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100lb kob tagged and released by Gerrard Powell in Port Edward


100lb kob tagged and released by Gerrard Powell in Port Edward

100lb kob tagged and released by Gerrard Powell in Port Edward this very morning (6 November 2021): Imagine this. You wake up nice and early. Get your two little daughters in the car with you. Down to the rocks in the idyllic Port Edward, KZN, South Africa – to meet Mr. Ant Nel, fellow angler. And who was your teacher at the very school you went to, just a minute walk down the beach.

You set out to get a few casts in between watching out for the girls, and next thing, after a HUGE episode, you are in the water, disbelievingly setting free your kob of a lifetime.

All 100lbs of it!

With a tag in it! Stuck in by no other than Mr. Ant Nel.

Now that’s teachin’!

Chances of Survival

As we all know very well, these fish are our breeding stock. And this guy or gal had a great chance of surviving. He or she was well-rested. Well handled mostly (hand in gills can be debatable but in this case looks ok – horizontal dragging, no real gravity pulling, slippery rocks).

And one thing is for sure, it sure has far more chance of survival in the water, than out.


I don’t think any self-respecting sport angler would be seen dead in a photo – with a fish like this – dead.

The chances for survival for this fish are real. I am sure hoping that it’s swimming around with its mates right again. Telling them not to go near anything that looks like a paddletail!


The tag might tell…

And that’s the point. If you (un)luck into one of these breeding fish, you just need to treat it so well and get it back in the water asap, as these guys did. Luckily Ant Nel was there and he keeps his tagging kit in his back pocket. Which really saved the day. Letting a fish go without a tag in it, doesn’t make too much sense to most. The tag really validates the release.

Kudos Mr. Nel! Still teachin’!

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