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The Sardine Statistics


This months traffic
(without bots)

Hits (-3576) Last value: 6520 2944

Unique visits (-1645) Last value: 3493 1848

This months traffic (bots) Hits (-1119) Last value: 2442 1323

Unique visits (-645) Last value: 1294 649

This years traffic (without bots) Hits (+30475) Last value: 13102 43577

Unique visits (+20308) Last value: 6895 27203

This years traffic (bots)

Hits (+19345) Last value: 8597 27942

Unique visits (+10404) Last value: 6730 17134

Take an online campaign on The Sardine for the year. R1000 get’s you really going. As you can see from the stats – we have a well established audience built up over the years – ready to view your banner and web page (designed by us and included in the R1000). If you have a web site already – great – we will link to it, and count the click-thru’s for you! for more details.

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