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Who are these people advertising on The Sardine News?


Who are these people advertising on The Sardine News?

Who are these people advertising on The Sardine News?: The Sardine News is still powered by good old advertising. Excepting these days, it’s far more intrusive. Because it knows all about you!

This is both good and very bad. Privacy debates rage on as Zuck and cronies sell our souls as data to the highest bidders.

The advertisers on The Sardine News!

The Sardine News Advertising Complaints Commission

Because of this, we took steps and started The Sardine News’ Advertising Complaints Commission. Which recently received this…

“Really enjoying your site except for the dodgy ads…”

Ok, so let me explain how it works…

Google reads every single email, follows you around the internet wherever you go, follows your location with your cellphone and can even listen to your conversations. In all manners of ways. Not just phones. Speakers. Home systems. All sorts fo devices are ‘intelligent’ and can be used to spy on you with. And they store this data and sell your profile to advertisers. Whose ads end up on this website.

So the ads you see, are based on your behaviour and profile!

This is how Facey does it…

These are the ways that FB and WP listen to you. Form their profiles on you. And what my advertisers then pay FB, to target to you specific ads. These ads are meant to suit your lifestyle and assist you.

  • WhatsApp: all of it (you clicked yes) they use every keystroke to spy on you with
  • Facebook: interested only in big data profiteering – they even buy data from your loyalty card programs to build the 52 000 point profile they have on all of you. Location. Bank. Credit score. Occupation etc…
  • programs inside of some apps you download, that listen to every word – looking out for keywords – further building your profile – and notifying Google who sell this information on in the form of targeted advertising.

Our all-new (back to basics) ad strategy

And so. The ads you see, you chose! And that’s how it works.

If you see dodgy ads on this website, or any other site that carries big tech banner advertising – get your mind out of the gutter. 🙂

They know what you are thinking.

However, we are not going to disband the commission, No, rather we are going to look for our very own advertisers. The ones we know will be relevant to surfers, fishermen and divers.

And conservationists!

For that is who we are! There is no need to spy on anyone to reach our little miche market.



If you have goods to sell. Services on offer. That would appeal to our niche audience. Don’t pay the big tech nasties to get richer on your data. No. Give us small honest guys a chance.

Give us a shout! Or a shout out! To anyone who might be interested.

And let’s one day be rid of dodgy advertising forever!

Sean on +27793269671 or preferably and more reliably email on

The Sardine News and The Master Watermen are powered by TLC for your Business.

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