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Stop Duarte! Stop! This is torture!


Brother the fishing as been absolutely insane…here´s a few reports and pics for the sardine….just been to busy to send anything fishing everyday….blownout today big SA, but out there tomorrow again!!!

After having some insane light tackle fishing over the last two weeks of September when we caught ridiculous amounts of sailfish, yellowfin, wahoo, dorado and others we finally started fishing heavy tackle for Marlin in early October and with perfect conditions the fishing as been insane!!!

First group was Craig Edwards with a few mates and they choose to also fish mostly for game fish and we caught no less than 30 game fish every day including some pretty beefy wahoo and yellowfin in the 20 to 25 kilo range.

We also caught a good number of sailfish including three in a day and to top it off a small 200 pound Black Marlin…

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