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Sailfish released off Tofinho by 11 year old Callum

Sailfish released off Tofinho by 9 year old Callum

Young Callum and family joined us for a day out in the waters behind Tofinho Point, southern Mozambique, a few years back  – sometimes known as Whale Shark alley. Soon Callum’s uncle Angus was into a nice fish on dropshot, which turned out to be a trophy queenfish – and got it into the hatch and home for dinner, after a gruelling fight on super light tackle.

Then a sailfish grabbed hold of the Mydo sardine bait(#1 Baitswimmer and skirt) and soon was leaping and tail walking around us. It took about 20 minutes and eventually the fish was alongside and good for a nice healthy, yet slightly protracted release.

Inhambane waters are great for family outings like this one. You just got to organise a big boat!

We have the huge Inhambane Bay that is completely flat on the inside and sprawled with islands, sandbanks, channels and bays.

Then out behind the Barra and Tofo points is the famous crystal clear water known for it’s marine wild life population. Whale sharks and manta rays can be encountered on the inside while you are trolling for live bait and in winter time whales come out of the south looking for safety and calm for their new born calves.

Not to mention the sailfish!

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