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Mozamboogy! And the adventure of getting there! This festival rocked through the end of August ending on the most beautiful Spring Day of 2019.


We lumbered around the circle just outside of Hluhluwe. Came out the other side to find another procession of vehicles. Then another. And another. All stopped on the side of the road. Police had cordoned the exodus off, right on our journey to our first Mozamboogy.

Gave it a try, stating our SASRIA riot insurance would get us through. Nada. Then all of a sudden, around the same circle comes an FJ sported by the dude who owns Kosi Bay Lodge. He has clients also jammed and so sought out a route through. And we were invited to follow him around the riots. So now our procession was real impressive. Thirty or so cars and bakkies and trucks now took up position behind us and the FJ and off into the dust of Africa we went. And got through.


The border was reasonably quiet because of the riots hemming them off, but in an instant, it became very busy with all the new arrivals, and the queue rolled out for miles behind us. But the operation was slick and we only heard of a few people who could not make it across for that first night.


Bustling. The new bridge and road have this place cooking now. If you rock in from Jhb, there is so need to turn left up to Tofo or Vnx anymore. Punters can just turn right rather and in less than an hour, you are in the delightful Ponto. The gateway to Molongane. And the Elephant Reserve. And so much more Mozambique. So from Jhb to the border, might be 5 or 6 hours. Plus an hour south. Wow!


This always a favourite place for me. The tropical forest could just keep me there forever. Milkwoods. Ancient. One of the mornings a dewy air rolled in off the ocean. The forest went misty and mysterious. The animals were loving it, as were we.
Our campsite was delightful with electricity and close to amenities. The staff were friendly and funny and everything about the toilets and showers worked great. Clean was the word. Nothing ran out. The water was hot most times. The power stayed on!


Is a collection of fun and eccentric party people who hail from all corners to celebrate.
The organisers have done a great job. Again and again. The resort is so perfectly suited to the application. Punters went out diving and on ocean safaris. Others were kiteboarding and surfing. Fishing even. The beach. The beautiful empty pure beach. Was filled with pretty people each day.
The venue sucked up the 1000 plus guests easily enough, with space for more next year. And so next year. There is always a rumour around that another big new development might make a problem for Mozamboogy, but in this place, the last thing you bet on, is a rumour. And so next year, Ponto Molongane will definitely be hosting the Mozamboogy another time.


Trance: wow this music can get heavy but with no lack of takers, this dance floor thumped the entire time.
Beach Bar: DJ Tushi stole the show. He performed! And luckily kept the standard very high in the face of a few more mellow performances by some others. I observed, that if a DJ does not look up at his audience, and make at least some eye contact, the dance floor empties rapidly. Especially if the music is changed too far from current stuff that everyone was digging already. And so many exoduses up and down the beach bar stairs could be observed.

And a little Ponto Molangane market gallery…


Mozamboogy run a really decent online show – with website and facey pages. The facey group dedicated to the festival was real enertaining too! Like a running commentary! But either way, it was easy to book and pay online, even choose from the many options available for things-to-do in Ponto Molongane, and find out all you need to know.

Check it out at

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Okavango Music Festival 29th Aug to 1st Sep 2019

The Okavango Music Festival 2019 is gonna run from the 29th of August to the Spring Day, the 1 September this year.

That’s plenty time to start making plans to get to Maun and the Okavango Delta, in Botswana.

There are many ways to travel all that way across Africa. You can fly to Jhb or Gabarone and hop a bus ride. Flying to Maun is super convenient, albeit a little expensive. Driving is a great option. After all, it’s the African landscape you will be cruising through.

The festival is set on Okavango Island. Surrounded by wild life and African scenery. The Okavango Delta system attracts animals in from out of the drought ridden Kalahari. They literally all gravitate here as the outlying waters dry up. Crocodiles abound. Hippos argue with them all day. Elephants come right into camp. Luckily the lions seem to stay further away, but at night, when they roar, it sounds like it’s right outside your tent!

All that said, the Okavango Island will be extremely safe as the noisy and smelly humans dance and party away. The noise will keep the animals at bay. We hope!

But as you can see from this fantastically put together promotional video, people are even jumping in for a refreshing dip. Camping is all over the island and all amenities are catered for as per any festival.

There is a whole lot more information on the website. How the festival has involved the local community from the area. And that the festival benefits them in many ways. You will be able to meet the real locals of the delta at the Okavango Music Festival 2019.

There will definitely be a few elephants at the Okavango Music Festival 2019!
Okavango local shot by Cameron Yates

The Sardine crew are going and we have a few vehicles, and spots in vehicles, available.Numbers affect the prices so just get in touch if you are interested. The more the merrier!

Get in touch with Sean on for more information on options for how to get there.

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The day the “mojo” worked: The Sailfish Interprovincial by Captain Len Mathews

Another beautiful Sailfish lives to tell the tale

The day the “mojo” worked: The Sailfish Interprovincial by Captain Len Mathews

Mydo team rider Captain Len Mathews checks in with a fantastic roundup of his teams recent success at the 2018 Sailfish Interprovincial held at Sodwana recently. It is an extremely technical and thorough reference as to what it takes to consistently catch more fish than the competition.

Congratulations Len, and thank you for the informative and totally interesting article!

Keep winning!

Hi Sean,

Been a while since I last spoke to you or contributed to The Sardine News. You asked me for a story and pics on the Sailfish Interprovincial we won recently, so here it is:

The day the “mojo” worked:

The Sailfish Interprovincial Is a yearly event held at Sodwana, in winter. The “who’s who” of sailfish angling represent our country’s Provinces in this event. This year 11 Provincial teams, consisting of salted provincial, SADSAA and Protea anglers participated in this 5 day competition.

I am sharing what our Griquas green team did to pull this off. It is in no way whatsoever a seminar on sailfish angling, a “what to do” article or any intent for this article to be of any educational value. This what we did to catch 5 sails in 2 days. Considering the other 10 boats caught 4 between them, I consider this not to have been a “luck shot” (no pun intended).  (ha ha thanks Len – Sean)

My team consisted of myself, my wife and fishing partner Alta and my good mate and longtime fishing buddy Donald Finlay, We fished off Jannie Nel’s “My Lady”, skippered by seasoned Sodwana skipper Follie van Vuuren. Between myself (40 years), Follie (15 years), Donald (30 years) and Alta (5 years), we have 90 years of combined experience fishing Sodwana. This also proved to be of great value, especially in this Competition!!

I am dividing this story into subsections, to form a clearer picture of the “process” we followed with preperation and execution of our plans.


We all know proper bait is the answer to most questions. THE bait for sailfish is obviously halfbeaks, the fresher the better. On a good day a well presented stripbait also does magic, but in my book it is nothing more than a good second prize. I am lucky enough to have access to prime halfbeaks, so this is what I stick to!!

Bait preparation:

I was introduced to a good brine that my good mate and Protea angler, Paul Borcherds brought in from the USA. I had it analysed by a lab and now probuce a 100% copy of it. I brine all my baits for 12 hrs before rigging it. The advantages of the brine is tougher baits with much more enhanced colour. After brining baits, I have used the same bait for 4 days in a row, without it showing signs of excessive deterioration.

Bait rigging:

I rig sailfish baits in 3 different ways, depending on the position you want to swim it in. I rig them headless, whole double hook rig or chin weight rigged for circle hooks.

What goes where?:

I normally (take note I say normally, not always) swim smaller (head off) baits on my long riggers, 10-15 m behind my short riggers. On the short riggers I normally (….) swim larger (whole) baits, not more than 5m behind my teasers. This can either be a whole halfbeak with lure over it or a chinweight rigged halfbeak on a circle hook. On shotgun I will use any one of the two double hook rigs, mostly with a small bird in front of that. My teasers I will usually swim 20-25 m behind the boat, from the middle of the outriggers, in clear water next to the white water. In “normal” angling conditions this causes just enough commotion close to the boat, to get attention and lure the fish to the boat. This covers 5 baits. My 6th bait will be a lipped lure below and between the teasers or a normal bait behind a cupped lure running in the “dead triangle” between the long riggers and shotgun, in line with the long riggers. I use a dark lure to contrast in the little foam or white water there is. This is my “basic” spread, that works well 80% of the time.


Weather was not too good for the whole of the Sailfish interprovincial 2018. The first two days of the comp was blowouts, leaving only 3 days to fish. There was an abnormally high barometer at the time, for the whole duration of the comp. That proved to be the major decider in the end!!

Day 3 (1):

The day “normal” left the bus!!

I firmly believe that on this day, the comp was “handed” to us. 2 Fish were caught by rival teams. Reports of fish coming into spreads, appearing to be shy and skittish to attack baits and eating baits furthest away from the boat, made us fall back on experience. We als had fish pop up further from the boat than usual and showing a general skittishness to eat. It took us half a day to figure this out, but we immediately knew that the “culprit” here was the high barometer. We also realised that this was a situation of “to achieve something different, you have to do something different”. We had a good idea what to do the remainder of the competition.

Day 4 (2):

Mojo day!!

We changed our game totally!! Firstly we did not put a single teaser in the water.We believed that too much commotion close to the boat scared the fish, especially as a result of the high barometer. Secondly we only used dark or lumo lures in front of our baits and only one circle hook bait in the water. Thirdly, we also used very small baits, as the sailys were mostly small fish. Lastly, we dropped ALL the baits at least 15-20m further back than what we normally do and we slowed down our trolling speed to just enough to make the baits break water every 4-5 seconds….. Just before 08:00 we had a tripple strike. One did not stick for long and came off quickly, but 2 were vas!! 20-25 mins later, myself and Donald each released our fish and jubilation was the order of the day. At this stage we KNEW we had diled in on the mojo and this was our comp to lose. We also noticed that it appeared as if none of the other teams changed their modus operandi to suit the conditions.

After brief congrats, we put out an identical spread. We knew it would only be a matter of time………which it was. 11:50 we had another triple strike, one on the circle, long rigger and one on shotgun. I took the circle, set the hook properly and Alta took the other.The third rod was on, but also came loose quickly. Another 20-25 min later, we both released our fish. To say that a small party broke out on “my Lady” is an understatement!! We knew that for anyone to catch us now, they had to release 5 fish, a tall task is conditions like this!!

Day 5 (3):

After very little sleep, we went out to continue our “quest”, adopting the identical tactics as the previous day. Low and behold, 08:00 we had a strike, solid hookup and 25 mins later Donald released his 2nd fish for the comp. It was more or less then that we knew we had it done and dusted. The rest of the day we decided to practice our circle hook skills and had all 6 baits out on circles. That did not produce any results, but at that stage we did not really care if it did or not……………. 14:00 was lines up and……………..GOLD!!


After each sailfish interprovincial, or any competition we fish, we usually have a debriefing and summarise events in our own way and fasion. I have a saying, “I never lose. Either I win or I learn” In this comp it was more true than ever!!

We learned a lot from this experience:

  1. Experience is worth GOLD!!
  2. Never be afraid to try something different. It may just work…..
  3. Learn how to read changing conditions.
  4. Be willing to adapt to those conditions.
  5. Persistence pays off!!

Hope you find this interesting.


Len Matthews.

Wowser, what a story! Those Sodwana sailfish can drive you mad sometimes, but Len and crew seem to have it down pat. Thanks again Len

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Crowds hitting Jbay for the Winterfest 2018

Jordy Smith representing this year at the JBay Winterfest 2018

Crowds hitting Jbay for the Winterfest 2018

Jeffreys Bay, South Africa – The 6th edition of the JBay Winterfest opened today, with the waiting period of the Corona Open JBay officially starting this morning. All the top Championship Tour (CT) surfers are in town, and expectations are high for a great event.

South Africa is well represented in this year’s edition of the Corona Open JBay, with both Jordy Smith and Mikey February representing as CT surfers, with local surfer Matt McGillivray in the event as a wildcard, along with former CT surfer Bianca Buitendag in as the wildcard in the women’s event.

“This is one of the few events that I’m able to surf in front of my friends and family, so I’m doing it for them,” said Jordy Smith of the upcoming event. “They don’t get to travel and see what my life looks like on a day to day basis. I just want to show them my love and what this is all about.”

The forecast is looking very promising for an excellent run of surf, starting to filter through this afternoon (Monday 2nd) and pouring through for the period Tuesday 3rd – Thursday 5th, with surf in the four to six-foot range in the forecast. For now, the contest is on, with fun three-foot sets starting off the day. Updates can be found on the World Surf League website,  and the webcast can be found on the WSL Facebook page. 

Corona Sunset Sessions

As part of the Corona Open JBay there will also be the free music sessions – the Corona Sunset Sessions – at the contest site on Pepper Street. Thursday 05 July will see Sean Koch and Sunset Sweatshop performing; on Friday 06 July it’ll be Rubber Duc and Money for Bali, while Saturday 07 July will feature Desmond & The Tutus and Nic Preen & The World of Birds. All shows are free of charge, so come down and enjoy the vibes.

JBay Winterfest 2018
JBay Winterfest 2018

Money for Bali


Funduro  – 7 July

On Saturday 7 July Slake Adventures will be hosting their fifth Funduro, hosted by the JBay Winterfest.

This is a Fun Ride and that no competitor licenses or club memberships are needed. Riders of all levels, together with family and friends are welcome. The event will take place at Seaview Vlakte, just above the Mondplaas petrol garage on the R102.

The loop consists of 15 km single track and is measured as easy-to-medium in difficulty. The terrain will consist of both flat and technical riding. The new unridden terrain will be super fun with some surprises on the way!

JBay Winterfest 2018
JBay Winterfest 2018

Funduro action © Kody McGregor

Cold Water Swim Classic – 8 July

The Coldwater Swim Classic takes place in the saltwater canals of Marina Martinique on 8 July. This swim features sub-15 C water, icy air temperatures. The Marina is renowned world wide as an open water swim venue, and the Swim Classic has been promoted to be an official Robben Island qualifying event. There are three distances on offer during the JBay Winterfest – a Mile, Double Mile and a grueling Triple Mile. All races start at 9:30am.

High resolution images from all events are available for media outlets on request –

Oakley, Kouga Municipality, Island Tribe and Bioplus proudly sponsor the JBay Winterfest.

The festival is anchored by the Corona Open JBay, and there is the JBay Windfarm MTB Classic event, the Cold Water Classic open water swim, the Endurade JBayX Trail Run, the Fishing Skins Tournament and the JBay Winterfest Funduro. More information can be found on the JBay Winterfest website.

The event hash tag is #jbaywinterfest

The JBay Winterfest social media channels:



Instagram: @jbaywinterfest

For JBay Winterfest information contact

Koffie Jacobs

Media enquiries:

Craig Jarvis


t. 082 376 4443

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Everyone is welcome to celebrate clean beaches and ocean conservation at Shark Weekend

Stop Shark Finning at Shark Weekend Scottburgh 8 to 10 June 2019

Everyone is welcome to celebrate clean beaches and ocean conservation at Shark Weekend

Scottburgh 8 to 10 June 2018

The annual Paddle Out for Sharks (POFS) and World Ocean’s Day (WOD) events will culminate in the 2018 Shark Weekend – a full programme of talks, clean ups, surfing competitions and beach activities geared towards marine conservation running at Scottburgh from 8 to 10 June.

Shark Weekend has a number of interactive activities planned suited to the whole family. The full programme starts at Scottburgh Beach at 3pm on Friday, 8 June with a ‘Healthy Ocean’s Talk’ and beach clean-up. The conservation celebration continues on Saturday, 9 June from8am with a Paddle Out for Sharks ceremony at Scottburgh Beach and Backline. There will be a number of beachside activities including a treasure hunt, sand shark art, snorkelling lessons, as well as adaptive surfing demonstrations and surfing competitions.

Throughout the weekend, Scottburgh’s Premier Resort Cutty Sark will play host to a number of Shark Weekend activities including Aliwal Shoal’s Shark Photo Exhibition, the Mares Dive Gear Exhibition as well as Conservation Talks and Videos. In addition to the generous venue donation, Premier Resort Cutty Sark is running a weekend special room rate of R350 per person, per night.“The 7th Paddle Out for Sharks, in conjunction with Word Ocean’s Day on 8 June, gives us a chance to highlight the impact of human actions and how we can positively turn the tide for shark conservation and good health of our oceans,” said Shark Weekend organiser, marine biologist, shark researcher and member of Shark Angels, Jess Escobar.

“For me, the annual Paddle Out for Sharks celebration has become an opportunity for all different ocean-users to stand together and show their support for shark and ocean conservation. It is reaching more and more people every year, converting the misguided fear around sharks into a respect and willingness to protect them. I am so happy and excited to see such a great support for our sharks and ocean conservation in our area.”

Paddle Out for Sharks started in 2012 after several sharks were killed in nets along the KwaZulu-Natal coastline. The diving and marine conservation communities converged to protest against the nets in support of shark conservation. This tradition has continued every year with more voices calling for protection of sharks, an animal which forms a crucial part of the oceanic ecosystem.

Forming an integral part of the Shark Weekend programme will be an address by renowned ocean activist and founder of the NPC, Breathe, Sarah Ferguson, on Saturday, 9 June at 3pm.The former national swimmer took to ocean swimming six years ago and decided to do something more meaningful with her swimming.

“I decided to start a foundation centred on ocean conservation, so I established Breathe,” recalled Ferguson. “I then started training to become the first African woman to swim the Kaiwi channel in Hawaii which I successfully completed in July 2017.”

Her 30-minute talk, entitled ‘Swimming to Fight Plastic Pollution – Live Deeply & Tread Lightly’ outlines her passion of swimming and the global epidemic of plastic pollution.

“We cannot ignore this issue,” said Ferguson. “They recently found a plastic bag at the bottom of the Mariana Trench – the deepest part of the ocean. Education is critical to change behaviour and create awareness about this relevant and growing epidemic. Change starts with the individual and needs to come from the public as well as at government level. Together, we can all change the statistic that by 2050 there will be more plastic in the sea than fish.”

Special thanks are extended to all Shark Weekend sponsors, including Premier Resort Cutty Sark, Scuba Xcursion, Mares, Pollywog, Blue Wilderness and Made for More.

Post by Olivia Jones Communications

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Legendary surfers set to attend the Golden Jubilee edition of The Ballito Pro

Surfers at the Ballito Pro in Durban

Legendary surfers set to attend the Golden Jubilee edition of The Ballito Pro

Surfers aim for Ballito: This year marks the 50th edition of the elite surfing contest, The Ballito Pro, presented by Billabong, and KwaDukuza is gearing up for a programme of non-stop entertainment to celebrate this milestone event. Themed #LiveTheLegacy, the world’s longest running professional surfing competition will commemorate this historic occasion with fun beachside activities, festive cooking contests, quality retail offerings and some special proceedings to honour the event’s roots.

“The 2018 edition of The Ballito Pro is definitely centred on celebration and we want to use this platform to really thank everyone who has contributed to ‘Living the Legacy’,” said Collette Bundy, event organiser. “In addition to being the 50th edition, 2018 marks a decade of hosting the event in KwaDukuza, a space that has allowed The Ballito Pro to grow alongside the region, offering holidaymakers and locals an incredible two weeks of coastal entertainment. We are, once again, looking forward to welcoming the globe to a really stunning piece of South Africa.”

Positive Wave Tour

World Surfing Champion and six-time winner of The Ballito Pro (formerly Durban 500, Gunston 500 and Mr Price Pro) Shaun Tomson is embarking on his #positivewavetour to promote surfing and an environmental ethos. Tomson will be talking to pupils at 10 KwaDukuza schools about his book, The Code, as well as participating in several activations throughout The Ballito Pro including daily signings, prizegivings, a ‘Retro Expression Session’ and screening of his film ‘Bustin Down the Door’.

On Wednesday, 27 June, Tomson will be the guest speaker at his fundraising event, A Night with Shaun Tomson, taking place at Coco De Mer. The proceeds from the tickets sold will go towards Development Surf with the entire #positivewavetour culminating on Wednesay, 18 Julywith a Madiba Day 67-minute charity initiative. In keeping with the milestone celebrations, 2018 will be the Centenary Celebrations of Madiba, making this a particularly poignant activation.

Charity Drives

This charitable movement will also flow into The Ballito Pro’s #savethewaves drive centred on environmental education and maritime conservation. This effective campaign aims to highlight the detrimental impact of plastic and microplastic on marine life through dedicated awareness programmes and competitions.

The Ballito Pro will also host the Ilembe Surf Riders Development Programme, a newly-established initiative aimed at developing new surf talent, particularly within the Dolphin Coast’s rural areas.

Retro Jubilee Food & Wine presented by Ballito Junction

The #LiveTheLegacy celebrations continue at on Monday, 25 and Tuesday, 26 June from 4pm to 11pm with the Ballito Pro Retro Jubilee Food & Wine presented by Ballito Junction Regional Mall. This two-night culinary extravaganza invites guests to walk through 50 years of surfing development in an old-school carnival-style event complete with food, fashion and fun.

Geraldine Jorgensen, CEO of Ballito Junction said: “We are delighted to be associated with the world’s longest running professional surfing event, particularly as it celebrates its 50th anniversary, and its tenth year in Ballito.”

Cooking Competitions

On Monday, 25 June, budding young chefs, aged 10 to 16 years, will get the chance to compete in two-person teams for the culinary crown. Each team must create a captivating team name and will be required to dress according to the particular decade selected for them while crafting an impressive feast. The evening will also feature a fun Celebrity Cook-off with a well-known Ballito local teaming up with one surfing legend to compete against another suitably feisty team.

On Tuesday, 26 June, adults will get the chance to prove their kitchen prowess in a timed cook-off. Contestants will be paired with local chefs and restaurateurs to cook a classic dish relevant to a specific decade.


Themed ‘Fashion Through the Eras’, this year’s fashion show will run on Monday, 25 and Tuesday, 26 June, giving local designers the platform to showcase their incredible garments which will be an interpretation of a chosen era. Winners of this fashionable contest can look forward to some awesome prizes.


The Ballito Pro will play host to the vibrant Miss Ballito contest with visitors given the chance to meet and greet the beachside beauties. Local musicians and leading dance companies will also ensure there is top-class entertainment throughout this retro event.

Food and Drink

The Retro Cocktail Lounge and Bar will take guests on a nostalgic journey of classic cocktails across the decades with a happy hour highlight. Expect some delightful mixes such as Manhattans, Martini’s, Rob Roy’s, Harvey Wallbangers, and many more.

Food options will be in abundance as local restaurants and pop-up stalls offer an expansive feast that touch on the decadence of each decade.

Daily Beachside Activities

KwaDukuza’s Willard Beach will play host to non-stop daily entertainment and fun activities for festival-goers. Local artists will set the mood on the artists’ stage with visitors invited to browse the various stalls retailing food, clothes and crafts.

From 29 June to 1 July, there will be some extreme sports’ action at the Monster Skate Jam with the renowned daredevil stuntmen, Bruce and Brent Le Riche, showcasing some unmissable biking skills.

The Coke-a-Cola Football Arena will play host to daily beach recreational activities and a variety of engaging children’s games. Spectators can also enjoy daily beach soccer games in a friendly contest between regional high schools.

Music and Parties

– Ballito Pro Free Music Concerts Powered by 5FM

The best in South African musical entertainment will take over Salt Rock Beach on Thursday, 28 and Friday, 29 June. Musical genres will include rock, hip hop, jazz, kwaito, electro, dance and more…all at no cost! Get ready for this high-profile line which includes:

Thursday, 28 June


Black Motion

5FM DJ’s

Ms Cosmo

DJ Loyd

Ryan the DJ

Friday, 29 June

Sketchy Bongo


Prime Circle

December Streets

5FM DJ’s

Msizi James

Nick Hamman

Rob Forbes

– After Dark Parties

Crush Nightclub will once again play host to some of the best DJ’s and surfers set to get festival-goers rocking into the night from Monday, 25 to Saturday, 30 June. The party list includes:

  • Pro pre-party: Royal Love and Friends
  • Living the Legacy: Featuring Tommy D
  • Swell Sundays: Battle of the DJs
  • Battle of the DJs Finals
  • Swimwear Show hosted by Big Night Out
  • Student Night: Featuring Chunda Munki
  • Durban Takeover: Featuring Veranda Panda
  • Ride the Tide: Featuring TiMO ODV
  • Swell Sundays: Ballito Pro Closing Party

Don’t miss out on any of this #LiveTheLegacy fun as The Ballito Pro, presented by Billabong, celebrates its milestone 50th edition at KwaDukuza.

For more information, visit:


Facebook :




Snapchat: Username – TheBallitoPro

The Ballito Pro pres. by Billabong is proudly supported by the KwaDukuza Municipality, Billabong, Capitec, Casio G-Shoc, 5FM, Monster Energy, Zigzag Surfing Magazine, World Surf League (WSL), Surfing South Africa (SSA), SMG Rocks, Coco De Mer and Fiamma.

Stay posted on The Sardine News

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JBay Winterfest 2018 – All The Facts

Jordy Smith winning his Round 1 heat scoring a Perfect 10 JBay Winterfest. Smith will trying again at this years JBay Winterfest 2018

JBay Winterfest 2018 Quick Facts

Matt Wilkinson © WSL/Cestari

JBay – The JBay Winterfest 2018 promises to be an action-packed two weeks of sports and cultural events, with an amazing line-up of competitions and happenings. The town of JBay will light up for this festival, with foreign competitors and media flocking into town for the festival, along with local competitors, media, spectators and fans, as all the various tournaments unfold.

Corona Open JBay Men and Women

Now entering its sixth year, the JBay Winterfest is anchored by the Corona Open JBay Men’s and Women’s Championship Tour (CT) surfing event at Supertubes, presented by the World Surf League. World champions, former event champions and everyone else on the CT will be present, including John John Florence, Kelly Slater, Jordy Smith, Filipe Toledo and tour rookie Mikey February. On the Women’s side we can expect Steph Gilmore, Carissa Moore, Lakey Peterson and Tatiana Weston-Web amongst others. The waiting period for the events are from 2-16 July.

Carissa Moore © WSL/Cestari

Other events include:

The Oakley X-Over.

This celebrity cross-over event comprises golf, mountain biking and surfing, and confirmed entries include Jean De Villiers, Butch James, Tonderai Chavhanga, Garreth McClellan, Ruan De Smidt and John Smit, to name a few. It will take place on 5-6 July.

Tom Whitaker © Kolesky/Nikon/Lexar

The Funduro.

Slake Adventures will be hosting their fifth JBay Winterfest Funduro this year. The main loop consists of 15 km single track and is measured as easy-medium in difficulty. The terrain will consist of both flat and technical riding. The new unridden terrain will be super fun with some surprises on the way. The event will take place on Saturday 7 July.

Funduro action © Kody McGregor

The JBay Windfarm MTB Classic.

Established as one of the top events on the Eastern Cape off-road calendar, the JBay Wind Farm MTB Classic promises to once again be a highlight of the JBay Winterfest.

Over the past five years, organisers of the JBay Wind Farm MTB Classic have worked each year to innovate and improve both the routes and rider experience. The event will take place 14 July

Photo © Jazz Kuschke

Endurade JBay X Trail Run

The Endurade JBayX is unique in concept, entailing 3 individual 20Km trail runs, all starting 12-hours apart, showcasing the best of the Jeffreys Bay area. The total distance covered will be just over 60km.

A 10km trail run and 5km fun beach run / walk will be presented on Sunday 15 July, starting at 9:00am and 10:00am respectively. Both these events will be suitable for families, friends, supporters and first time trail runners. This takes place from 13-15 July.

Coldwater Classic

Now in its 6th year, the Coldwater Classic forms part of the JBay Winterfest being held from 2nd – 17th July 2018 in Jeffreys Bay.

Swimmers can experience the thrill and challenge of swimming a triple mile in sub 15 degree water where swimmers wear one Speedo type costume, goggles and a standard silicone swim cap (English Channel swimming rules apply). This takes place on 8 July.

Skins Fishing Competition

The 6th Winterfest Skins Fishing Competition will be taking place during this year’s JBay Winterfest. This event has seen massive growth over the past five years and is now one of the biggest and most unique shore angling competitions in South Africa!

It is literately divided into six mini comps or ‘skins’ each lasting one hour. The person who catches the highest-scoring fish for that hour will win the R3000 cash ‘skin’ and any other prizes allocated to that skin. If it happens that no fish are recorded for any skin, the cash (and other prizes) will carry over to the next skin (this will then be worth R6000) etc. This takes place on 14 July.

More information on the JBay Winterfest can be found at

Co-sponsors include Oakley and the Kouga Municipality.

The event hash tag is #jbaywinterfest

The JBay Winterfest social media channels:



Instagram: @jbaywinterfest

Follow The Sardine News for more updates.

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The hottest New Years ever! Ocean Fest 2017/18

Ocean Fest 2017

The hottest New Years ever! Ocean Fest 2017/18

The hottest New Years ever was the feeling for the 2017/2018 years Ocean Fest, staged at Fatimas Nest, Praia do Tofo, Inhambane, in Southern Mozambique.


Starting the 27th December 2017, the music poured on out.into the night. Night after night! Daytimes filled with jazzy rocky outfits and local performances. And bang into the New Years party. On the hottest day of the year! And for sure, after super hot days like the 31st, the heavens opened that evening. For 20 minutes. The inevitable eventuality was well foreseen. All were dry and dancing right through the balmy, palmy night.

Music ranged through all the party genres and local talent – delivered by a long list of acts. Many from Mozambique, with the International acts.

The décor, the light show and the sound flooded the dance floor with new years party vibes. The countdown took everyone by complete surprise. When the sun came up on 2018, the party was still in full swing.


The Ocean Fest was started in 2008, by Fatimas Nest and a handful of willing musicians and DJ’s. It has grown into something wild with fun and numbers – now, a very talked about event. Many Tofo lovers making the pilgrimage back each year.

Ocean awareness is the driving motivation behind the festival’s conception. Fatimas Nest is involved in many marine conservation activities in the Inhambane area. The sparkling clean beach the very next morning is a great example, that others could easily follow.

Providing alternative means for the local community to make a living, is probably the most immediate and powerful measure that can be taken, to relieve pressure on the vital marine life that Mozambique is blessed with. This measure has a direct focus on the waters right there. Which will have an immediate effect on the marine life out front. If this was the focus of all lodges in the area, a tangible difference would be felt. There are upwards of 80 temporary staffers involved now, plus the permanent compliment, in the Ocean Fest.

Praia do Tofo

The town of Tofo has been non-stop fun all over again. Fatimas Nest has been abuzz with international and local holidaymakers alike. And there have been distractions going on all over the place. Even the surf has been coming to the party. The fishing has been great too. Divers loving the crystal clear waters.

If you would like to find yourself right in the epi-centre of all this action, you best get in touch and make your booking for next year. Bungalows are great value. There are sunset ones facing over the wetlands. And beach bungalows, giving you an early sunrise and ocean views. There are also cool dorm setups. And a sizeable campsite, with all you need. Clean ablutions. Rustic kitchen. Plug points.

Set construction

Fatimas Nest grew in size as the preparations, which started a month back, constructed the Ocean Fest 2017/18 set. Beach bars sprang up. Rain cover was erected. Huge sound equipment installed. Lights. Camera. Action!

Construction time again at Fatimas.

Almost done!

Media Coverage

Like last year, and the year before, a full video production is on the go, and will be published on The Sardine News, and on the Fatimas website, the minute it becomes available. You can watch the 2017/2018 event right here for now.

This year, TVM vans were parked around, and expensive looking cameras roamed all over. Watch the news!

Next year, a social net and video news stream will be run right through the Ocean Fest. With many acts going live on YouTube / Facebook. This will run through The Sardine News networks, servers and streaming facilities, who will be on site throughout the 2018/2019 event.

2018/2019 Program

As the Ocean Fest has grown, so has the crew at Fatimas Nest gained the invaluable experience that it takes to stage such a big event. Next year promises even more fun – more acts – more everything. And again, you can be assured of a well managed event, with safety and security being the number one priority.

Fatimas Activities

There is an all new activity centre at Fatimas in Tofo right now. Diving, snorkelling, surfing, fishing, sailing, island hopping…can be arranged right at reception. Or online at, where an online booking system will run.


Fatimas Nest website:

The Sardine News:


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Tofo Ocean Festival 2017

Tofo Ocean Festival 2017

Right on the beach at Fatimas each year! The Tofo Ocean Festival 2017 looks to be the biggest yet. Check out the post party clip for last years event and festivities…

And details for the 2017 event…

Tofo Ocean Festival 2017
Tofo Ocean Festival 2017

Praia do Tofo is the grand stage for the New Years celebrations here in Mozambique 2017. There is something going on in every corner of the party-infused town. But none as big as the main event – the Tofo Ocean Festival 2017. Held at Fatimas Nest – right on Tofo Beach. Over New Years. 27 December 2017 to 1 January 2018!

It’s an ocean festival, aimed at increasing ocean awareness – but it’s all about the music through the summer nights. In full New Year swing, the sun comes up all too soon every day. DJs and musos line up to contribute to the show. They come from all over the place.

The people also come from far and wide for the Ocean Festival and Praia do Tofo. The Tofo “gridlock” turns into an endless street party all leading to Fatimas.

Fatimas for breakfast in Tofo starts at 7am
Fatimas – the scene of the Tofo Ocean Festival 2017

Best leave your car where it is and walk and dance the night away. The town has already started filling up. It’s gonna be a really big year at this


You can see past years productions on the Fatimas website at

And more about Fatimas at


Post prepared by The Sardine News

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Scholtz sardine run talk at Crocworld on 12 August

Scholtz Sardine Run Talk at Crocworld


Scholtz sardine run talk at Crocworld on 12 August

Local scuba diving operator Pieter Scholtz from Crystal Divers will deliver a talk titled the “greatest Shoal on Earth” focusing on this year’s sardine run at Crocworld Conservation Centre on Saturday 12 August.

“The talk will be a highlight of this year’s program and is regarding a topic which affects all of the locals living along the coast in one way or another. It is going to be fantastic to get insight into the journey of these little silver fish,” commented Crocworld Conservation Centre spokesperson Martin Rodrigues.

The sardine run of southern Africa occurs from May through July when millions of sardines – or more specifically the Southern African pilchard Sardinops sagax – spawn in the cool waters of the Agulhas Bank and move northward along the east coast of South Africa. Their sheer numbers create a feeding frenzy along the coastline. The run, containing millions of individual sardines, occurs when a current of cold water heads north from the Agulhas Bank up to Mozambique where it then leaves the coastline and goes further east into the Indian Ocean.

Scholtz’s talk will end with a multi-media presentation showcasing some of the highlights of the recent Sardine Run.

Tickets for the talk will cost R75 per adult and R35 for pensioners. Registration and welcoming will begin from 8:30am and the talk will commence at 9:00am. Tickets will entitle guests to complimentary teas and coffees, as well as access to the Crocworld Conservation Centre’s vast grounds and Izinyoni Indigenous Nursery. Lunch can be purchased from the onsite Le Rendez-Vous restaurant.

To avoid disappointment, tickets for the talk must be reserved in advance. For bookings, contact Crocworld Conservation Centre on 039 976 1103 or email crocworld. Account Details: Crocworld (Crookes Brothers Limited) Banking Details: FNB, Branch: Scottburgh, Branch Code: 220227, Account Number: 53640119111. Please e-mail proof of payment to crocworld

(Image: Supplied by Pieter Scholtz)







Issued on behalf of:

Martin Rodrigues

General Manager: Crocworld Conservation Centre

Disseminated by:

Olivia Jones Communications

For more information please contact:

Olivia Jones Communications

Cell: 083 653 1720

Email: media

 Scholtz Sardine Run Talk at Crocworld



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Excellent Surf Conditions Greet Top Surfers For Round 2 Of Corona Open JBay

Corona Open JBay

Excellent Surf Conditions Greet Top Surfers For Round 2 Of Corona Open JBay

Fresh news in from Jarvi…

Supertubes, JBay – The waves at Supertubes in JBay were absolutely perfect for the elimination round 2 of the Corona Open JBay. Four to six-foot lines peeled down the point all day from a10:30 AM start, and were still reeling down perfectly as the sun went down.

There were some radical performances throughout the day, a few upsets and a few surprises. Jadson Andre (Bra) eliminated Kolohe Andino (USA) in what was the biggest upset of the day, and Filipe Toledo (Bra) was the most outstanding surfer of the day with a 10-point ride and a heat total of 19.63.

Jadson Andre © WSL / Kelly Cestari

Eleven times world champion Kelly Slater was injured free surfing Boneyards today and has withdrawn from the event. His injury will give Filipe Toledo a pass through round 3.

An injured Kelly Slater is carried from the water © WSL / Sherman

In another close heat, Leo Fioravanti (ITA) defeated Sebastian Zietz (Haw) in a closely fought encounter. Fioravanti will now face lone South African Jordy Smith in round 3.

Leo Fioravanti © WSL / Tostee

Rookie surfer Ezekiel Lau from Hawaii had a close heat with Brazilian goofy footer Wiggolly Dantes, with the powerful Hawaiian emerging victorious from the exchange after a few powerful barrels through the inside Carpark section.

The forecasts are showing large surf over the next few days, and event organisers are spoiled for choice. Large surf has been called Tuesday 18th, and even larger surf for Thursday 20th.

Filipe Toledo banked the highest score of the day with a heat total of 19.63 © WSL / Tostee

Other happenings at the JBay Winterfest 2017 include the JBay Windfarm MTB Classic, The JBay Loggers Classic, the Endurade JBay X Trail Run, The Oakley X Over, a Kite Festival, the Fishing Skins tournament, a Funduro and more.

More details at

Co-sponsors include Oakley, Kouga Municipality, Vodacom4U and First Choice.

The event hash tag is #jbaywinterfest

The JBay Winterfest social media channels:



Twitter: @jbaywinterfest

Instagram: @jbaywinterfest

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Scenes from the Jbay Winterfest 2017

Jbay Winterfest from the beach

Jbay Winterfest 2017

Some scenes taken down at the Jbay Winterfest 2017, last week, by KC Coetzer.. Whilst Jordy battles his way through the field on his quest for a world title. Something he has his sights set squarely on.

The next call for surfing another heat or two at Supers, will be made at 10am this morning.

You can follow the contest here…

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Bliksem groot tuna wins at Shelley Beach 2017

Bliksem groot tuna

Bliksem groot tuna wins at Shelley Beach 2017

After an interesting week of fishing, the absolutely magnificent yellow fin tuna caught on Bliksem, took first prize. At the 2017 Mercury Shelley Beach fishing tourney held this past week.

40.9kg’s May not break the scales in Cape waters, but here in KZN Natal, that is a seriously big yellowfin. Massive actually. The normal tuna we catch here only hang about until they hit about 35kg’s. Making them sexually mature. Which is the point in their lifecycle when these bigger fish hit the tuna lanes out deep. Half way between us and Madagascar and all the way down to Cape Town – on that line. About two hundred miles out.  And become breeding stock. And open season to anyone with a ship!

Overall the fishing wasn’t that great, but as usual it was a well run event with lots of excitement and thrills.

A great fish for a winner!

Thanks to Craig Bell Roberts at The Tackle Box in Shelley Beach, for keeping us up-to-date and for providing the photographs.

Click here for more information on The Tackle Box.

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JBay Winterfest: World Class Surfing Conditions Forecast For JBay

Jordy Smith winning his Round 1 heat scoring a Perfect 10 JBay Winterfest. Smith will trying again at this years JBay Winterfest 2018

JBay Winterfest: World Class Surfing Conditions Forecast For JBay

Supertubes, JBay – The World Surf League (WSL) Commissioner’s Office at the Corona Open JBay have put the contest on hold again today (Friday) as they wait expectantly for what promises to be epic conditions approaching. The surf at Supertubes is contestable today, but the northwest devil wind is making it bumpy and unpleasant.

The country is about to be hit by a strong storm and very cold conditions, with snow forecast in many places, and the resultant weather should see excellent waves make landfall at JBay.

The good surf should start filling in at Supertubes on Saturday afternoon, and the forecast is looking  strong for the rest of next week. Contest officials are watching the swell maps closely and will continue to monitor the approaching storm.

“Three storms will supply a lot of open ocean swell from Sunday to the end of the swell period. At this stage it’s a bit of a challenge to see how much bends into JBay,” said Spike from “These storms will bring varied surf conditions all the way through to the end of the waiting period, with the third storm bringing swell with a better direction Friday intoSaturday.”

South African surfers Jordy Smith, Dale Staples and Mikey February are all in the event, and will be competing in the first round when the contest commences.

Two times event champion and currently ranked third in the world, Jordy Smith will hit the water in heat 5 of round one. ©WSL/Kirstin Scholtz

The cold weather approaching is going to see the Cold Water Swim Classic presented by Nicholas Melck live up to its name. The swim has been part of the JBay Winterfest since the festival’s inception, and this year will be the fifth year this extreme event takes place.

The swim takes place on Sunday 16 July, and the Mile, Double Mile and Triple Mile all start at9:30am. The water will be chilly for the event, and the air temperature for the morning of the event is showing a fresh 11 degrees on the forecast.

Minimum ages on race day apply as follows – 1 Mile (9 years), 2 Mile (12 years). For the 3 Mile, swimmers have to be 14 years or older in the year of the event.

Registrations are open, and more information can be found at

Other happenings at the JBay Winterfest 2017 include the JBay Windfarm MTB Classic, The JBay Loggers Classic, the Endurade JBay X Trail Run, The Oakley X Over, a Kite Festival, the Fishing Skins tournament, a Funduro and more.

More details at

Co-sponsors include Oakley, Kouga Municipality, Vodacom4U and First Choice.

The event hash tag is #jbaywinterfest

The JBay Winterfest social media channels:



Twitter: @jbaywinterfest

Instagram: @jbaywinterfest


For JBay Winterfest information contact:

Koffie Jacobs



Event spokesperson:

Brenton Williams


t. 083 549 6795


Media enquiries:

Craig Jarvis


t. 082 376 4443

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Mercury Shelly Beach Ski Boat Festival 2017 is ON!

The Mercury Shelley Beach Ski Boat Club comp

Mercury Shelly Beach Ski Boat Festival 2017 is ON!

It’s that busy time of the year again, when teams from all over the country assemble to compete in Shelley Beach. The Mercury Shelly Beach Ski Boat Festival 2017 is ON!

You can read all about it right here…

We have a few correspondents around the place, and will keep you posted as the event unfolds.

First report in is from Craig at The Tackle Box ( – right close to the Shelley Beach Ski-Boat Club (or more officially The Sonny Evans Small Craft Harbour). Craig reports that yesterday’s leader was Gert Kruggel on the boat Poker Face. They hauled a nice 23.5kg yellowfin to the scales.

Another really good fish reported was a 12.5kg Dorado, and then this nice 19.5kg yellowfin tuna by young Owen Barclay.

Mercury Shelly Beach Ski Boat Festival 2017
Nice at the Mercury Shelly Beach Ski Boat Festival 2017

This morning’s weather was absolutely fantastic, so those leader fish will most certainly be challenged proper this afternoon at the scales.

Stay in touch for news from the Mercury Shelley Beach Ski-Boat Club comp…with the weather gone bad mid-morning, the weigh in for today might have started already!

Thanks to Craig at The Tackle Box right at Shelley Beach, for the news and pics…


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2017 Blue Marlin World Cup by Captain Duarte Rato

2017 Blue Marlin World Cup

2017 Blue Marlin World Cup by Captain Duarte Rato

Well it’s over in day, a long day however…and when the smoke cleared, it was Done Deal out of Orange Beach in Alabama, fishing in the Gulf of Mexico – that took top honours.

Enjoy a great roundup by Captain Duarte Rato – from Madeira, where he was fishing the tournament in the Mozambican team (no, not on a dhow?!).

The 4th July Blue Marlin World Cup 2017 The 4th of July Blue Marlin World Cup is a unique tournament in the sense that it is fished all over the World simultaneously. It´s a one day event for a single species where teams fish for 8 hours (8h30 to 16h30) in their respective time zone´s…

via The 4th July Blue Marlin World Cup 2017 —



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Jordy Smith wins at Ballito 2017

Ballito Pro 2021is on! Jordy Smith flying high at the 2017 Ballito Pro

O’Neill Surfer Jordy Smith Wins Ballito Pro.

A victorious Jordy Smith © Van Gysen

Ballito – O’Neill surfer and third rated Championship Tour competitor Jordy Smith won the Ballito Pro presented by Billabong in front of a packed beach of local spectators on Saturday 8 July, defeating natural-footed Brazilian Willian Cardoso. This is Smith’s second Ballito Pro win, with his previous victory at the event back in 2010.

The big South African overcame a stomach bug that almost disrupted his charge in mid-week to reach the final. He managed to overcome the illness to find unrivaled rhythm for the rest of the event, and charged all the way through to the final day, when he found his peak performance.

“Obviously I love being in Ballito, this will always be the first real contest that I ever competed in on the international stage, so there’s a lot of history and it means a lot to me,” said Jordy of the contest. “It’s a great opportunity for me to stay in tune.”

The theory worked, and he was in tune for the final day in good, contestable conditions at Willard Beach. Smith first eliminated Brazilian goofy-footer Miquel Pupo in the quarterfinals, before beating fellow South African Mikey February in the semi-finals.

“Secretly I was a little bummed for Mikey February. I would have liked to be in the finals with him,” commented Smith on the Kommetjie surfer. “I just wish him all the best, I really hope he brings it and joins me on the tour next year.”

In the final it was Jordy up against the powerful Brazilian Willian Cardoso in the powerful right-handers spinning off over the Willard Beach sandbank. Both surfers had a decent start, until Jordy picked up a set wave, saw a ramp section and took to the skies for arguably the biggest air move of the entire event and a score of 9.73, leaving Cardoso chasing a massive score at the back end of the heat.

Jordy found the ramps and took to the skies in the final. © Van Gysen

“I had a bit of a slow start, but I ended up sticking that first air and from there I was actually enjoying my surf out there,” said Smith. “Eventually I got that one wave with a nice section and got one of the biggest ramps all week and just went for it and I landed it.”

“I’m really happy with my performance this week and hopefully I can take this momentum to J-Bay,” said Smith. “It’s such an honour winning this event with so many of my friends and family here.”

Ballito finals day video recap.

His win will see Smith receive a massive boost of confidence as he heads to Jeffreys Bay for the Corona Open JBay – Stop No. 6 of 11 on the WSL Championship Tour starting on Wednesdaywhere he is a former two-time event winner, having banked wins in 2010 and 2011.

Before the Corona Open JBay starts, Smith will be heading up a Memorial Paddle Out in honour of legendary waterman and the pioneer of the wetsuit, Jack O’Neill. The paddle out is open to all, and surfers are encouraged to meet Jordy and friends at the Lower Point Car Park in JBay onMonday 10 July at 8:30am. For further information please visit the Facebook Event Page.


For more on Jack O’Neill, watch the I Knew Jack O’Neill memorial movie below.


The Memorial Paddle Out is a forerunner event to the JBay Winterfest. For more information on the multi-sport and cultural festival, taking place in JBay go to


For further information contact

O’Neill South Africa brand director Paul Canning on


c. 0827271722


Compiled and distributed by

Craig Jarvis


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Cape Verde Blue Marlin are eager to please



This is the only big game tournament worldwide that allows teams to fish anywhere in the world – for 8 hours, in their own time zones. The World Cup is for 1 day only, for 1 species only and with 1 winner only. It’s a WINNER TAKES ALL scenario.

It’s a WINNER TAKES ALL scenario.

$5,000 Entry fee includes everyone on the boat. Pay another $8,000 to enter the BIG BLUE CHALLENGE – for those who want to win an even BIGGER AWARD, (see rule 10). In 2016 this division was won with a 625 pound Bermuda blue marlin.

Fish your own boat or charter a team in any of the big blue marlin hot spots around the world. If you live in New York, go to Bermuda; if in Australia, charter a boat in Fiji or if in Las Vegas, why not fly to Kona to fish? The World Cup has been won in 10 locations around the world with many more famous blue marlin hot spots not yet producing a winner.

On July 4 make sure your team is ready to win hundreds of thousands of dollars, not to mention bragging rights for having caught the biggest blue while competing against some of the top sport fishing teams around the globe.

Make sure you get to do this!

Click here to go to the official website…

And follow our very own Captain Duarte Rato as he battles it out with the big boys. With the Facebook embed below. Luckily Duarte is in Madeira and hot on the trail of the first prize. Yesterday they released a blue that most likely would win the tournament if it was today. Or at least put them way in the running.

Stay tuned for updates as they come through…it’s a real exciting tournament as it plays out across the globe.

Over to you Duarte!

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Wetlands in KZN Talk to be held at Crocworld Conservation Centre on 8 July

Wetlands in KZN Talk to be held at Crocworld Conservation Centre on 8 July

Fresh news in from OJ concerning the fragile and important wetland systems endowed to us…”

Popular guest speaker and renowned horticulturalist Geoff Nichols will be presenting a talk at Crocworld Conservation Centre in Scottburgh (Kwa Zulu-Natal South Coast) on 8 July. Nichols will focus his talk on Wetlands in KZN.

“My talk will be a ramble through the wetlands both wild and illusionary (human constructed) in my travels for work and pleasure. I will touch on why we have to conserve and manage our sponges in this country. It is not a technical talk, but rather a fun visit to places that when walking through them, you get your feet wet,” commented Nichols.

Nichols has diplomas in agriculture, horticulture, and parks and recreation administration, all of which came in useful during the 21 years he spent working for the Durban Parks Department. He specialises particularly in indigenous gardening, and pioneered the cultivation of indigenous medicinal plants at the Silverglen Medicinal Plant Nursery. In 1996, Nichols set up his own horticultural consultancy, and has published several books on a variety of topics, including plant propagation, medicinal plants, and wild gardening.

“Mr Nichols is an amazing guest speaker and is incredibly knowledgeable. This talk will be a fascinating one – that’s for sure,” commented Martin Rodrigues, General Manager: Crocworld Conservation Centre.

Tickets for the talk will cost R75 per adult and R35 for pensioners. Registration and welcoming will begin from 8:30am and the talk will commence at 9:00am. Tickets will entitle guests to complimentary teas and coffees, as well as access to the Crocworld Conservation Centre’s vast grounds, Izinyoni Indigenous Nursery and the Le- Rendez- Vous restaurant.


To avoid disappointment, tickets for the talk must be reserved in advance. For bookings, contact Crocworld Conservation Centre on 039 976 1103 or 083 654 9651 or Account Details: Crocworld (Crookes Brothers Limited) Banking Details: FNB, Branch: Scottburgh, Branch Code: 220227, Account Number: 53640119111. Please fax the proof of payment to 039 978 3279.

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Mias half price sale is on today!

Mias half price sale is on today

Mias half-price sale is on today

There is gonna be some serious traffic today in Johannesburg as word gets out that Mias half price sale is on today! All three Mias stores – Woodmead, Benoni and Randburg, participate in the well-staged show of solidarity with their customers, each year…

Time to take advantage and stock your tackle room even more!

See you there!


This is more contemporary…

Follow us on YouTube at

By The Sardine News.