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Jamie Edwards on SCUBA Diving in Tofo

Another weekly update on the diving done here with us at Diversity Scuba. The main thing that we keep sighting out here at the moment are the very special Smalleye Stingrays! We had a dive to Galleria on Thursday where we encountered 4 at the same time! Was amazing to watch them all being cleaned, just didn’t know which one to focus on. Otherwise its been basically every second deep dive that we find the Smalleye on, very special indeed! It hasn’t however just been about them, there also seem to be a lot of Green Turtles around. Had sightings of them on Manta Reef, Reggies and one of our shallow dive sights Salon. As for the little guys we have found the Sea Moths again at Galleria, not the same ones as before as these ones are a little bit smaller. Whales Sharks have been hiding aways from us once again however we found a 7m one yesterday on the way back from Oasis, he was a little bit shy but everyone managed to have a little swim with him. Unfortunately at the moment the visibility has not been at its greatest, weather wise at least it has gotten a little bit more sunny. The current we’ve had some decent days but also the odd day with quite a strong one pulling through. The Humpback Whales are still thick out in the bay! Loads of splashing, tail slapping and breaching can still be seen. One was also sighted on a dive last week at Oasis during the safety stop! As the visibility is a bit low the calf came nice and close for a visit, absolutely mind blowing! Lets keep up the good diving 🙂

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