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Shell is asking for it by blasting the Wild Coast for gas

Shell is asking for it by blasting the Wild Coast for gas

Shell is asking for it by blasting the Wild Coast for gas: time to act! If you think that blasting a huge airgun off underwater on the pristine coastline of the Transkei Wild Coast, in search of fossil fuels is uncool, then you know what to do!

To become more familiar with the unfolding travesty, wherein whales, dolphins and all sorts of other protected marine animals are directly put under threat by this barbaric practice of seismic sounding for oil and gas reserves, please see the article linked below. By the super awesome people who have brought this hectic issue to light so timeously. And have arranged things easy below so we can all get involved.

We are well in time to get a really big ball rolling…please read…

THIS ARTICLE…(it will open in a new window)

This flagrant bullshit being allowed by the government (they are always trying to get their hands on that gas ou there – our gas) has to be stopped. Now. At any and all costs.

What you can do

All interested parties…

Please can you respond to the environmental assessor:
1) – you send your comments/ objections to:-
SLR Consulting (South Africa) (Pty) Ltd
Attention: Eloise Costandius
PO Box 798, Rondebosch, 7701
5th Floor Letterstedt House, Newlands on Main Building, Newlands, 7700 Tel: (021) 461 1118 WhatsApp / SMS: 063 900 5536

SLR are managing both the the Shell and the CGG surveys. You can register as an interested and affected party by simply asking Eloise above to put you on their lis. Thereafter you will be informed of all their progress. The more voices objecting to both surveys the better. Please pass all links on to your social networks.
Thanks for your concern,
c/o Oceans Not Oil

So email urgently and get yourself on that list of interested and affected parties.

Please, all of you, do this…now!

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