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Tie a shad trace with MYDO Fishing Lures

MYDO Silver Bullet Shad Trace

Tie a shad trace with MYDO Fishing Lures

Tie a shad trace with MYDO Fishing Lures: Long gone are the days of loading a big old surf stick onto the bakkie, tying up a top-bung trace and heading to the beach to catch shad for breakfast.

Modern-day Shad Fishing


Nowadays, you need only a bass rod or slightly bigger. Ultra-light is what they call it. The 10, 20 or even 30lb braid is beautiful to fish with. The little light-weight two-piece rod at about 6 or 8 ft is easy for anyone to use.

Casts right to the backline! With line left…

Unless you hook one this big! (at left)

You can check out suitable modern-day shad rigs right here on this website.

Click HERE to check out current deals on Shad Spinning and Estuary Spinning outfits.

You gonna need a little bit of leader and some leader-tying skills. There is a very simple leader system for you to try at the LINK.

The MYDO Silver Bullet Shad Trace

Catches everything. Well, a well-presented and fished fillet bait will catch anything and everything. And in this very light disguise, light wire and totally buried hooks…the MYDO Silver Bullet pulls together a highly effective rig for fishing in the surf zone or just behind it.

In this form, it is also a Queen Mackerel killer. And many large King Mackerel have fallen for the fillet. Drape a couta duster over the front of the MYDO Silver Bullet Baitswimmer for a perfect little sailfish bait. Use nylon for the leader if sailfish are what you are after.

Order online

MYDO Silver Bullet Shad Trace
MYDO Silver Bullet Shad Trace

Please pop on over to to get an order in. There is a shad pack available too. This features 4 shad traces from the quarter ounce, the eighth, a half and a one-ounce version. Plus a wire-rigged dropshot for in case your bait runs out.

You can also buy them for R50 each.

Contact us and we can chat about your exact fishing requirements.

You can use the WhatsApp button on this page somewhere for a direct line to the factory. Or

Shad season

Opens up 1 December 2023. Come and stay with us at the Umzimkulu Marina where Umzimkulu Adrenalin can get you out on the water. Fishing, surfing, diving or birding.

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