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Making up a MYDO Stripbaitswimmer and other innovative and fun fishing solutions

MYDO StripBaitSwimmer

Making up a MYDO Stripbaitswimmer and other innovative and fun fishing solutions

Making up a MYDO Stripbaitswimmer and a few other innovative and fun fishing solutions: Making this video was heaps of fun. Zero injuries. And a bunch of new innovations that feature at the end of the video. That will definitely contribute to your strike, and hook-up ratios.

We start off showcasing our last videos trace – the MYDO Telescopic Trace specifically tied with big couta aka king mackerel, in mind. And then quickly move on to today’s mission – making up a MYDO StripBaitSwimmer Trace.

Tyning up a MYDO StripBaitSwimmer just in time for the summer gamefish season


This is the most versatile and productive rig in the MYDO Couta Spread. It will catch your live bait. And your trophy fish. Sailfish jump on a well-presented and placed fillet bait. Couta and Natal Snoek love ’em. Jobfish, kingfish, snapper and even reef fish gobble ’em down.

Being a shiny, juicy surface bait – you are in the game with dorado, sailfish and little marlin.

MYDO StripBaitSwimmer rigs quick and easy. A bit of cotton secures the deal for faster trolling.
MYDO StripBaitSwimmer rigs quick and easy…the front hook holds the fillet in place.


Double-wire droppers and 4X back hook. A strong single up front holds the bait in place.


With a thinly sliced fillet cut from a bonito belly shine draped down the length of the droppers, just chuck a couple of these rigs out the back. Staggered. But close. Just inside, and outside the propwash. Where the water is turbulent and foamy. The strike zone.

See the video for 3D depictions of these guys’ positions in the spread.

If you are gonna use a soft bait like sardine, a bit of cotton will be necessary.

New Innovations from MYDO

In development for a number of years, the MYDO BaitFlashers are now available. These flashy stickers go on the outside lower part of the gunwale. There are visuals showing more in the video.

Be the baitball you want to be!

MYDO BaitFlashers
MYDO BaitFlashers are available now.

And a special rig is demonstrated as the MYDO BuckShot which is simply a big old sailfish fly and a nicely weighted MYDO Baitswimmer Silver Bullet leading it out to the backline and beyond.

Thank you for joining us today, this MYDO Tackle Talk channel is becoming a cool place to hang out, even I am enjoying it here!

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