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Port Edward Catch and Release competition a great success

Port Edward Catch and Release competition a great success

The word is out…the Port Edward Catch and Release Competition was a phenomenal success and looks to be lighting the way for other events to follow. Excitement, suspense, entertainment – are all results of the intriguing new set of rules and arrangements. Photo taking is an integral part of the show, and photos of fish being caught and released are played in the event tent on a big screen each afternoon.

The slightly complicated scoring system was soon easily interpreted and anglers adapted to this positive idea readily. After all, in the past, competitions like the old Port Edward Couta Classic, put immense strain on resources, which are now feeling the effects in their fragile and exploited state.

A hearty congratulations to the forward thinking people who were behind this innovative initiative!

E-Howzit got the winning photo of the winners…thanks guys!

Get the entire story from E-Howzit here

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