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Fishing Report for KZN

Fishing Report for KZN 17 May 2024 Spotted Grunter by Wouter Koekemoer

Fishing Report for KZN

Fishing Report for KZN: A quick roundup of the exciting goings on all around us as we move into the 2024 sardine run and winter gamefish season.

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There have been a handful of verified sardine sightings this month already. Pilot shoals are being torn apart by angry mobs of predators. The Cape Gannets are leading the charge but the dolphins and sharks are right behind them. The odd seal and whale are also at the parties.

The first sardines seemed to touch coastline between Cape Town and Mossel Bay. After that first flurry of action, things got back to normal with sightings off Port Alfred and Morgans Bay.


The sardines are bringing the game fish up into KZN and into ambush position right now. The pelagics are here. King Mackerel (couta) and Queen mackerel (Snoek) are being fished successfully right up and down our coastline from Sodwana to Port Edward.


The shad are a bit slow again this year. But with the advent of DAFF on the beaches, that was always going to happen. Ezimvelo were so good at their job. But Zuma fired them when he was in charge of that ANC bunch. Zero logic except to throw his proverbial weight around. So now we have nobody checking and constant reports of some poachers way overstepping the bag limits.

Wouldn’t it be cool, if all anglers obeyed the bag limits and size restrictions, all on their very own? Because they took the time to learn about the sustainability of a fishery? Dreams are free!


With the shad are the garrick. Already up on the north coast, bag limits are also being broken. These fish go bos when they are on the feed. And it’s very easy to all of a sudden have two. But the fish are going berserk right in front of your eyes?

Just don’t do it! Walk away! Take photos or videos rather.


Small koblets and some nicer fish of around 10 kgs are being taken at the odd beach. These fish will be moving in and out of the few functioning estuaries and harbours, that we have left.

When the shad arrive in real numbers – that is when the big kob will come into the shallows. Also seriously threatened, we need the breeding stock to keep breeding


Kingfish of all types descend on the sardines now too. Some trophy-sized GTs have already come out recently. But it’s the many smaller shoals that are readily eating a lure or a little live bait at the moment, that we need to catch and release rather. Sometimes these fish go bat crazy and it’s quite possible to catch an entire shoal of them. All kingfish are endangered so let us look after what is left of these sporty fighting fish.


As it gets colder, the grunter get more active, especially at night time. Wild Coast Fishing Guide Wouter Koekemoer caught this pretty fish a bit further down the coast, on an imitation worm sardine bait. Long and skinny.

Fishing Report for KZN includes this lekka grunter taken a bit further south
This Fishing Report for KZN includes this lekka grunter taken a bit further south. Wild Coast Fishing Guide Wouter Koekemoer did the work.

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