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Cape Verde Marlin Diaries by Captain Duarte Rato

Cape Verde Marlin Diaries by Captain Duarte Rato

“Beautiful day in Cape Verde with flat calm seas, a really good break from all the wind we been having last two weeks…and the fishing was not to bad either!

Well, it was an extremely slow morning, but we made up for it in the afternoon!

At about noon, we saw three boats around us hookup, including Bebiche – that hooked a fish he later lost by the boat they called over the mark.

Well our turn had to come and surely 10 minutes later we have two fish on the teasers, pitch two baits and simultaneously hookup! Game on…

We released both fish about 250 and 350 and about an hour later we have another come on the long right teaser, it switches to the bait but twice it lazily misses and fades away.

Half an hour later we again have two fish up, unfortunately one of the clients misses the first but we set the hooks on the second and our third release for the day!

In total we raised 5, had 4 bites, 3 hookup´s and releases!”

Wowser Duarte!!!

I hadn’t really heard of or known much about the Cape Verde Islands, until Duarte started belting me with these pics! Having a check on the net shows beautiful tropical/sub tropical azure and green islands scattered all over an energy filled region of the Atlantic.

And there are waves! Millions! How about this spot…?!

Just follow any search to the islands and you will be pretty much amazed…

Hope that Duarte comes back!

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