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Third wave of sardines have hit the beach in Durban!

Third wave of sardines have hit the beach in Durban!

Third wave of sardines have hit the beach in Durban! Adam Kamdar has his finger right on the pulse of each and every sardine as they try to get past Durban. Adam reports for a number of media outlets that count on him daily for sardine, and fishing updates.

And just yesterday Adam sent in the following pics…

Adam (who has been in Durban his entire life) has been through a number of sardine runs. Many of us have. And we all sit comfortably on the sidelines as the chaos of sardine fever first hits. Knowing full well that the sards come in many waves.

Starting with the pilot shoals – usually being hounded by gamefish and cetaceans. Birds.

Then come the bigger shoals and these are normally being herded by all of the above plus the entire shark population of Africa. Millions of seabirds check-in now too. The cetaceans become more numerous and varied. Seals even pull in from the Cape. These shoals seem to just get bigger and bigger until…they vanish!

Sometimes for a week. Sometimes a month. Even two months. But there is always a far more calm and controlled third wave of sardines to chase.

Fishing Roundup during this third wave of sardines

Garrick and kob time. Obviously, the Port St. Johns fiasco continues as a powerless DAFF grapple with the immense and dangerous task at hand – stopping the jiggers.

There are very many small, er, tiny kob around too. Not to be confused with little snappers or snotties. Snotties, which are delicious and only grow to about 2 or 3kgs, have THREE distinct teeth. Sharp ones. These are the ONLY small salmon/kob/whatever, that you can catch.

Put ALL the rest back please!

Some large grunter have been on the menu, it’s all about the bait though. Very fussy fish those guys.

There are some shad about too, again, nobody checking so it’s still a free-for-all. Phone DAFF if you see any criminal activity or bag limits being exceeded. DAFF need all the help they can get.

There are lots of blacktails in the gulleys and in the shorebreaks. Zebra fish too.

Border Spearfishing Event

Every year, every spearo in Southern Africa eagerly seeks out one of the coveted invites to the Border annual spearfishing event. Held in the Transkei, the event is limited to limit the ecological damage an open spearfishing compo could cause.

But hell they got some nice fish…Jason Heyne penned up the story.
Nice work Jason!

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