The Greenspots are back!

The Greenspots are back!

The Greenspots are back! Well, I ain’t exactly sure of where they go to when they are not here, but they are definitely back. In the Umzimkulu River estuary. And the other few surviving estuary systems not destroyed by erosion and siltation.

The wet season, that turns our estuaries to brown, then orange – chases these prized gamefish away. As the rains erode the sand and rock that carries that orange coloured dye with it, visibility is reduced to zero. Not ideal for these high-speed hunters. These guys NEVER slow down. They also don’t really do fresh water although you will find them very far up any healthy estuary.

They hunt in packs. And mercilessly attack artificials. It’s not uncommon for two or three or even four greenspots to whack your lure, in a row. Or simultaneously. All of this greenspot kingfish attack behaviour has been thoroughly documented in video and can be viewed on our YouTube Channel by clicking right HERE.

Double header greenspots

The day before chaos unleashed itself on this land, we were out fishing for rock salmon. On the Umzimkulu River. And hoping for a kingfish. Greenspot or otherwise – we were amped! And we were well rewarded for our enthusiasm. The first guests we had on this champagne weather Sunday the 11th of July, were Stephen and Nicky. They had booked an anniversary fishing cruise!

Within five or ten casts, Stephen was bending on what turned out to be the very first greenspot kingfish of this 2021 estuary gamefish season. Nice work Stephen! But even a blind chicken can catch a fish with that lure – the Dirty Prawn Black Mamba or something. Dave Phillips, the proprietor of the Dirty Prawn lure company, made this one especially for these trees and the fish that haunt them.

The second fish was on my second trip for the day with Louis Khan and family, all the way down from Kokstad. And they brought plenty of enthusiasm with them which always turns into luck. Aldo got into a proper greenspot! And it gave him a proper fight on his lightish tackle. With the whole crew cheering him on. Including Chelsea dog who has been demonstrating some extreme levels of testosterone and adrenalin lately.

She has really missed the greenspots!

Let’s gooooooooo!

Yeah I know it’s hard going with these all-night vigils and permanent high-alert levels. But if you feel like getting some time out on the water and in the wild, chasing greenspots -then please buzz me urgently!

The water is crystal clear today and we do not have ONE guest!

You can buy the Dirty Prawn Black Mamba (not it’s real name), on the Dirty Prawn website right here. But even better, you get TWO Dirty Prawn hand-tied and locally made buckshot lures, when you buy a MYDO Estuary Pack. It comes with detailed instructions on how to use each South African made lures that are in the box. Including poppers, trollers, spoons, dropshots and more.

Louis and Aldo each ordered one!

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