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Massive cobia caught in Tofo

Massive cobia caught off Tofo
Massive cobia caught off Tofo…shown off by Joao Magulo

Massive cobia caught in Tofo waters.

This was one of two massive cobia caught by local fishermen just off Tofo this week. Warm water and whale sharks are the right combination for these gamefish. We have seen huge shoals of them…30 or more…and some going more than one 6 feet long.

This fish weighed 27kgs on the buyers scale. Probably go 45 if you tried to buy it. So somewhere in between is about 35kgs or so, my estimate anyway. A serious fish either way, that fights to the boat and then fighs a whole lot more when they are finally on the boat.

Tofo is quiet right now but an unusually strong contingent of scuba divers are about and also enjoying the warm water. Up to three whale sharks encounters per outing are being recorded, and Jamie Edwards promises a scuba update shortly.

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