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Light tackle fishing Bazaruto

Light tackle fishing Bazaruto: news in from Captain Duarte Rato

After more than 2 weeks of calm weather it had to go sterile and pea soup water moved into the grounds really bad and the water line was out between 140 and 300 meters for a few days. We still had a few Blacks on the inside and went out wide and had a number of Blues but it was slow and consequently we fished light tackle plugging and spinning on the reefs. For that period, down south the big eyes and green spot GT´s were feeding on top every afternoon, fasting on tiny spraties. It was hard to get them to bite but we always released a few and there was some small GT´s mixed in the mayhem. Up north, we got reefed by a couple of big GT´s but mostly it was the small kingies that kept us really busy.

We don’t do it that often but light tackle fishing is absolutely awesome  @ Baz…

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