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Dean Sinclair Natal Snoek

Dean Sinclair Natal Snoek

Brothers Craig and Dean Sinclair swam into this 8.8kg monster Natal Snoek, this winter, and Dean wasted no time in putting his spear right through the trophy fish. Seapark Point is a hotspot for these gamefish, that pitch up randomly throughout the year. They patrol in the backline and out to about 10m, and are found over both sand and reef as they hunt from beach to beach, bay to bay. Underwater they quite tame and graceful…until you put a spear into it, that is.! World renowned as a table fish, they are delicious fried or braaied…with flaky white meat, and minimal bone content.

Natal Snoek as south coast locals call them, are also found right throughout our tropical and sub tropical oceans. Queen mackeral as they sometimes called, shows their likeness to king mackeral, or ‘couta. In Australia they are known as Spanish Mackeral (confusing because that’s what ‘couta get called too!).

Then, their actual name… Kanadi kingfish, or scientifically, Scomberomorus plurilineatus. But that’s not all…here are two more names these tasty fish go by…”spotted mackeral” and “kanadi seerfish”…quite a mouthful!

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