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Breakfast at Casa de Comer

Casa de Comer in Tofo, Inhambane
Casa de Comer in Tofo, Inhambane, Mozambique

 Laura, the new force at Casa de Comer in Tofo, has introduced a breakfast menu, that you will remember all day!

Of the four options, the good old English Breakfast, with crispy fried pork sausages, a wad of bacon, a huge salad, two eggs and toast with real butter…is our favourite! And all going for 150 Mets…that’s R50! There are healthy and vegetarian breakfasts too, and it is served up in minutes!

Casa de Comer encourages the local community to grow fresh vegetables and other raw materials, and it is on this organic foundation that their menu is based. Their Franco-Mozambican theme has been a favorite around here for many, many years, and Laura and her friendly staff have really been serving it up!


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