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10 June 2024 Where do Sardines even Come From?

10 June 2024 Where do Sardines Come From

10 June 2024 Where do Sardines even Come From?

10 June 2024 Where do Sardines even Come From?: Sometimes in life, you got to make important decisions. And it ain’t no different for sardines!

In this 10 June 2024 Sardine News update, we have an overload of entertaining and informative video. To everyone who sent clips in, especially the dude in the flying machine, a huge THANK you from all of us who follow things here at The Sardine News. Your contributions are giving the public a 3D look at what goes on at the beach during these fun times.

Enjoy the video…

Monday 10 June 2024

Will go down as one of the most beautiful and memorable days in sardine run history. It all just unfolded so fast. The ocean here in KZN recovers quick, but tghis was lightning speed. Clean water hugging the coastline making for the most picturesque sardine scenes ever.

A handful of nets went in. And some were huge! 400 Crates type thing!

Where do sardines come from?

But the main story in this report is Kevin brushing on where these sardines and actually live. And what choices they faced, in order to get all this way from home.

It is fascinating stuff. And is complemented by animations and video as Kevin explains the life cycle of Sardinops Sagax, our beloved sardines.

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  1. Good morning.
    Hoping to see the sardines this year. Can only go on Saturday, where do you recommend we go?
    Many thanks

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