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Off the Grid Living – Episode 5 – The Veggie Garden

Off the Grid Living – Episode 5 – The Veggie Garden

The Veggie Garden: Lockdown 2020 is in full swing as we approach our second half way mark. Whilst thinking of less fortunate communities and people, we are counting our blessings here in Jukskei Park, in Johannesburg. Where I am hanging out with the van Biljon family. Where Dad Jonny, has been prepping for off the grid living, for ages now.

And man has it worked out during lockdown.


We have Baby Jake. Cute yes. But two and a half and we all know what that means. He is so fast too nowadays!


Jake absolutely loves the veggie garden. He could spend all day in there. Copying his Dad’s every action. Sometimes causing havoc in the process! It’s defintely his happy place. All he needs is a garden spade and he is happy as Larry (Lardner?).

Staying healthy in times of viral attack, is vital. And the healthy highlight of the day every day, is the delicious salad Jonny puts together, from the garden. Today was themed crab stick and yes, it was delicious. With a splash of Jonny’s home-made salad dressing, it was filled with colour, and crispy fresh flavours.

Off the Grid Living - Episode 5 - The Veggie Garden
Off the Grid Living – Episode 5 – The Veggie Garden

We totally realise that our video series is going up in a hap-hazard way. At least we started with Episode 1! At this stage we have completed and published;

Episode 1 – Intro
Episode 2 – The Growers
Episode 9 – Homebrew

And now this one, Episode 5?!

Next episodes deal with Jonny’s solar installations…and an innovative approach to a common solar wastage problem.

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  1. Where do you plant the crab sticks ?

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