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Spearfishing news in from Darrell Hattingh…

Darrell reporting on from the south coast of Natal…

Awesome conditions once again after a week of swell Mid-May,the past 3 days
have been flat swell with 8-15m viz middle-lower south coast area with
offshore morning wind and a NE in between..yesterdays North Easter has
swung to a South- West this weekend with the swell lifting marginally.

The garrick seem to have gone a bit quiet with the usual `pilot`shoals
moving through in May and then usually more present come June-July.

Greg De Phillipi caught a good couta of 22kg off the hibberdene area on
Wed.then on thurs. decided to dive off the boat and bagged one on his first
`down`off the hotel area in deep water,whilst he was subduing it there was
a +-30Kg cracker swimming around on the bottom underneath him!
The odd snoek and some bottoms the order of the day otherwise.

Hope conditions hold out!


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