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GANNETS! 2nd Sardine Report for 2024 from Kevin Qora

Gannets in 2024 Sardine Report Number Two

GANNETS! 2nd Sardine Report for 2024 from Kevin Qora

GANNETS! 2nd Sardine Report for 2024 from Kevin Qora: big thanks to Kevin in Qora for yet another report…

Kevin in Qora is keeping us on the edge of our seats as he scans the horizon north and south for signs of the incoming sardine migration. Kevin is perfectly situated in the deep south of the Transkei Wild Coast. In a beautiful place called Qora.

Kevin has splashed through many sardine runs throughout his illustrious fishing life. Along with Kevin, our network of sardine spies extends far and wide.

But we welcome any news of sightings, especially with video.

Please submit your videos or photos to and if you would like to credited, or get some exposure for your business, include a logo and a link and let’s see what we can do together.

The Sardine News Sightings Map for 2024 is being prepared at the moment and will launch within the next few days. On this map we log all verified and meaningful sightings as they occur. You can reliably use this map to plan your next sardine ambush or holiday destination.

Keep an eye out at the following hotspots for this time of the year…

Usually in these areas…

Mossel Bay

This is one of the sardine’s favourite first landing areas. Shoals can be seen way out to sea on flat, glassy days. Moving north slowly as they gather momentum and numbers.

Plettenberg Bay experiences similar action early on in the season.

Port Elizabeth

By the time they gather here, the congregation will have grown heaps. And so will the predator population that follows them. Diver operators get in on the action real early all this way down south.

More and more sardines will start to form huge shoals at this time of the run.

East London

Another favourite check-in to the sardine run for sardines. With even more predators gathering.

Port Alfred

Every year, consistently, Port Alfred receives a lot of sardine attention early.


With Kevin in Qora reporting that gannets are already on the scene, feeding and rafting, we are pretty certain that some pilot shoals are sneaking through. These first sardines get absolutely obliterated and it just so much fun to watch.

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