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Legging it with the Green Net and Tony Turton on the Umzimkulu

Legging it with the Green Net and Tony Turton on the Umzimkulu

Legging it with the Green Net and Tony Turton on the Umzimkulu: Legging is a method of moving a boat through a canal tunnel or adit containing water. This method of navigating through canal tunnels and adits was commonly used in canal tunnels during the 18th and early 19th centuries.

It is still in practise today, on the mighty Umzimkulu River in KZN, South Africa.

Formal and fun day out with The Green Net.

And, that’s how we got home after a rather huge day upriver. On the good ship Umzimkulu. Sporting The Green Net (green terrorists – more about them later) and none other than the world’s own River Raconteur – Professor Antony Turton! Also along for the alluvial educational ride was Selvan Chetty (ANC Chief Whip), Rowan Clark (Engineer), Louis Essery (KuluCrete), Vicky Wentzel (Tourism)…all supported by the land unit operated by Helmut Hansen (Green Net).

Professor Turton

Tony Turton is an encyclopedia. His store of knowledge on rivers and estuarine systems is startling. In the beginning, not many of us knew what he was talking about. But by the end of that boat ride, we all knew exactly.

This is Professor Anthony Turton…

The Green Net

The green terrorist group known as The Green Net is a lethal women-run organisation that is seemingly afraid of absolutely nothing. If you check their Facebook pages you will see pictures of these girls getting deep down in dirty rivers and other environmental hotspots all over the south coast.

Helen Dodge, Dianne Hayter and Joan Gallagher are the main conspirators. Backed up by a wide network of very interested and motivated allies. Some in very high places.

Their initiatives are well-supported and widespread. Gardens all over the place – teaching people how to utilise the soil, and resources, to the best possible results. Environmental concerns such as the berms at St. Helen’s Rock. And myriad more things.

All of which you can check out and get involved in at their comprehensive website on Which has recently received an all-new content lady named Donna Monk who has already dived right in. You can contact The Green Net from their website.

Marketing by The Green Net website team

From Donna…

“If you have products or services that are green in nature, The Green Net website team will gladly list your items on their online superstore for you. Sales will pay a negotiated commission to The Green Net.”

The Green Net website is filled with content and news. And this all-new e-commerce enabled store is gonna rock it!

Get in touch with Donna on +27 83 395 5544 to chat possibilities and options.

The Sardine News is a media partner for The Green Net.

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