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And surfing becomes a sport…by the BBC

 And surfing becomes a sport…by the BBC

The folks at BBC do a good insert, and here’s one just right for us.

It certainly looks logistically easier than some of the engineering marvels proposed and built before. And that sure looks like a shredable wave, as demonstrated by the grom near the end of the clip. It also seems like the system could be adapted to existing bodies of water. Sets the imagination wild…farmers hundreds of kilometres inland could build one of these on the dam in front of their house, and bang, we’ve got a whole new inland surf industry. And then a huge wave, probably throwing 5m spitting barrells right across that Vrystaat sunset!?

The huge foil towed by 6 massive turbo charged 4WD tractors… “Check me on dis one Pa!”.

Imagine the competitions?!

“Claasens, Retief, van der Merwe and Boshoff to the competitors tent please…”.

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