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On the 10th and 11th of October we did two half days with Andrew Dickens and his Dad

We light tackle game fished the first morning and did well with 21 yellow fin and wahoo. We had an amazing 5 wahoo at the same time….INSANE!!! We also pulled on a couple of Marlin in the afternoon, so the next morning the guys said theyb wanted to target Marlin exclusively…ALLELUIA it was the first day I started targeting Marlin exclusively…this is what I come here for and with a huge grin I set a beautiful spread of five Marlin lures at 6am.

We caught a couple wahoo and at 7am sharp BANG, there goes the short rigger lure and all hell breaks loose as a big Black jumps.

We hook up and Andrew takes the #50 stand up rod and begins a fight with his first ever Marlin and a good one at that.
An hour into it we get the leader and take a good look at this big chubby fish. It,s another 45 minutes until we get the leader again, place a tag and let her go!!!

She had a lot of girth on her and was easily pushing 700 pounds…the first big girl of the season….

The next day again out for a half day, this time with a couple from the UK who had never fished before. We got some nice wahoo and yellowfin early morning and at 9 I decided to swim a live bait that immediately got taxed.

I decided to put some Marlin lures out and gave the guys a whole briefing and half an hour later there goes the short corner lure and our lady angler jumps in the chair to fight her first ever fish….a Black estimated at 600 pounds!!!!

This fish gave us a show jumping all over and staying on the surface. Meanwhile our ladu angler had an adrenaline breakdown and forget all I had said which meant I could not get on top of the fish right away while it was up. The fish then sounded and our angler come to terms and did a great job putting some pressure on that fish.

Unlucky very close to the boat the hooks come off….awesome experience anyway.

We had to cut the day short when we found a local boat 11 miles out at sea who had lost their propeller….obviously we had to tow them back!!!

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