MYDO Estuary Pack


The MYDO Estuary Pack is exactly what you need to target gamefish and other edibles in the estuaries, lagoons and harbours of Southern Africa. With detailed instructions!


MYDO Estuary Pack

The MYDO Estuary Pack contains all you need to target game fish and other edibles in the estuaries of Southern Africa. The fish caught in this following video were all hooked on lures that you can find in the MYDO Estuary Pack.

MYDO Estuary Pack contents

Garrick, kob and kingfish will jump on your well-presented and well-timed lure. And for quiet times or live baiting, you are covered with what’s in the box. The pack comes with detailed instructions that cover every aspect of estuary fishing with lures and bait.

  • MYDO Luck Shot heads rigged (1 x paddletail and 1 x split-tail)
  • Dirty Prawn Umzimkulu Special Bucktail (see video above)
  • MYDO SS Spoon
  • MYDO Fusion Popper
  • Halco Sorcerer (Jelly Prawn)
  • Live-bait trace
  • Convenience clip
  • Sticker Pack
  • Instructions

The FULL instructions can be accessed after purchase – with a login and password, and even features video content filmed on how to exactly work your new lures. For the fish, you are after. The instructions are detailed and also include thorough profiling of some hot spots where you can safely go and try out your new kit.

Basic video instructions for using what is in the MYDO Estuary Pack

Although one or two items may come from overseas, the bulk of what is in the box is hand-made/assembled South African stuff. We are moving towards producing more and more of the items we use, and we have some innovative ways of attaching things these days. Methods that really eliminate the endless knot tying and hook changing often associated with lure fishing at these levels.

Being versatile and changing from one technique to another, in an instant, to target new shoals that may have just moved in, is vital to your success. This is the kind of content that is covered in the included instructions.

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Additional information

Weight .5 kg
Dimensions 15 × 10 × 7 cm

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