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Paddock Bass 2014


Paddock Bass 2014

The Paddock Bass 2014 was another resounding success featuring an avid and remarkably disciplined army of bass fishermen. Starting at crackers way before first light the camp emptied in minutes as the anglers headed for their secret and no so secret dams.
With so many to choose from its remarkable that each year the same dams produce the bigger bags and fish.

The winning fish also remarkably seems to be caught in the first session…the increased activity as the morning goes on certainly seems to warn the bass that something is underfoot.

But it’s a great weekend out – for kids and adults alike…with characteristically excellent organisation and administration.

It was hard work and in sunny conditions…bass fishing certainly builds a thirst…and some teams were distracted by the rugby and cricket on the Paddock Club TV on Saturday afternoon.

As soon as it becomes available we will post the results and sponsor list here on this page.

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