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Off the Grid Living – Episode 5 – The Veggie Garden

Off the Grid Living – Episode 5 – The Veggie Garden

The Veggie Garden: Lockdown 2020 is in full swing as we approach our second half way mark. Whilst thinking of less fortunate communities and people, we are counting our blessings here in Jukskei Park, in Johannesburg. Where I am hanging out with the van Biljon family. Where Dad Jonny, has been prepping for off the grid living, for ages now.

And man has it worked out during lockdown.


We have Baby Jake. Cute yes. But two and a half and we all know what that means. He is so fast too nowadays!


Jake absolutely loves the veggie garden. He could spend all day in there. Copying his Dad’s every action. Sometimes causing havoc in the process! It’s defintely his happy place. All he needs is a garden spade and he is happy as Larry (Lardner?).

Staying healthy in times of viral attack, is vital. And the healthy highlight of the day every day, is the delicious salad Jonny puts together, from the garden. Today was themed crab stick and yes, it was delicious. With a splash of Jonny’s home-made salad dressing, it was filled with colour, and crispy fresh flavours.

Off the Grid Living - Episode 5 - The Veggie Garden
Off the Grid Living – Episode 5 – The Veggie Garden

We totally realise that our video series is going up in a hap-hazard way. At least we started with Episode 1! At this stage we have completed and published;

Episode 1 – Intro
Episode 2 – The Growers
Episode 9 – Homebrew

And now this one, Episode 5?!

Next episodes deal with Jonny’s solar installations…and an innovative approach to a common solar wastage problem.

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“Eating an oyster is like french kissing a mermaid” – Tom Robbins

Oysters on the menu at ZanziBeach in Tofo

“Eating an oyster is like french kissing a mermaid” – Tom Robbins

Or. “Oysters on the menu at ZanziBeach Restaurant in Tofo”.

Mermaids in Praia do Tofo are really ocean breeze beautiful. And then I found out that there were oysters right on the menu at ZanziBeach!

Taking the latter approach, with my lovely mermaid close at hand, a grand serving of oyster was requested. Fresh from the sea. Just the way I love my mermaid too. At this great new little seafood spot right on Tofo Beach.

The dish of regal looking oysters soon glided onto our table. Along with twin pinacoladas. A couple of lemons. Hot chilli and pepper sauce.

The floodgates of flavour opened right up. Like an involuntary spasm, the oysters rained their magic on over and into us. Each one its own fantastical adventure. None two remotely the same. Lime and chilli lubricating and spicing the dreamy and intoxicating sensation.

When they were all lovingly spent, the empty table provided that pure moment of bliss that comes flooding in.

After you have french kissed a mermaid…


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Sunscreen causes cancer and is made from petrol!

The Sardine Team on Charter in Inhambane Estuary

Sunscreen causes cancer and is made from petrol!

On every other day in Tofo, in the seasons, we get to do island trips in the Inhambane Bay. There are two main islands – Ilha do Porcos, and Ilha do Rato. These two are inhabited, and feature schools and churches and even roads. They are bustling with activities. Mainly catching a drying seafood. Prawns baking in the sun. Fish drying in the wind. The island life.

The huge Inhambane Bay. Whitesands to starboard, Linga Linga to port. Panzy Island dead ahead. Sunscreen causes cancer! Get your shade on instead!
The huge Inhambane Bay. Whitesands to starboard, Linga Linga to port. Panzy Island dead ahead. Sunscreen causes cancer! Get your shade on instead!

Then there is Panzy Island. Or survivor island. Panzy features mild vegetation. But there are many more little sand islands, that people call Panzy Island, or Survivor Isand. Depends on what language your skipper speaks.

Anyhow, Panzy has the most beautiful little beach tucked into a bay on the Westward lee. Protected from the prevailing onshores. And skirted with a patch of seagrass – filled with all sorts of creatures. Wierd worm like things. Sea cucumbers. Starfish. Urchins. And even fiesty little octopii. Seahorses are the holy grail of snorkeling world wide, and can be encountered here on Panzy.

Invariably we would be hosting a bunch of touros, from all over the world. They stay at the backpackers or lodges in and around Tofo, and taking these peeps to the islands, and then on to lunch at Linga Linga, cruising the bay, dragging lures and catching fish, photographing flamingos – is a real fun job.

These touros would coat themselves in sunscreen. On and on. Over and over. And when they jumped into the clear cool waters of the Inhambane Bay, the oil slick could be seen and smelt for miles. A disgusting chemical film surrounded us wherever we went. And then they would get out of the water, and apply more, and more.

I have never really put on sunscreen. It gives me pimples! And I know that the petrol based derivatives used therein are explosively dangerous. Known carcinogenics and other poisonous ingredients. Sunscreen causes cancer!

I was so relieved when I saw the article as follows, backing up my claims as facts…

Sunscreen and the Lies We’ve Been Told About the Real Causes of Skin Cancer

Give it a read.

And there are many more sources on the net to back the claims up further.


Trust me on the sunscreen!

As can be seen from the above article, the best way to prevent sunburn, is shade. So if you are fishing all day, wear protective gear. There are many options, and some of the kit is even given a rating similair to that of sunscreen. You can buy long sleeve super light weight shirts and all sorts – that are SPF 50 rated.

Follow the following link on over to Fishing’s Finest, who distribute the Pelagic brand of sun beating kit.