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Sardines off Coffee Bay!

Sardines off Coffee Bay!

HITW hike
Hikers on the trail skirting the cliffs and views on the walk to Hole in the Wall, from Coffee Bay, in the Transkei would have seen all the action. Notice the alow in full bloom Рtraditionally a precursor to the arrival of the sardines.   Pic by Gareth Sparg (c)

Confirmed reports have filtered in about shoals of sardines passing by Coffee Bay in the Transkei, birds diving and dolphins chasing.

The area is inundated with holiday folk chasing after what hopes to be the start of ‘the greatest shoal on earth’. And fisherfolk chasing fish.

Garrick caught next to the Hole in the Wall
Gareth Sparg shot this photo of a spearo with his catch of the day, in the good weather last week. Garrick are always around when the sardines arrive.

The ocean out front of White Clay Resort was where most activity was observed.

Conditions are currently ideal for the shoals of sardines to make their way up north, and hopefully into Natal waters.

The Transkei Wild Coast - (in)famous for so many things...(c) Gareth Sparg
The Transkei Wild Coast – (in)famous for so many things…let your imagination run wild over this spot(c) Gareth Sparg can arrange these views and more…

4 thoughts on “Sardines off Coffee Bay!

  1. so they not just in tins hey..? I hope not but methinks them Chinese swooped in a few years ago and netted the greatest shoal on earth long time ago! hope i’m wrong though!

    1. Roosta did you see that wave?

  2. Stuff the sardines, where is that place, revering to the arial pic with the perfect wave, perfect dive spot!

    1. Yeah man! I know where it is…pretty inaccessible…doubt it has a name…but what a spot!

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