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3 Sharks, 36 Marble Rays killed off Tofo

It was a beautiful looking boat, painted in military grey, when we saw it being trailered in to Tofo. About 20ft long, a typical dhow, refurbished, and looking extra slick – wthout a sail set or masts. It even had an engine! And that’s not all. Turns out is also had a big net. A new, highly efficient one, from the government. In fact, it turns out the whole rig was paid for and supplied to a local group of fishermen, by the government.

Carlos “Big Brother” Macuacua snapped these pics and a video clip, of the dead sharks and rays, in the Tofo market. They were caught in the net of this boat.

The photos show tourists, fishermen and vendors…checking out the spectacle.


The video shows the dead animals and an animated argument between local Mozambicans. Some are saying vehemently how wrong it is, and the fishermen arguing back. Then the opposers state that the fishermen must not sell their sharks in the market, as the tourists see this, and don’t support the market as a whole…in disgust.

Yet, others, in the path of local conservation activist Carlos Macuacua, actually do care. Carlos is affliated to the local organisation Ocean Action and to Bitonga Divers, both entities strongly motivated in conservation of the resource. They hold talks and educational seminars, and contribute to tv productions on environmental matters.

The story has spread through the area rapidly, the next few days will tell if anyone at all, will do something about this catch and this boat.

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