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First Sards of 2024!

First Sardines Report of the Season Team MYDO 2024

First Sardines of 2024!!

First Sardines of 2024! Yes, we are all about the sardines here at The Sardine News. And when there are no sardines, we fill in the gaps with salty news from all along our magnificent seaboard.

Enjoy the video…and a lot more to follow…

Today we start in Mozambique where the good weather has just kicked in. The fishing is great. The water is warm and clear. And there have been non-stop waves since we arrived a week ago. It’s been challenging getting this report out here in Moz but it came together ok I think.

Kevin in Qora reports that his ocean is alive and well. And is hosting the migrating humpback whales already! They are on their merry way north and we might start seeing them all along the coastline soon.

The Bear of Master Watermen reports good fishing and good conditions in and around the greater Durban area. Lots of couta up north and some big ones at that.

Then we head to Morgans Bay where we have had a solid sighting of sardines being hammered to pieces. By dolphins, birds and gamefish. Very exciting and exactly what we have been waiting for!

A quick surf report by Brucifire in Jeffreys Bay leads us to Team MYDOs first couta of the season. Way down here off Port Shepstone on the KZN South Coast. It was taken on a MYDO swimming a walla-walla.

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