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Grouper savaged by Shark at Praia do Conguina

Check this massive grouper found flailing in the low tide pools at Praia da
Congiana near Tofo this morning.

The young fisherman who fortuned upon the spectacle made even more of a show as he dragged it the full 3kms along the
beach to the Tofo market!
It’s value is about equal to 2months salary at minimum wage here (R1000 or thereabouts), so the exhausted young fisher was over the moon.
The story is told in the photographs.


That’s a Shark bite! The puzzle is…how did the grouper make it to the shallows after his tail was bitten clean off?
Or did the drama unfold right in the shallows before first light and just after the scant moon?
Hunting time.
Fishing time.
This is how I have found fishing to be Mozambique.
And most places.
The tideĀ turned and started coming in during these early and dark hours. Mr Grouper might
have been chasing kingfish and stumpnose (Porgy) and bonefish when Mr Big Teeth
ambushed him and bit his tail right off!
Shoulda…coulda…woulda…didn’t have a solid bait out there!


As to the grouper species…any offers? There have been a number
of smaller ones in the market coming out of 36m plus water and one local claims
that there are many of these fish this time of the year.

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