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Trolling lure for R50 bucks catches everything

MYDO Silver Bullet #1

Trolling lure for R50 bucks catches everything

Trolling lure for R50 bucks catches everything: this rigged and ready easy-to-use trolling and casting lure mimics a fleeing injured baitfish. The bait features a prismatic 1/4 ounce baitswimmer head, and a strong single hook inside of a BruBaits plastic paddletail. All tied together with an ultra-clear leader.

The baitswimmer head transfers a side-to-side motion. This combination of a flashy prismatic light show and erratic swimming action excites every predator fish out there – into striking.


The easiest possible way to target gamefish is by trolling lures. Just chuck ’em out the back and head on over the good spots. Going slower will allow the lures to drop down deeper. Cranking up the speed brings the lure to the surface where it performs like a surface plug.

You can set a steady drag (1kg or so) to ensure a solid hookup. Which will always be in the top jaw. A fish hooked in the bottom jaw never survives.

Greenspot Kingfish attack behaviour research in the Umzimkulu Estuary in Port Shepstone
Greenspot Kingfish laying into a trolled MYDO Silver Bullet Baitswimmer fitted with a 3 inch white paddletail in the Umzimkulu Estuary recently.

The above shot is a still frame taken from this video…

In which we capture a shoal of Greenspot Kingfish smashing into that poor little lure. The speed at which it all happens is insane. Luckily for slow-motion and 60fps.


Casting artificials for gamefish is far more engaging. And there is no feeling better than taking a direct hit from a fired-up fish right in front of your wide-open eyes. By casting, you can variate your retrieve. Directly producing different actions by changing how you crank and twitch. You will get more strikes casting. Especially if there are two or three of you working the same area together.

Sean Calitz 25kg Kob at Port St. Johns with MYDO and BruBaits
Sean Calitz 25kg Kob at Port St. Johns with MYDO and BruBaits

The above fish was hooked on a tiny 3-inch plastic and head combination whilst Sean Calitz was simply casting at the kob from his kayak. Unfortunately, this fish was not able to be released. It was kaput from the very long fight on 6kg line. Must be some kind of record that fish!

If you are fishing for kob and the garrick come past…just crank the lure up on the surface and watch it perform.


The concept of an injured, fleeing baitfish, applies to every piece of water. Everywhere. This means any and all species that hunt and eat little fish.

From the deep blue ocean where a tuna or bonito will swallow them up. To the surf zone for shad and mackerels. Up the estuary for salmon and snapper. Kingfish. Kob. Perch.

And all the way inland to your favourite bass dam…

A MYDO Baitswimmer caught largemouth bass
A MYDO Baitswimmer caught largemouth bass

Where to get ’em? If you are in South Africa, right here on The Sardine News website. In our fast-growing specialist tackle shop. Use the menu above. For international orders, just pop on over to the MYDO International website. It’s in USD and the lures are despatched from England.

Check out our MYDO Tackle Talk YouTube Channel right HERE. Come and join us here at the Umzimkulu Marina where have self-catering units right on the water. Umzimkulu Adrenalin can take you fishing, birding, surfing or diving.

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