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11 June 2024 Sardine News Report HUGE Sharks

HUGE SHARKS 11 June 2024 Sardine Run Update

11 June 2024 Sardine News Report HUGE Sharks

11 June 2024 Sardine News Report HUGE Sharks: Kevin gonna do today’s report…

Morning, chaps. This is Kevin from Qora Mouth, just north of Mazepa Bay in the southern Transkei. Well, that huge shoal of sards that passed us two and a half weeks ago is the same shoal that’s now on the KZN South Coast. Another wonderful day of netting went on today. We’ve heard reports of a, big net came out and Sezela saw a video of that.

Lots of sardines right in the shorebreak, guys throwing throw nets, cast nets, and just pulling out huge nets from the beach. But we’ve seen also on some videos, some extremely large sharks right on the seashore. They’re in the shore break in water that that actually is way too shallow for them.

And this is where the, the public are going in to, to scoop up sardines. So guys, just keep in mind that there are lots of predators in the water. And they’re not necessarily gonna be attacking you, but they could bite by, by accident and because they’re in a feeding frenzy. So just remember safety, safety first, stay out of the water at all costs.

It’s not worth it to go and run in and try and scoop up sards with your shirt or with a little net. And, um, anything more than ankle deep or knee deep, you’re looking for trouble. So safety first.

I’m giving these sards about two to three days and then they should be coming around the bluff onto the Durban beachfront and the shoals big enough to definitely make that passage possible.

They do start moving a lot slower once they hit the KZN waters and mainly due to predator activity. So yeah, they don’t have far to go, probably 40 to 50 kilometers and, and there’ll be on the Durban beach front. Anyway, that’s all I’ve got for now. Except us here at Sardine News Would like to offer our sincere condolences to Goolam’s family one of the netters who unfortunately had a tragic accident today in their rubber duck and so far probably two casualties So, yes we’re very sorry for that Anyway chaps, keep it real conserve and protect and Let’s look after the marine environment Have a good time with these sards, but be careful.

And as I said, safety first, stay out of the water, lots of toothy critters out there. That’s all I got for now. I’ll keep you updated as things happen. Cheers.

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    1. Use The Sardine Sightings Map for 2024 available in the menu above…

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