently, the rains have finally slowed and the Umzimkulu River is cleaning up!

So it’s gonna be all about the rock salmon, grunter, perch, kob, flagtail and kingfish as the waters become that murky green the gamefish love to ambush in.

Looking through old albums I found a bunch of photographs of catches and scenes that never made it to be published or even be part of a story…so they have been captioned rather…

Join us this winter down at The Umzimkulu Marina for some filled fish chasing days and nights.

Contact Sean on, or call +27 79 326 9671.

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Port Shepstone things to do

Port Shepstone things to do

Port Shepstone things to do…

Since forever, Port Shepstone’s south bank has been the start of many an adventure up or down the Umzimkulu River. But a few bridges, and many boats later…the floods have made their mark – and you can still stick with tradition, and take a river cruise.

The Umzimkulu is a great big old retired commercial ski-boat with a roof and seating all round. Safety equipment, three motors and qualified skippers and crew make sure of everything.

Various ways are available, to get out on the water…

  • daily trips from Spillers (call 078 618 2614)
  • catered party boat trips (includes seafood snacks and wine)

And for the fishermen in the family…

  • R100 per hour per person
  • R450 per person night fishing

We have also been doing corporate gigs for companies in Port Shepstone and surrounds. We can brand the boat and prepare it for all kinds of functions or events.

In fact, the only thing we don’t do anymore, are bulls parties. And that’s final!

Contact Sean on or call +27 79 326 9671 for more details.

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Umzumbe Backpacker options

Justin Maisch about to paddle Umzumbe backpacker options

Umzumbe Backpacker options

The good old days of living out of a camper van, or in a tent…carpark to carpark…in the sixties, gave us the dream in the first place. Those days are long gone now, and all we have to compensate for the lost nostalgia is the backpacker scene.

Umzumbe back in those olden days was heaven. Nobody. Not even cops!

Surfers lived in the carparks. For weeks/months/years at a time! Surfing. Fishing. Diving. Living.

But that golden birth of the surfing adventure is now way gone. Everywhere seems to be blown up by now…

Including Umzumbe.

And even then, backpacker spots, which were just that, are now, star worthy. If you don’t got en suite for the lady, you are nowhere in the backpacker business. Yuppies and all. There are now a bunch of accommodation offerers around the place, queuing up to serve you a marginal percentage slice of the dream. They even got hot showers?!

Justin Maisch and his highly motivated wife Hayley, run the Pumula Surf Camp. The closest thing to the dream, since Justin’s Dad lived and surfed and fished and dived at the very same beach. Peter Maisch. Nuff said.

Justin works at Wedge Surfboards, where he and his ilk have been thumping out bespoke surfboards of the elitest type, for decades. Justin, Hayley and Roosta run surf tours and coaching, for the lucky few. It’s a small and unique operation. You need to book way in advance. And, you can get hands on and help shape your own surfboard. Packages available.

So, there are remnants of the golden era of surfing lying around the south coast of Natal, you just got to look really hard, through the jungle, to find the real deal.

The rest is just imported capitalism looking for a place to grow money.

Enjoy another surf video shot near Umzumbe, on the way to the Transkei Wild Coast – featuring Calv and The Roosta, remembering the fun times of yesteryear…

Get in touch with us for advice about Umzumbe Backpacker options.

We will make sure you get the right vibe!

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Crazy Cool JBay SurfView action

Jbay Surf View has a 180 degree vista covering the entire point from Boneyards to Kabeljauws

Crazy Cool JBay SurfView action

Our famous Doctor Kurt Mariano of JBay SurfView on the hill overlooking Supers, is handy with a camera too. When he aint out there charging, or on land healing – he films his buddies as they surf across the whole view in front of JBay Surf View.

Deon Lategaan was the test pilot on this magnificent run right through the many sections that make up the JBay point.

And a crazy cool edit with sounds that definitely sound like they come rfom Dr. Kurt’s built in recording studio.

Click on over to JBay Surf View to get in touch, and experience JBay with Dr. Kurt and Brucifire, of Shaloha fame (ha ha).

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Chasing the goose – surfing the KZN South Coast in summer

Surfing the KZN South Coast in summer

Chasing the goose – surfing the KZN South Coast in summer

Surfing the KZN South Coast in summer…Onshore, offshore, side-shore, cross-shore day to day. Bluebottles, sunburn traffic and brown water, dawn patrols and of course chasing the proverbial golden goose. I woke up way too early the other morning again to a sweet and very uncharacteristic offshore careening down the river. A little after dawn I am staring at the sea with a coffee and of course no-one to surf with- again, it get’s a little ‘Groundhog’ around here sometimes especially out of season, I find myself scrambling madly through my phone trying to conjure someone to surf with- no joy, everyone’s stuck in the real world- a curse and a blessing this existence…and no one is answering the phone. Plan B I hunt my evergreen older brother Shonalanga, and phantom Nephew Buzz down and an anxious hour or two scratches by until all three of us are in the car with the camera charged headed to a brand new surfspot! You see I have been hunting new waves- especially slabby reefbreaks my whole life. A little bird told me about a particularly chunky little wave the boogieboarders love to ride, and I had been on a mission to find it. Turns out the wave I thought was ‘Flintstones’ turns out to be just another perfect little bend of reef peeling into a rocky bay just around the corner!

To cut a long story to smithereens Sean drew the short straw and was elected as filmer and we got to finally start shooting for our project in collaboration with Gazo and Justin at Wedge surfboards to film and test these crazy new sleds they are making. Quite literally building chassis into surfboards with crazy concave and Modern Planing Hull technology. Stay tuned for more in this video I am riding the latest C-Link model 5’5 and Buzz is riding the Air-Bender 5’5 as well which is one of the fastest and most responsive boards I have ever ridden- you just have to be completely on your game to ride them properly…

If you see us lurking the KZN South coast surfing this Summer- come check these boards out, if you are interested in buying one we will set you up and you can try a test board for a couple sessions-no more!!!

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One good thing about Bike Week on the KZN South Coast

Freshly Ground at Bike Week on the KZN South Coast

One good thing about Bike Week on the KZN South Coast

“Yip, it’s Bike Week again! 

But this time Vicky and her organisers have achieved a headline music coup with some monster names on the programme.

The music will play on and on through the week, at venues all over Margate, but a particularly interesting place chosen for readers of The Sardine, is the Margate Fishing Pier?!

So you can chuck out a bait and dance the night away!

For anyone seeking accommodation that weekend, click on over to, for some great self catering options” – Xona


For Immediate Attention
30 January 2017
 Top musicians billed to rev the crowd at South Coast Bike Festival

The 2017 South Coast Bike Fest #SCBF2017 is set to unleash a multitude of phenomenal musical acts on the coastal town of Margate from 27 to 30 April with every big name taking to the stage.
It’s set to be a rocking long weekend with legendary South African musicians lining up to impress the crowds that will be flocking to #SCBF2017. Bands will be performing at two stages within the extended festival site – the #fuelyourfun Carling Main Beach Stage as well as the Beach Pier Village Rock Stage.

> “We have booked 35 South African artists to perform at the first South Coast Bike Fest which is already attracting huge numbers from across the country,” said event organiser, Vicky Wentzel. “This really demonstrates the magnitude of this event which is set to become an annual festival.”
Kicking off the musical extravaganza will be one of South Africa’s best lyricists, known for his non-conformity and unique musical style; Koos Kombuis. Joining him at the #fuelyourfun Carling Main Beach Stage on Thursday, 27 April will be Jack Parow, another well-known Afrikaans lyricist whose rap has taken over the South African music scene for the past six years. Parow, with his iconically extended peak cap and bling attire, has headlined major festivals in South Africa, as well as touring Europe. Parow has even opened for rap legends, Eminem and Snoop Lion.
Consisting of some of the country’s most talented artists, Fokofpolisiekar will also get the crowd hyped when the five-man superstar band puts on one of its explosive live performances. Guitarist, Hunter Kennedy, will feature twice at the #fuelyourfun Carling Main Beach Stage on Thursday when he joins his electronic band, Die Heuwels Fantasties.
The following day will see sonic wizard, Phil Moffet, showing exactly why he’s such an innovator of guitar music, creating an array of sounds from classical and blues to country, flamenco and more. Moffett will be in good company on the #fuelyourfun Carling Main Beach Stage with South African rock royalty, Prime Circle, completing the day’s set with some of their award-winning songs.
The signature vocals and acoustic guitar of songwriting genius, Matthew Mole, will #fuelyourfun on Saturday. Mole’s latest album, Run, was co-produced by Brad and Josh Klynsmith, brothers who form part of the MTV MAMA award-winning band, Gangs of Ballet, which will also be taking to the stage that night.
The #SCBF2017 will end on a high note with afro-pop and gospel sensation, Tender Mavundla, getting the crowd going, followed by legendary afro-pop icon, PJ Powers. Contemporary rock group, Just Jinjer, will finish off a sterling line-up.
Tickets to the #fuelyourfun Carling Main Beach Stage will have to be purchased, however, all musical acts performing at the Beach Pier Village Rock Stage can be watched, free of charge, provided the pre-registration is completed.
Incredible acts including the Dixieland Jazz Quartet, Kevin Hinds, Brian Finch, Jack Hammer, and the Hairy Legged Lentil Eaters, among others, will feature at the Beach Pier Village Rock Stage.
In addition to this unbelievable musical line-up, #SCBF2017 has organised high-energy extreme sports at the Gravity Clash Action Sports’ Show where daring bikers – including Nick de Wit and Brian Capper – will perform choreographed magic. The Powasol EnduroX Series will welcome South Africa’s top endure, motocross, trials and fun riders with big names – Wade Young (Sherco Factory Rider), Kyle Flanagan (Proudly Bidvest Yamaha), Blake Gutzeit (Proudly Bidvest Yamaha) and Scott Bouverie (Brother Leadertread KTM) – showing off serious skill.
There will also be a number of custom bikes and related accessories, a Mardi Gras Market, Flying Fish Hospitality Deck, Castle Lite Pool Party and much more.
All bikes are welcome at the South Coast Bike Fest with free entrance to the four-day event provided pre-registration is completed online at
Tickets to the #fuelyourfun Carling Main Beach Stage are also available at at a cost of R130 per day or R200 for the cocktail bar day pass. For a VIP four-day pass the cost is R360. Children under 12 enter free.
For more information, visit the website at info.
Keep up to date on all the event happenings via:
Instagram: @southcoastbikefest
Facebook: south coast bike fest
Twitter: @southcoastbike1
South Coast Bike Festival #SCBF2017 Musical Programme

> (Image: Supplied by Freshly Ground)

> (Image credit: Rich Sutherland)

> Disseminated by:
> Olivia Jones Communications


Thursday 27th April 2017 Classic Bike Club Mass Parade, Official Media Opening 10h00 Official opening parade of Event Site
Thursday 27th April 2017 Mayoral Stage Opening 10h15 Main Beach Stage Margate
Thursday 27th April 2017 Mtwalume Marching Brass Band 10h20 Main Beach Stage Margate
Thursday 27th April 2017 Koos Kombuis 13h00 -15h00 Main Beach Stage Margate
Thursday 27th April 2017 Jack Hammer Band 16h00 – 18h00 Main Beach Stage Margate
Thursday 27th April 2017 Heuwels Fantasties 19h00 – 20h00 Main Beach Stage Margate
Thursday 27th April 2017 Jack Parow 20h30 – 21h30 Main Beach Stage Margate
Thursday 27th April 2017 Fokofpolisiekar 22h00 – 23h00 Main Beach Stage Margate
Friday 28th April 2017 Gamalakhe Afro Pop Ensembel 13h00 – 14h00 Main Beach Stage Margate
Friday 28th April 2017 Phil Moffet 14h30 – 15h30 Main Beach Stage Margate
Friday 28th April 2017 Andile Yenana Quartet 16h00 – 17h00 Main Beach Stage Margate
Friday 28th April 2017 Brian Finch 17h30 – 18h30 Main Beach Stage Margate
Friday 28th April 2017 Rubber Duc 19h00 – 20h00 Main Beach Stage Margate
Friday 28th April 2017 Freshly Ground 20h30 – 21h30 Main Beach Stage Margate
Friday 28th April 2017 Prime Circle 22h00 – 23h00 Main Beach Stage Margate
Saturday 29th April 2017 Hairy Legged Lentil Eaters 11h30 – 12h30 Main Beach Stage Margate
Saturday 29th April 2017 Hinds Brothers Band 13h00 -15h00 Main Beach Stage Margate
Saturday 29th April 2017 The Kickstands 16h00 – 18h00 Main Beach Stage Margate
Saturday 29th April 2017 The Gus Brown Band 19h00 – 20h00 Main Beach Stage Margate
Saturday 29th April 2017 Majozi 20h30 – 21h30 Main Beach Stage Margate
Saturday 29th April 2017 Matthew Mole 22h00 – 23h00 Main Beach Stage Margate
Saturday 29th April 2017 Gangs of Ballet 23h30 Main Beach Stage Margate
Sunday 30th April 2017 Tender Mavundla 11h00 – 12h00 Main Beach Stage Margate
Sunday 30th April 2017 Pj Powers 12h00 -13h00 Main Beach Stage Margate
Sunday 30th April 2017 Just Jinger 14h00 – 15h00 Main Beach Stage Margate



Thursday 27th April 2017 Winston Smile 12h00 – 13h45 Margate Fishing Pier
Thursday 27th April 2017 Dixieland jazz Quartet 14h00 – 14h30 Margate Fishing Pier
Thursday 27th April 2017 Hinds Brothers 15h30 – 16h45 Margate Fishing Pier
Thursday 27th April 2017 Black Water Band 20h00 – 21h45 Margate Fishing Pier
Friday 28th April 2017 Kevin Hinds 12h00 – 13h45 Margate Fishing Pier
Friday 28th April 2017 Andile Yenana Quartet 14h00 – 14h30 Margate Fishing Pier
Friday 28th April 2017 David Marks 15h30 – 16h45 Margate Fishing Pier
Friday 28th April 2017 Phil Moffet 17h30 – 18h30 Margate Fishing Pier
Friday 28th April 2017 Brian Finch 20h00 – 21h45 Margate Fishing Pier
Saturday 29th April 2017 Phil Moffet 12h00 – 13h45 Margate Fishing Pier
Saturday 29th April 2017 Wiam Otto 15h30 – 16h45 Margate Fishing Pier
Saturday 29th April 2017 Circle of Stones 17h00 – 19h00 Margate Fishing Pier
Saturday 29th April 2017 Jack Hammer 20h00 – 22h00 Margate Fishing Pier
Sunday 30th April 2017 Aden Hinds 12h00 – 13h45 Margate Fishing Pier
Sunday 30th April 2017 Hairy Legged Lentil Eaters 14h00 – 14h45 Margate Fishing Pier
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Self catering accommodation options in Tofo

Surfing Tofo shorebreak: Team Mom and Dad Plomaritis leave a few for the kids

Self catering accommodation in Tofo

There are some great self catering accommodation in Tofo and Tofinho these days.

Since the quiet little beach village became the most fun town this side of the equator, a boom in available self catering accommodation in Tofo and Tofinho area has left us with options aplenty.

Here a few choice spots right close to all the many surf spots, dive operators and fishing charters…

Casa Algodoal – perched right over the main beach at Tofo

Casa Frenzy – a few kilometres along the beach to total privacy in the bush

Lalaland – also tucked away behind a sand dune, very exclusive

Casa na Duna – looking straight up the barrel of the mighty Tofinho surf break.

Each place is unique in it’s own right, so click on over to their respective pages by following the links above, and book away!

Self catering means you can hook into the local mercado downtown beach way, buy a wide variety of locally produced fruit and vegetables at super prices, and flavour that with any choice of a variety ranging from fresh prawns and crayfish, daily caught linefish to other treats like my favourite – clams!

Further back on into town, at the famous landmark junction called Babalaza, there is another market with decidedly more fishy flavour. All kinds of prawns, big and small, can be procured here. Take your own scale! Scallops can be found amongst fresh piles of sardines, anchovies and sometimes even mackerel. The variety of fish to use for bait includes halfbeaks and silkies, or wolf herring to the non-Durban. Funnily enough the locals call them walla walla?!

The supermarkets that have spring up like speedbumps all around the place literally have everything. Along with locally produced and supplied goods like farmed fish (saving the oceans), coconut oils and coffee.

What more could you need? Whatever it is, you’ll probably be sure find it in the market!