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NO FLOOD Warning: things are looking up!

NO Flood Warning 28-01-24

NO FLOOD Warning: things are looking up!

NO FLOOD Warning: things are looking up! -Yes ok the water is still mostly brown…but the tides are fighting back! And the east wind is drying everything out with gusto.

Yesterday’s delightfully cute little cold front painted the ocean into a perfect picture on the surface. Deep-sea fishing and possibly even surfing (check Umzumbe and Southbroom) will be on the cards today and this week coming up.

Secret spot near Banana Beach looking absolutely beautiful for bronzies and things
Secret spot near Banana Beach looking absolutely beautiful for bronzies and things

Tides and Time

Wait for nobody. And they are both hard at work flushing the pollution from out of the rivers. The sewage and sediment get washed away out to sea in the rainy season. And then in the dry season, the municipalities start the pollution cycle all over again.

This happens in every town and in every river in the country. And is how they get away with it. The cyclical nature of nature is what ALL our municipalities hide behind.

It is possible to run a town without a sewage system in place – by allowing the sewage to rather run in the street. Across the town. Into the stormwater drains. And into the Mzimkulwana RIver, in the case of Harding in UGU’s part of KZN.

Watch that movie right here

Cleaning Up

The water in some bigger estuaries has started to clean up. With the slowing of the flood pulse from last week’s rain (and the rain before that). This weekend features a lovely high tide. And so loads of saltwater will make its way into the estuaries where it can perform its host of biological functions.


Now that the rains have backed off, the predominant fresh water has done many of its duties. One of which is the balancing of the acidity of the ocean.

The other has been the conditioning of the rivers – to be able to handle the next rains (which are coming have no doubt). The strong waters clear out obstacles and scour out the channels. These defined edges and channels can handle a deluge of water far better as the wet season progresses. When it all dries out, the rivers clog up again. Sewage and sediment. Rinse. Repeat.

The week coming up

Tuesday sees some cold front action in KZN again…once again it does not look too bad but we might get some lightning and thunder. Inland up towards the Drakensberg is gonna get pelted. More brown coming down!

But mostly… it’s day after day of the prevailing Beasterly Easterly. And the sunshine that comes with it. Bathing is still dodgy at most places but you can definitely find some clean water if you try.

There are a few flashes on the cyclone radar way up north, but as of today, we are seemingly in the clear. But as you all know, this is a volatile time of the year…and yes…anything can happen. And fast. We will endeavour to let you all know again, but in the meantime enjoy the sunshine.

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