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HECTIC Shorebreak Surf Launch at Praia do Tofo

HECTIC Shorebreak Launch at Praia do Tofo in Moz

HECTIC Shorebreak Surf Launch at Praia do Tofo

HECTIC Shorebreak Surf Launch at Praia do Tofo: This little chance clip I luckily gathered on a walk to Tofo Town recently. It is authentic cell phone material but the visual perfection of clips in this case is not the point.

The point is to learn from the carefully choreographed show put on by this captain and his crew this delightful Tofo afternoon. These guys are off on a dive or maybe even an ocean safari, I am not sure. But what I am sure of how relieved and thankful the guests and the crowd watching on the beach were after the vessel got through the waves and into the safe holding area.

The shore break here does get bigger than this. Way bigger. But even at this size, one false move and there could be disaster. The three assistants in the water with the divers perform the most vital role of keeping the bow of the boat facing directly into the oncoming waves. No matter what the size of the surf is.


The divers help most of the way, but as soon as the boat is floating they all spring aboard. This is the crucial call of the captain since the added weight of about a tonne settles the boat down into the water quite a bit. The forward momentum of the tractor push and the initial back up of everybody taking that precious momentum further, is what enables the skipper to make the call.


These three crew have a world of responsibility thrust upon them at this point. If the boat inadvertently steers itself sideways, these three guys have to counter this directional mishap fast. Sometimes there is still a diver or two available to help. Eitehr way this role is crucial and has to happen right. Every time.


Has to then start and drop the motors to the exact right level. WHich is where if the boat is shoves backwards onto the beach, the angle doesn’t strain the transom upon impact with the sand. But then when the boat has levelled out and is floating, the props, well at least one of them, can find some purchase and egg the whole show onwards.

This carefully put together show was well appreciated by all who were there. And now you can too. I’ll take a better camera with me on my next stroll!

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