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Shaloha Uploaded

Shaloha Uploaded

Well, we have tried this before but were ruthlessly taken out of the sky by arguing IP control freaks. But luckily we are almost caught up with the content lost…the uploading of Shaloha by Bruce Gold and co, was one of those missing news items…

This video movie was shot from the West Coast to the East Coast of Southern Africa, by Bruce Gold and friends, in 2009. It is the end of a series of surf videos by the SurfTV organisation of old, made to pay tribute to, and preserve the heritage and culture, of travelling surfers. And who else but Bruce Gold, portraying Brucifire, to put the message across.

Rough roads, hard times, breakdowns, injury, disease, blowouts…and finally endless supplies of tropical and sub-tropical peeling and barreling waves.

The first few chapters are good to go and we will throw a few more later…enjoy!

“The journey’s over, the journey never began…!”, Brucifire.

“Like Jah, surfing will provide…”, Roosta

“Believe….don’t believe..!”, Shonalanga

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