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Fantastic Vilankulos Weather and Fishing going on right now

This is the zone and where you will most likely catch your best fish ever. The Vilankulos weather is epic at this time of the year.

Fantastic Vilankulos Weather and Fishing going on right now

Fantastic Vilankulos Weather and Fishing going on right now: whilst South Africa is being beaten to a pulp by hail in some places, other places are snowing, and there was even a tornado in Standerton – up north in Vilankulos – it is braai vleis, fishing, sunny skies and Chevrolet.

Almost every day!

Vilankulos Weather

In the early summer like this, the predominant airflow around the east part of Southern Africa is a huge cyclical flow of air running clockwise with its centre kind of in the Lowveld. As the monumental system turns slowly, it affects the different regions it passes through, differently.

Up north in Vilankulos, almost halfway up the sheer length of Mozambique, the wind predominantly is an offshore/sideshore that is a sheer delight to be in and around. Cools you down just when you really start to overheat in the humidity that so prevails up there in the Bazaruto Archipelago.

Down South

In KZN, South Africa, where the flow is currently predominantly howling onshore, we get rain and blasting winds as the high-pressure systems up top, battles the low-pressure guys as they traverse the country on their journeys north.

These arguments between the two winds happen every day!

The fishing

So whilst we down south here have to take our chances the minute the winds and rains give us a gap – up in Vilankulos weather conditions are firmly on your side.

This brings us to the fishing…

The fishing has been excellent off Vilankulos. And so has the flow of content from the Bazaruto fleet. Which in turn gets turned into these videos…

There are also all of Captain Duarte Rato’s marlin fishing reports, available for you to check out, on the FishBazaruto website.

Vilankulos weather and fishing in November
Vilankulos weather and fishing in November

More video to follow, in the meantime stay in touch with The Sardine News. Come fishing with us at Umzimkulu Adrenalin. Get properly kitted with MYDO Fishing Tackle right HERE.

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